Which of these pizza places is your favourite?
Pizza Hut
33.5% (175)
33.5% (175)
Pizza Pizza
2.1% (11)
2.1% (11)
Pizza 73
0.4% (2)
0.4% (2)
Little Caesars
8.4% (44)
8.4% (44)
Boston Pizza
3.6% (19)
3.6% (19)
Papa John's
18.5% (97)
18.5% (97)
0.8% (4)
0.8% (4)
Domino's Pizza (Obligatory joke option)
31.7% (166)
31.7% (166)
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Poll: Of these pizza chains which one is your favourite?

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I'm in the UK, so the choice for me is between Pizza Hut and Dominos. I genuinely do prefer Domino's...

Local places are typically superior, but Domino's is passable and they deliver to my house, unlike Pizza Hut. Never heard of any of the others.

there is an italian place called bitondos and it has been around since the 60's. classic italian pizza. the best pizza you can buy, not even joking.

Of those, Little Caesar's (More fun if you do that Latin Pronunciation of Caesar, bonus if it's in a hammy Legionary voice) or Pizza Hut.

But best pizza I've had at a restaurant goes to Donato's or Danny Boy's.

Says a lot when your joke option is a close 2nd on the poll...

As I eat every single type of pizza, my favorite is a smaller company called Hungry Howies, which is fantastic, but out of the list I favor Little Kay-zar's the most(Caesars).
But, my I always do like my...better ingredients, better pizza--PAPA JOHNS.

Little Caesars is my favorite. I like Anthony's Pizza as well, they make a kickass Buffalo Chicken pizza, but it's expensive as hell.

I've only heard of the first and the last ones, so the former.

Dunno about where you all are, but Australian Dominoes is pretty damn good for a pizza chain. There are better shops around for sure, but if you're up for a quick fix Dominoes is where I'm heading. Also the nearest Dominoes is closer than the nearest Pizza Hut, and they're about the only chains around here.

1. Cheap variety store "bad pizza" (love it)
2. Dominoes
3. Papa John's
4. Little Caesars

None, I don't eat chain pizza, it is always terrible. The only way to get pizza is from small pizza places. There is one called Chessmans by the college where I live and it is amazing. It is also open until 2 am.

I'd go for the local Mr. G's pizza or homemade pizza, but out of that list I'd prolly pick papa john's.

I'm going with Blackjack or Woody's. For national chains, Papa Johns. ...Great now I have to order pizza for dinner.

I remember this one pizza place where a REALLY good friend of mine worked called "Fat Boy's Pizza" they had REALLY good pizza there (my friend stopped using the pizza roller machine and did it by hand) they also just used pizza slice pans for the pizzas, no dishes any wheres. I remember Little Caeser's from when I was a kid and Pizza Hut is good but god damn do I mis little Caesers

None of the above options are even possible for me to like. I live where real pizza is made, from scratch, against 100's of other real pizzerias. These fast food chains don't interest me.

Once again, I pity the rest of the world.

Dominos crust kicks major ass, so id say them

but Little Caesers is awesome too, hot n ready anyone?

We don't have many of those here in Britain, but Dominoes is the best here. Most authentic pizza, and it arrives at your house faster than the police do (Seriously.) Pizza hut WOULD be my favourite, but I only go there for the pasta, and everything NOT pizza related... But their pasta is good...

Sober Thal:
None of the above options are even possible for me to like. I live where real pizza is made, from scratch, against 100's of other real pizzerias. These fast food chains don't interest me.

Once again, I pity the rest of the world.

I ain't seeing an Italian flag next to your name, that's where real pizzas are made.

Hence why I too choose none of the above. I went to Italy once and ate proper pizzas there a couple of times. Spoiled me for life it did. I can't eat any other pizza and not think of that absolutely gorgeous Pizza ai Funghi, with ham though, I ate there.

Why is there no Other option? Pizza Capers is badass!

Otherwise, the local Dominos is clearly far superior to the dominos where you guys live.

Hell's Pizza is a chain around the Commonwealth and is fucking delicious. Pizzas are expensive but you get what you pay for.

They're also completely un-PC, their themes being based around Hell, demons, sin and vice. Their delivery vehicles are hearses, their seven best pizzas are named after the Deadly Sins...

Sonic Doctor:

Wow, at that price it sounds like they are importing all of the ingredients or something, because last time I had Dominoes(US), it was 5 USD for a medium and 8 USD for a large. Other than Little Caesar's which had a 5 USD deal for a large going, Dominoes is one of the cheapest pizza places around.

Yeah my partner is originally from the US and she said Dominoes was dirt cheap over there. I wouldn't mind if it was worth the cash but it just isn't for a pizza for one person when I could go get a bucket of greasy heart stopping chicken for less.

Subway is pretty overpriced too, £5 for a footlong. Not awful but you can find the same stuff alot cheaper, despite me living in a touristy area and everywhere being rather pricey.

I can't answer.

Clicked on this thread due to the belief that chances were the chains mentioned here I either wouldn't know existed or had never eaten from yet. Or both.

And I was right. Only had Pizza Hut and Domino's before. Possibly Little Ceasar's but I don't recall what that tastes like.

But I do love Domino's, by the way. Joke option for you maybe but a proper option for me.

I like Papa John's because they pizza is pretty decent for a chain and they include extra goodies in the box like garlic sauce and bell peppers which make me smile. Domino's has actually gotten better over the past two years, still not as good as other chains, but it's getting there to me at least. Pizza Hut is good but it feels like they're trying to emulate the type of pizza that should be left to non-chains.

If at all possible, I always go for local pizza places. They may be really awesome or they may be shit, it's a gamble if you don't know the place well. Although real, sit down places with brick ovens trump all, pizza chains aren't even in the same league.

I'm sorry but how can you guys like Little Caesar's? It's plastic... and not even the tasty kind. Where I live (Winnipeg) they stores all hire a bunch of miscreant rascals who are unsanitary and irresponsible hooligans.

I am not a prick.

O.T. of the list I would say Pizza Hut because their plastic is tasty. However, if you're in to homemade pizzas, I hope you've tried BBQ-ing them because nothing tastes better than a flame cooked pizza. It's quicker to make too.

Pizza Hut, it's an $8 delivery fee and an $8 pizza (not including jalapeños), a $16 dinner (and lunch the next day) is definitely worth the cost in my opinion. However, I usually walk there to pick up my pizza/s and save the $8 for a bottle of Coke Zero (which is about $2.50).


My own pizza. Seriously, the best pizza is the one you make yourself.

Hear, hear. It's hard to match a proper stone oven, but other than that homemade pizza is often superior. I like to go classic with a Margherita, or maybe add some nice salami, like chorizo or fuet, with garlic and chilli.

I love making my own pizza as they're usually superior to the pizzas that the Australian pizza chains produce but they're a bit bothersome for spur-the-moment dinners.

My favorite is Round Table, but there aren't any left in my stupid state. >:( For delivery, I like dominos.

When I want pizza, I go for a local place almost right next to where I live. It's great and has very reasonable prices.

As for chains, I loathe Pizza Hut and have never enjoyed Pizza Pizza. I really like Boston Pizza but due to their prices and variety, I view them as more of a sit down restaurant than a place I would just get pixxa from. If talking strictly about how good their actually pixxa is, though, they're easily the best of the list.

This loses for no Pizza Express. Seriously, wth? It's the only big pizza chain that actually bothers offering something thin and tasty, and perhaps some parma ham rather than the worst cut of chorizo I've seen in my life.

JOKE OPTION?!?! Dominos is the fucking bomb man!

I've always been more of a Greco's guy. Of all these chains I'd go with Boston Pizza because of Stanley Cup playoffs time.

papa john's is my favorite. It's just good pizza. i can eat papa's forever. Little ceasar's is good as well. Although i have to say if you can find a little mom and pop italian joint and they do take out, they will have excellent pizza.

My least favorite is Domino's. All of my gamer buddies loved domino's because it was cheap, but i can't stand the stuff. Something about their cheese or something, even the smell makes me sick to my stomach.

No idea why so many people dislike Pizza Hut, I like it the most, and I also have one conveniently located a 5 minute drive from home.

Pizza hut, by virtue of the fact that it's the only one I've ever been to. But in all fairness, the staff have always been excellent whenever I've gone and the food is om nom nom...err sorry, I meant delicious.


No idea why so many people dislike Pizza Hut, I like it the most, and I also have one conveniently located a 5 minute drive from home.

Bro-hoof for having a Fluttershy avatar like me. /)

EDIT 2: And a follow up for liking Pizza Hut too! :D /)

Mountain Mikes and Papa John's are the best in my area. None of them could hold a candle to Franks. I miss that lil local joint in Grass Valley California. :<

Ok so hands up if after reading this thread you really want some pizza now? *raises own hand*


Dominos is the best for take out or home delivery and Pizza Hut is the best for eating in.

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