So, this is my first week of being the editor of the tech section of my college's weekly newspaper. I was promoted for being the most prolific and skilled of the writers in the section, which made me feel really good. But, today I've realized that it wasn't really much of a contest. I'm expected to fill four (I think) pages with material, and guess how many of my writers decided to submit topics? A grand total of two. So now I'm left to do... who even knows? I'm gonna try to write a bunch of articles for the paper, but I'm still really annoyed by the fact that my first week as editor is going this badly. Sorry for ranting.

Discussion value - Has anything happened to you recently that was incredibly irksome and/or infuriating? And, failing that, what is the most obnoxious thing to ever happen to you?

Ha. Sounds eerily similar to my time as a fraternity president. People often need a little push to get things together for that. I'm a tad amazed that your college's newspaper has four pages worth of tech each week, I went to a tech specific school overrun by computer science majors and we didn't have a word of tech in ours.

About the same for my most infuriating moments. I always slid between one leadership position to another in college, and nothing ticks me off as fast as people having no initiative whatsoever. My final semester, I was on a team of six people putting together potential product designs and after having meetings, sending emails, personal calls, etc. I still couldn't get them to finish up their parts of the reports we needed to submit. So I 'fired' them. I was lucky to have that option, always harder when working with what I assume is a volunteer staff.

My co-worker got himself thrown in jail for ten days so I had to work for him today and I have to work for him tomorrow. That was pretty frustrating.

Recently got assigned a group project at Tafe (a kind of technical college in Australia). I've never experienced such collective apathy. Here I am trying to get good marks in this class and whenever I ask for an opinion I get half hearted shrugs and blank stares. I think I'm going to have to do the whole thing myself...



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