What are your thoughts on suicide?

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I can't stand it when people say suicide is selfish. It's so disrespectful and self centred. In the mind of a suicidal person killing yourself is the most selfless thing you can do. And if someone has a mindset like that then it should be pretty obvious that the person needs real help. Dismissing them as being selfish is the worst thing you can do. And when I hear people say things like this they often explain their views by saying things like how someone jumping in front of a train is selfish because it's an inconvenience to everyone because they have to stop the train and everything. As if being late for work means anything compared to the crap that's made this person get to the point at which they want to end their own life. Others say it's selfish because they hurt people close to them, which I can kind of understand. But if they were so close then whey didn't they help this person who obviously really needed it?

Another thing that people say about the suicidal is that people who kill themselves is that they are only doing it for attention or as a "cry for help". If someone is truly suicidal and actually goes through with it then they are not looking for attention. The mindset of that person is that they want to erase themselves. They don't want people to pay any attention to them. They just want it all to end. Attention is useless to a dead person. It's the complete opposite of what these people say. And I don't understand how anyone can think that suicide being a "cry for help" somehow negates the seriousness of the situation. If someone is in so much need of help that they end up killing themselves then how the hell is the fact that they go past the point at which they can be helped somehow make them undeserving of it? It's complete madness.

And it's terrible how these views seem to be normal and seen as correct. It disgusts me. I think that the way the media makes a policy of not reporting suicides might contribute to these kind of opinions. People aren't aware of the kind of things that goes in in the life and the mind of a person who commits suicide. These people need help. They're not attention seeking emos. I know. I've been there. I find this attitude in the media to be completely hypocritical too. They say that they don't report on suicides because they are afraid of people copying what they see on the news, yet they have no problem on reporting on murderers and other criminals on a daily basis.

Bravo good sir. I applaud you. Selfish? Like you being sad is worse than someone DYING and being gone FOREVER. The nerve of some people I tell ya. What makes it worse is the people saying "yea, if someone wants to kill themselves then they can go ahead, its their right" <---you aren't even going to help the poor bastard cope or get help from a professional doctor/psychiatrist? Its so messed up I just cant stomach it sometimes to be honest.

Mortai Gravesend:


Mortai Gravesend:

What makes you think it's feasible for people to just not let it cloud their decision making? Just being tired does that to people and they can't just force themselves to ignore it.

Then I guess I meant to say is to try your hardest to not let depression cloud your judgment. I probably should have worded my post better, sorry if I urked you or anything.

I just felt that what you said didn't seem fair to them. I've seen people express the attitude that people who fall victim to that just are weak or not trying or whatever, so I came in viewing it with the existence of that attitude in mind. Even though it seems that wasn't your intent I see.

Speaking as someone who copes, depression clouds your judgement every day of your life. Unmedicated, you'll often end up doing things just to continue justify being depressed. Because what happens when you wake up, life is good, and you're still sad? And then when you take meds, it tells you not to take meds.* For me, bipolar has been like a corollary personality that has it's own goals: it wants me to suffer, it wants to feed on the sadness that only I can produce for it. It has it's own values, it's own ideas about life and politics and such, all of which serve solely as commentaries on human suffering.

Which brings me back to the Cracked article someone linked. I mean, I realize they're Cracked, I usually love those guys, but what the fucking fuck? Also, it means I must address a point here. I love the people who argue, specifically, that you shouldn't kill yourself because you might end up being a famous artist. Ok, true, it's an extremely slim possibility, but still, have you listened, through and through, to Morrissey's discography? Yeah, the world is better for it, but he's certainly not. And he doesn't really seem to improve at all until, at best, if at all, 5 years ago. The guy's been singing for what, 30? I mean cut it out with this "it might get better" crap. I mean, if nothing else, many suicidals feel like what would make their life better is out of their control, (inability to make friends, hold a career, in my case, most of it comes from an inability to find love) so to a degree I kinda have to say "Give us what we want! Give us something worth living for!"

. . .

I'm sure all that sound and fury meant something to someone in this thread.


...well, I'd much rather people didn't do it.

I'm not gonna give an all-encompassing judgment on suicide because absolutes are silly. Every situation is different, so I have no right to say that people who want to kill themselves are selfish or whatever. But I can give some thoughts based on my experience with suicide (my father suffered from clinical depression and had to be placed in mental hospital for a bit at one point...he's much better now!)

I think that it is clearly an unhealthy way to think, and it usually takes an incredibly shitty array of circumstances and mental health issues to reach that point. And most of the time, the person that reaches that point is a shell of their former self, suffering from chemical imbalances in the brain without realizing it. My father watched his son break down and sob in front of him, and did nothing. That is not him.

So...no, they're not selfish. They're ill. Mental health is the same as physical health: if you get depression (the flu of mental illnesses) and you don't treat it, it will get worse and eventually kill you. So go see a doctor, or at the very least talk to your friends and family about it. There's no reason to be ashamed of it.

The human mind was not designed to cope with the environment we've built for ourselves. We still have a lot of hard-wiring from our cavemen days, so stress, depression and other such problems are almost a guarantee. So the belief that having poor mental health means you're a crazy person is really unfortunate in this day and age.

as someone who is currently wrestling with suicidal thoughts (my dad died of cancer in 2008, and my brother was killed in Afghanistan in 2010), I can attest to the effect of depression on those who have suffered tragedies.

Often people classify those who take their lives as cowardly, selfish, or lazy. That is often not the case. I am aware of the fact that it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but thoughts of suicide have a tendency to be bizarrely persuasive. I have had numerous conversations with people in which they expressed how much they love and care about me, and yet I can't help but feel as though death is the only solution, even though I know deep down that that is not true.

As long as I have friends who care about me, my remaining family members, and video games, I hope that I will remain unable to convince myself to end my life. If someone you know talks about their desire to end their life, talk to them immediately, as they almost certainly have doubts themselves. Don't be quick to call them lazy either, put yourself in their shoes first, as they have often suffered terribly in their lives and deserve respect.

Suicide is preventable, but it requires time and patience, patience from both the suicidal and the person who is supporting them.

I don't think I'd ever be able to do it myself, even if I had a very good reason to kill myself I don't believe I could ever find myself even contemplating suicide. That said, I believe that it should be an individuals choice whether or not to end their life, I think it is very selfish to stop another person from killing themselves if that is what the person wants. Just as every person should have the right to live, every person should have the right to stop living if they desire.

I say if you're gonna go out, might as well let as many people know as possible. Make it a public event, or go out with a bomb or something. Of course I have double standards, as I don't want someone else killing or maiming me with a bomb when they kill themselves near me

I must admit, it does seem like a waste of resources. Live your miserable lives damn it or I'll run out of people to look down upon!!!

This comment might come across a bit cynical. Viewer discretion is advised.

Well if you have to do it at least try and minimize collateral damage. Don't jump off of buildings or in front of trains/busses. Not only will the result be messy but you'll delay my trip through town.

You know what, if you want to end it all and you have the peas to do it, then just fucking do it. Make sure to do it in an isolated place, like your trousers. If people keep publicly killing themselves as our population goes up, then "It's Raining Men" will be headlines instead of just a song.

I personally think that if you're contemplating suicide, you're an idiot.

I don't, or try not to judge people who commit suicide. It's well within their right to decide when they are done living, and if they feel it's their time to end their life, then it is that persons choice. I've most certainly been at that brink with a loaded firearm on a few occasions. I stepped back, maybe out of cowardice. But after witnessing a string of suicides by people close enough to me, I just saw how badly it hurt the people that loved them and cared about them. I used to think it was selfishness, but it's really not selfishness. Once a person gets to the stage that they're willing to commit suicide they believe it's better for everyone around them, they won't have to deal with their problems any more. That's the saddest thing to me, most people who commit suicide do have people that care about them. But they think they're a burden, and that all those other people would be better off if they died.

And really, the clincher for me is the fact that I think about a friend who committed suicide every day. And I just wonder what, if anything, I could've done to help her, and it eats at me. And I could never do that to another person. She had her reasons, I know, and at the time I'm sure they were good reasons. But it just gave me a kick in the ass to tell me "Hey, suicide is not painless, despite what MASH says". The choice was made, it was her choice to make, and I don't fault her for it. It just made me realize how important we all are to the people we have, and how taking ourselves away from the other people in our lives will damage them. And after that whole issue I realized I could never kill myself.

Professor James:
I think it is a permanent solution to a probably temporary problem.

Ya, basically this. The idea that people should have a right to commit suicide overlooks the fact that most people who consider it aren't mentally healthy in the first place. Essentially they're planning to destroy their entire future because of their present issues. How often do you think elderly people look back at their lives and wish they had committed suicide as a teenager?

Disappointment. While I understand that some people may have problems that they just can't deal with and that I have no real right to criticise, I still feel disappointed that people would end their own life for any reason. I am firm of the belief that no matter what situation you are in, it can get better. However, I suppose there are cases where one person simply cannot bare it and so I won't judge but I am still glad that no one I know has committed suicide. I hope that remains true by the time I'm old and on my way out

I believe it's the cheap way out, and nothing worth having comes cheap - meaning it's not worth it. In my opinion, living in misery sucks marginally less than dying in it, and it always pays to stick around (one way or another).

As long as they don't plan to take a bunch of people with them by going on a killing spree or something, I have no problem with people committing suicide.

Wow, I didn't think I'd have the controversial opinion here but...

I think it's the most selfish and cowardly act that someone can possibly do.

I agree. There are very few legitimate reasons to commit suicide, with a possible exception if someone was already facing a potentially more painful death. In most cases there are non-suicide alternatives to solve the problems which suicide are used for. Being bullied mercilessly at school or beaten at home? Why not refuse to go/run away, sure it won't be easy but it sure looks preferable to me than death. Girl/boyfriend you can't live without dumped you? Hang-on in there, in a years time you'll be well over it and maybe even found someone better.

If you want to do it, then just fucking do it. I don't care. I've even talked with people that does nothing but complain how bad their life is and I'm amazed I've never told anyone to just kill themselves.

Just because someones live is in the gutter doesn't mean he should stop living. Which is often why it happens, those people need to be helped.

For some people, who have just lived their live are elderly and have absolutely nothing to live for or people with incurable and painful diseases or returning ones like cancer tends to do. Well we've got euthanasia for that.

It's selfish. Commitin suicide is ignoring all problems but your own. Ignoring the problems you leave behind.

I think people who don't kill themselves are selfish since everyone who doesn't live as a hunter-gatherer destroys the environment due to their lifestyle and causes unnecessary suffering to countless living beings.

I also find it amusing that people who think suicide is cowardly are generally afraid or unwilling to die. Living isn't difficult. Look: I'm doing it right now. No effort involved. You're not a hero for living a life that was essentially handed to you on a platter. You're not courageous for existing in a society which requires the death and suffering of others, both human and non-human, to provide you with cheap resources.

I think people who commit suicide are incredibly brave. I don't want people to die, but I admire anyone who actually has the guts to do it deliberately. Everyone crying about how it makes the deceased's friends and family feel really need a reality check. You have to experience crippling despair in order to consider such a final resort as suicide. If the friends and family find it so hard to cope, they can kill themselves. But they don't because they are selfish cowards.

I'm confused as to why people commit suicide when things like bacon and kittens exist.

I don't think it's selfish.

I feel terribly sorry for the person who killed themselves, it must be a pretty horrible place to be when you think the only option is to end it all. I'd fucking hate to feel that low.

I, of course, feel for the family and friends left behind, but I'd hope they could for a second, push aside the, "How could you do this to me" mentality and think about what the deceased must had gone through or felt to do what they did, you know, a bit a sympathy.

Meh, no point in being free to live if you're denied the freedom to die. It's rarely a wise decision, but I won't pass judgement on anyone unless their actions directly affect me or those I care about. Although I do think the concept has become a little too romanticized in our culture.

You're missing out on life.

(Only exception would be for folks who are terminally ill.)

I don't like the thought of suicide, and it is very selfish. People in the town near where I live have threatened to jump off multi-storey car parks and have disrupted the 5pm traffic for about 3 hours because the police had to close off the roads. Anyone going through there would later say on Facebook that they'd wished the person had jumped, and I don't blame them. The person was being selfish, and in their selfishness, angered a lot of people.

I have thought about suicide, but have never come close to actually doing it. I used to get bullied a lot in the past, but the most I've ever done about it is nearly move schools. The bullying got sorted out after that.

One of my exes became a lesbian 3 years after we broke up, and dated a girl for 6 months who, apparently, suffered from depression, had an anxiety disorder and was bipolar. This girl would cut herself, get in public arguments with my ex and on one occasion, sent all her best friends Facebook messages saying how much she loved them, as if she was going to commit suicide. It got everybody worried and then she ended up not doing it, and she had done this on many, many other occasions.

Someone in my college about a year ago actually did end up committing suicide. There was a commemorative rugby game in her memory, which 500 people turned up to (I didn't know her, so didn't go). It was nice for them to do that for her, but from what I'd heard from a lot of people in my college, she killed herself because her relationship ended. That's something she could have recovered from, she was only 18!

I don't think suicide is a good thing, or even a sensible thing. Many problems can be sorted out, even if they do take a while. Suicide just shows how selfish people are, and how they'd rather die than find people who can help them.

The irony is, the typical criticisms of suicide and suicidal people are more likely to make them want to kill themselves.

In terms of performing the act itself? It is every person's right to decide the way they want to live their lives. That includes deciding to get off the train before their scheduled stop. Whether others are happy about it or not is irrelevant.

In terms of people who constantly go on to anyone who will listen about how depressed they are, and how they're just going to kill themselves, but somehow they never seem to quite get around to it? That is nothing more than attention whoring. If you are not actually depressed, shut your whiny little mouth. If you are, get counseling, go to your family, but don't tell random strangers you're depressed and going to kill yourself. It is simply the wrong course of action. Strangers don't care and never will.

If you were to live life feeling numb, with little joy then yeah go ahead, or try make things better. You can always go for it later. I can understand how people get tired of trying.

I wouldn't call it selfish.

I think it's stupid and I only feel sorry for the people that have to clean up the mess left behind by a selfish moron. Doesn't matter why they're doing it or if they think it's selfless. It isn't. It's anything but. It puts an immense burden on society and any surviving family and friends that would have gladly helped them through whatever had them down.

It is something that I think everyone has at some point in their lives thought about, I myself have thought about doing on numerous occasions. However I always find myself coming to the same conclusion; and that is that it seems weak to take the easy way out. When i die i do not want to be remmbered as the kind of person that could not face his problems and in turn choose to end my own life to get rid of it. As I feel people will hate me for it in the long run, not to mention the pain it would no doubt cuse to family and friends.

I can't stand it when people say suicide is selfish. It's so disrespectful and self centred. In the mind of a suicidal person killing yourself is the most selfless thing you can do. And if someone has a mindset like that then it should be pretty obvious that the person needs real help. Dismissing them as being selfish is the worst thing you can do. And when I hear people say things like this they often explain their views by saying things like how someone jumping in front of a train is selfish because it's an inconvenience to everyone because they have to stop the train and everything. As if being late for work means anything compared to the crap that's made this person get to the point at which they want to end their own life. Others say it's selfish because they hurt people close to them, which I can kind of understand. But if they were so close then whey didn't they help this person who obviously really needed it?

As my dad works on the railways, I've inherited his disdain for people who commit suicide by train. Not because he was held up for work. He was thinking of the train driver, who just had to see a fellow human being be splattered across his windscreen, or the trackmen who have to go around picking up dismembered limbs and other bits of a person, or the people who have to hose the blood off of the train afterwards. Did you know that some London Underground drivers never go back to work after some commits suicide using their train? As in, can never hold down a permanent job again? Did they earn that trauma, simply because someone else decided the best way to off themselves was on the Northern Line, in front of a crowd of people?

So, no. I don't find suicide an inherently selfish act, but I absolutely think it's selfish when you mentally scar someone for the rest of their life through your actions.

OH NOES ! the rents due and i haven't got no cash and i'm a guy so i cant pay in kind well better jump off the humber bridge bye guys ! PATHETIC !

I view suicide as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I can understand why people would commit it but I don't agree with it.

i think you should do if you not an awesome game or you just get someone eles to do it.

more people should do it.

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