What attracts you most?
18.4% (36)
18.4% (36)
Sense of Humor
12.8% (25)
12.8% (25)
1% (2)
1% (2)
54.1% (106)
54.1% (106)
6.6% (13)
6.6% (13)
5.6% (11)
5.6% (11)
0.5% (1)
0.5% (1)
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Poll: what attracts you most to a girl/guy?

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Pretty self-explanatory. Is it looks, personality, sense of humour or something completely different? And if it's soething completely random, do tell.

Oh and a guys laugh. I love if a guy has a weird laugh. Mines pretty weird and I get laughed at for mine.

Personality (which I consider to include sense of humor), for sure but there has to be a physical attraction there as well.

I honestly dont know

when Im out in public I tend to notice guys who I suspect might be of the "nerd/geek" variety and I think

"I wonder if they play games?...what games do they like?...what games would they talk about?...do they like oher stuff?..."

then again I knwo the world does not consist of walking steryotypes..mostly

See now, this is... a trap!

We can't say looks anymore even when it's generally the most obvious thing, because that's objectivist, isn't it? Mm.
... I'm going to vote laugh. Generally there is no one thing that immediately... no, that's not right.

Are we talking initially, or what we're looking for in a long-term partner? Because the latter is obviously personality, and the former is obviously looks (for the most part anyway; if you meet someone over the 'net without knowing what they look like then it'll be personality again, wouldn't it? But how often does anyone pursue a relationship without knowing what the person in question looks like? Sure, it shouldn't matter if everything else is perfect, but it does.). Could there be anything worse than living with someone with whom you couldn't gel with whatsoever?

well I would have to say personality, since if I cannot trust the person I would have to assume that I would not be able to be in a relationship with her..

Her ass . I like big butts and i cannot lie . Seriously i love women with huge booties . But not just big booties . I like fat women . But i look at her ass first , the bigger the better . Oh but she has to be white or it's a no go.

I'd say "cultural uniformity" but I guess the closest thing there is "personality" so I voted that. If you don't get me and my cultural background, you're instantly less attractive than someone who will follow my "atatatatata!" with "omae wa mou shindeiru!" without being prompted.

Personality, sense of humor and she has to look nice (not supermodel but even average) and I prefer slim girls.

I also love brown hair, good god.

Definitely personality, which I'd also say includes sense of humor. I might add smile and voice as well. I'm a sucker for accents.

Depends what you mean by attracted. Do you mean, what do you want in a bf/gf? Or what makes you drool?

Obviously for drool effect you notice the body first, because that's all that can catch your eye first.

For someone I want to actually be with... depends on gender.

Males - slightly chubby, broad shoulders, older than me, beard, nice smile, good sense of humor, kind, understanding, knowledgeable, thoughtful, good kisser, a commanding presence or at least a good "daddy type" (being good with kids, HUGE turn on), completely open in the bedroom, Jewish or non religious and someone who doesn't mind that I will raise our kids Jewish.

Females - my age or younger, medium to long hair, small to medium breasts, average to athletic body, good kisser, bi and submissive. (Yeah, women are just for sex, no relationships for me)

Hmm.. it`s a tough call due to the wording of the question. Absolutely, looks first and foremost. If a lady doesn`t have curves and at least shoulder length hair, it`s fairly rare for me to give a second or third look. But that`s just a first site kind of thing. Once I get to know a girl a little, even if I didn`t initially find her particularly attractive, things can change and at that point attraction is much more about the little things like personality or finer appearance details like eyes. I love me a beautiful pair of eyes.

Their taste in music.

Yeah it's shallow as hell but since music is all I have I will shallow the hell out of this place.

Personality. As in they actually have to have one.

A person can be utterly gorgeous, great in bed, and want to buy me Armani suits but if they have no personality or wit then the relationship swiftly becomes boring.


Can't resist dem shapely arm joints.

Sense of humor, if a guy can make me laugh, I'll always enjoy being around him. Of course looks matter too, I'm not going to be attracted to a guy no matter what if I don't like what I see, but it's not like there's one particular physical feature I require and that's not what catches my interest the most.

Personality I guess. I'm very bad at gauging what exactly it is in someone that makes me like them, I just do. Personality is nice and vague. Looks come after that. After all, if I like someone's personality and they dislike me then I'll be sad. If I like someone's looks and they dislike me I'll just be "Whatever". They don't become someone that can matter to me simply through their looks.

In second place however, a set of wide, deep, vibrant eyes will always catch my attention.

Once I get to know a girl a little, even if I didn`t initially find her particularly attractive, things can change and at that point attraction is much more about the little things like personality or finer appearance details like eyes.

Quite true.

Started talking to a girl in WoW. Hated her, played the same class so were were in direct competition. Argued all the time and she was so goddamn terse, and I'm keyboard-rambler extraordinaire.
For the good of the guild I make an effort to bury the hatchet, try being nice. We talk more and more though she's still terse, unless drunk in which case more rambly.
Now I like fairly tall girls with dark hair and small-to-average breasts. She was a short ginger lass with massive norks. Not my type at all.
And yet... my tastes meandered a bit.

Of course it was all lies and it was some weirdo man using hundreds of stolen Facebook photos to fool many people into thinking he was a she, so after some angry and shameful crying in the shower washing the filth away with a wire brush, I just excommunicated the tosser.

But yeah. Anecdote!

It's sort of a mix for me. I like a girl that looks nice, but I also like it if they are nice personality wise as well.

I like big butts and i cannot lie .

You other brothers can't deny.

I....have no idea.... I should really think about this one of these days...

At first glance, I am putty in the hands of a woman with wavy black hair. After than the personality is a big part in it.

At a Glance - You know initial interest
Hair Color. Anything non-blonde. I'm partial to pink now a days. I'm not sure why. But it could be bright green. Anything other than a variant of straight blonde.

In Detail
Personality + Intelligence - A person should be able to hold a conversation, have their own opinions and be able to express them. There's a certain charm about that.

Sense of humour, if a girl can laugh at my jokes thats a huge win, i love making people laugh.

Huh, no option for "none". That's weird...

Well, I'll take the interpretation of "attract" that is counter-topic and say Sense Of Humour.

Personality is what attracts me to a woman. All women are beautiful and are capable of appearing beautiful with a little effort. Being able to converse and joke around with a girl, as well as feel uplifted and comfortable around them is what I look for in a woman.

In terms of physical attractiveness, girls with nice eyes, a great smile, and a nice rump will always catch my attention.

My answer, looks. I look at someone and then I will feel either attracted or repulsed.

However, that having been said I have noticed that my mind performs an amazing feat of image adjustment based upon some other factors amongst which are personality and intelligence.

If I talk to a pretty girl and she is a really nasty person, every single wrinkle, blemish and flaw begins to stand out very sharply.
If however the person I am talking to has a fantastic personality.. suddenly photo shop opens and starts to carefully air brush away everything negative and suddenly I notice this person is incredibly beautiful.

Although it should be stated that while this effect can be incredible, changing someone from pretty to ugly and vice versa, it does have some limits.

Well, as a man, it often happens that a large amount of blood headed towards my brain redirects towards lower extremities. Which means that bodyshape and looks are the first thing to be prioritized by me.

But once the rush of dopamine are through, I begin to realize that a good personality is way more comfortable to be around. Someone with a sense of humour is someone I'd like to meet, group up with and maybe spend time together with.

Of course, looks are never completely dismissed. We live in a very influenced society, so it's almost hardwired into my brain to seek out outer beauty. But I feel that humor is the greatest one I seek in the long run. Someone I'd call a girlfriend.

I am attracted to women who are intelligent. There are a lot of physical things that attract me to women, but stupid women that look good are not attractive to me at all.

Heh, seems I'm the only person who's voted laugh so far.

I'm highly attracted to faces that clearly show emotions, laughing being a prime example.

Perhaps it's because I'm really, really horrible at reading body language and emotions but to me a woman whose entire face lights up when laughing just looks so magically alive whilst many others, especially what you often see advertised, just seem lifeless. Not dead or anything, but they just lack that spark.

So yeah, when talking purely about attraction I need to see a woman smile, laugh, mope, pout, get angry, get sad etc. And if all of those are clearly visible in her face or even entire body then, barring any serious shortcomings like morbid obesity, I'm basically sold.

She needs to be able to take a verbal punch and be able to throw it back. Not having to woalk on eggshells around girls to not hurt their feelings/piss them off is a major plus in my book.

Androgyny. Yep. Androgyny.

Well, personality first and foremost.

Where's my parade?

I'm only saying Personality because it's the best way I can describe it, but personality is what attracts me most. There's a number of things that attract me to men/women (I'm not picky).

I'll admit, I can be shallow at first, picking someone for looks I find attractive. In my case it's usually someone slim, smiling (though nicely, not like a loony), generally nice to look at. Then things get a little deeper. I'll try to get to know them and when I learn certain things like what they do for fun, how they act in public and most importantly to me, their relationship with their family. No, I'm not talking about whether they're adopted or so. I mean that the thing that turns me off and pisses me off most is when someone does nothing but constantly fight with their parents. Siblings, not so bad. I have a sister and although we're close, we still fight a lot. My first two girlfriends were SO irritable towards their parents. Constantly fighting with them even over the smallest of things. Those relationships lasted all over 3 months at the most. My 3rd g/f as the most polite, loving person who was always happy around her parents. Helped out when asked, etc. We lasted 3 years together and even now (5 years since) I wish we hadn't broken up.

Anyway, I digress...

Basically, my order of attraction is:

*Appearance (what type of clothing, how much make-up/fake tan, etc. Anyone who thinks looking like a piece of sparkly, painted, leather is attractive will be shoved in the other direction.)
*Body (the more physical side of it all. For me, it's the geeky/nerdy look an no extremes. No anorexics or over-the-top body-builders for me thanks)


Actually the eyes and smile. Nice eyes and a nice smile and i'm sold.

I couldn't base it on attractiveness as a whole because i'm not that fussy.


this thread already exists :) (search bar anyone?)

anyway, pale chicks get me going

Personality, which in all fairness I see reflected fairly regularly in appearance (you can spot a typical 20-something gym-drinker a mile away, for example). You show me someone with a good sense of humour, some compassion and empathy, and at least a smattering of intelligence, and we'll probably get along brilliantly.

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