I just discovered Jonathan Coulton OUTSIDE of Portal!

So, Yeah, Jonathan Coulton. WOW.
personally I love RE: Your Brains and Tom Cruise Crazy. This is kind of a recomendation/ Chat thread, But yeah, I wanna know more awesome songs He did, please tell!

Code Monkey? Ya, Code Monkey sounds about right.

He has some free downloads on his site, and you can listen to the whole library from there.


I personally really like "DeEvolving", "Creepy Doll", and "I Feel Fantastic".

I'd say other than what's been mentioned: First of May, Future Soon, Skullcrusher Mountain, Baby Got Back, Flickr, Ikea, You Ruined Everything, I Feel Fantastic, Mandelbrot Set and Bacteria.
Fuck it, just pretty much everything, I love his songs. And RE: Your Brains is the best.

I Feel Fantastic is one of the greatest songs ever.
I think Code Monkey is a close second though.

EDIT: big boom is kind of cool. Creepy Doll is weird, but catchy, De-volving is funny, skullcrusher mountain is classic. Mandlebrot set is epic.

I feel fantastic
and I've never felt as good as how I do right now
except for maybe when I think of how I felt the day
that I felt the way that I do right now, right now, right now!

I'm so sorry you've just discovered him... Go on YouTube... Fap to the music.

I discovered him by reading "The areas of my expertise", a series of encyclopaedias full of lies. I was shocked when I discovered Jonathan Coulton is real.
Good music, though.

The one that no one talks about but always gets to me is Space Doggity. It's about Laika, the first dog in space.

Hold it together man...Hold *sniff* it together...*sob*

The one that no one talks about but always gets to me is Space Doggity. It's about Laika, the first dog in space.

Hold it together man...Hold *sniff* it together...*sob*

*Hugs* This is so Beautiful!

I agree with most said.
My favourites are I Feel Fantastic, Big Bad World One, RE: Your Brians, Ikea, Future Soon, and Code Monkey.

My girlfriend is a big fan of stuff like Tom Cruise Crazy, and I pointed out to her that I'd already heard of him via Portal. She was kinda shocked, as she got annoyed at people singing the Portal song at my school.

As people have already pointed out some of Mr. Coulton's more famous pieces I feel obligated to share some of his lesser known works that I really enjoy.

Brookline is one of my favourites, not sure why but I just love it. Gambler's Prayer is another good one, along with Mandelbrot Set (and yes he is aware that he gets part of the... er, mathy bit wrong for those smarty pants who notice). Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance is a great little upbeat song, Kenesaw Mountain Landis is a song about a man who saves a game of baseball, Bozo's Lament is a song about a depressed clown and Big Dick Farts a Polka is a song about a guy called Big Dick who has musical farts.

You may be able to find them on YouTube but you can listen to them all on his website for free and, most importantly, they're of good quality (unlike YouTube where the song may not sound as good).
Link: http://www.jonathancoulton.com/store/downloads/
(links right to his songs)

I was going to make a whole new thread about JoCo but I decided to necro this one instead.

Anyway, who likes Not About You?

It's my favourite :D

I already knew about RE: Eat Your Brains, but I didn't know it was by the same guy who wrote the Portal songs until pretty recently. Ironically I imagine a lot of escapists are discovering him simply because of this whole Glee scandal.


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