Which archetype RPG class would you be in real life?

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I'm a big guy with the capacity for a lot of muscle if I actually worked out, so I'd be able to wear heavy armour and swing a sword - Probably your standard warrior class. I have brains but I don't see myself as a magic user, and certainly not a Paladin.

I am, at heart, and always will be a White Mage... though I would love to be a Red Mage, because they get to do a bit of everything, I'm just not comfortable not being really good at at least one thing. Every party needs a cleric/healer/white mage and no one ever wants to be one. It's a thankless job, and the thanks you get are usually just flattery to get something more out of you - but someone's got to do it. That'd be me.

I'm struggling to choose.

I'm definitely some form of tanky support class. paladin would be good, but I'm not nearly religious enough. I love the natural world, so druid would be great, but you don't see to many druids rocking plate mail and tower shields.

what sort of class uses heavy armour with a spear and shield, and has lots of helpful support magic?

however, if I was in a bad mood when the giant class select screen appeared before me, I'd be a warlock/necromancer in a heartbeat.

Mage. I may be tall, but I'm skinny as hell; the weight of armor alone would probably snap me in half.

Flinging fireballs and goin' all Emperor Palpatine on bandits with lightning spells, that sounds more like something that'd be fit for me. 'Sides, robes tend to be nice and loose, and canes are just pimpin'...

Yeah, definitely battlemage.

What i would be
Necromancer,i am kind of intelligent but i hate studying,i wouldn't describe myself as evil but i would love a zombie army.
What i would want to be
Magic knight,going around poking things with a sword and the occasional spell is fun,i usually cant tolerate purist classes,or classes which cant easily heal,that or a Emiya Shirou/Emiya Kiritsugu style mage,summoning swords out of thin air that can be personally used or automatically thrown is just awesome,and in Kiritsugu's case,guns that can (permanently)disable mages if they are using their power,and time altering magic would be just as awesome.

I'd be some sort of rogue. I'm good with a short blade and a hell of a shot. I'm very good with animals, I'm good at singing(specifically at making up songs as I go), and I'm always thinking ahead. Also I have a very quiet(sometimes even silent) tread from the hunting I did while I was growing up. Put together I'd be some kind of bard or ranger, maybe a mix of both. Of course, having said that, I LOOK like a barbarian. I'm very big, muscular but not much fat on me anymore.

Wizard... I like setting things on fire.

Mostly, I'd figure myself to be a sorcerer. Dragon bloodline maybe. I'd also carry a sword regardless for that inevitable moment when I'm in a longer fight than I prepped spells for, and pray that I won't have to use it.

Warlock. Screw wizards, I would rather make a few blood pacts with all powerful demons than read a bunch of scrolls.

Wizard-Thief Hybrid.

Since I have no idea how to use a sword or a bow, I'll just utilize good ol' fireballs and a few other fancy tricks.

A Dashing Swordsman.... because he is awesome. And my end gear wouldn't look like someone made me run blind through a kitchen wares.
And you get glass immunity! How is that not awesome?

I'd want to be a priest, as they are pretty much the most powerful people of the time. Also, healing people and curing sickness would be an alright side-effect, I guess.

I'd actually probably be dead. Because I'm useless and cowardly. Yay?

I would basically be this guy:


Yeah. my image of myself isn't great.

Mylinkay Asdara:
I am, at heart, and always will be a White Mage...

Reads that...

Looks at your avatar...

D'awww. You must the biggest, softest and squishyest widdle person, lol. It's adorable.

I'll be a villager sending everyone here on quests in order to obtain the random items I found on the ground. Hey look, another flaming sword of fire +2. If you want it, you'll have to bring a letter to my friend half-way across the world. Get my groceries. Maybe kill the 80th demon terrorizing my village. Or just listen to me talk for an hour about this awesome kill I got in Halo, and no jamming the A button to skip through it. Just listen to me ramble on and on and on and on and why are you still reading this? I'm sure the person below me is more interesting. Go on now. Watch out for bears. And if there is no one below me- you can become that person and get this awesome invisible medallion of +1 invisible weightless tasteless trophy award of epicness.

given that I have the personality, build, and mental capacity of a concrete slab. I'm thinking warrior, because thinking is hard but smashing is fun.

And if there is no one below me- you can become that person and get this awesome invisible medallion of +1 invisible weightless tasteless trophy award of epicness.

awesome gimme gimme!

Not necessary a Ranger class, but one that relies on mostly sneaking/bow, but can get into a small skirmish with a sword in one hand, an offensive spell in the other, such as blind, paralyze or silence.

Using a Morrowind/Oblivion classes as an example; it would be the Rouge/Scout "plus".

Sadly, they took out blind/paralyze/silence in Skyrim.

Every test and every rpg focus test I've ever taken has pegged me as a paladin. And they're usually correct, I play and know the class best in every iteration. I know I can carry heavy burdens even being a female I've had to move heavy boxes and furniture around most of my life, like they're nothing. And I have the need to heal and protect down pat, and my stubborness makes for some very righteous fury when provoked too much.

definitely the shifty, cunning, sneaky, stealthy rouge/assassin fits me

6'5", 280 pounds roughly,

I looked up the new DnD classes recently, and being a Warden (i.e. protector of nature) holds appeal for me.

probably just end up a Monk or Barbarian though.

given that I have the personality, build, and mental capacity of a concrete slab. I'm thinking warrior, because thinking is hard but smashing is fun.

And if there is no one below me- you can become that person and get this awesome invisible medallion of +1 invisible weightless tasteless trophy award of epicness.

awesome gimme gimme!

I think its around here somewheeeeeeeeeere. ah. here we go.

BASK IN ITS UNRIVALED GLORY! But not for too long, because now it is time for OTHERS to bask in its unrivaled glory and envy you until the end of their days!

Probably a ranger. I love traps, long range rifles / bows, and daggers for the occasional sneaky bastard who can get past my defenses.

BUT if we are talking ANY.

Necromancer. I want to raise the dead and control them.

I assume I'd be the typical warrior dealing loads of damage in close combat.
A ranger with a bow isn't out of the question either as they usually know close combat and like to use their brains in tactics etc. I think the Lotro Hunter type is the one suited for me most.

Maybe a rouge because, all things considered, I'd rather avoid direct conflict and instead sneak around and stab people in the back to solve my problems.

Maybe a summoner of sorts, the ability to summon allies at will seems like something I would do.

Maybe I would be something stylish, like Red Mage... oh, and the ability to cast magic from different schools would be pretty cool too. But mostly for the costume.

Most likely a wizard as I'm extremely antiscoial, usually look haggard and pretty much have my own personal library in my room.

Magic path for me.
I could never be a warrior with my build (63 kg, 182cm) 'cause I am SO light, strong for that weight and pretty fast / agile, but nothing special at all and that weight is still pathetic :P
I lack subtlety and sneakiness so Rogue is out.
I am, in terms of logical and mathematical problems, considerably above average[footnote]most people who know me unironically call me a genius from time to time :D[footnote] and my book-learning skills, concentration and ability to acquire interesting knowledge is WAY above average. So I could easily be a good magic wielder, but I lack the skills and build to become an even sub-par rogue or warrior.

So Magic all the way :D

Bard, hands down. Court-bard, even better! Sitting around in a castle, watching foolish adventurers go to their deaths, seducing the princesses handmaids, playing the lute, writing witty songs about previously mentioned adventurers....... Yeah.

Of the three choices given - by stats, mage; by personality, warrior.

But if the option was available, probably ranger or cleric - some kind of melee-caster hybrid.

If cleric falls within 'mage,' then that. Within D&D terms, nondevotional cleric specifically. Second-line support caster with a bit of the jack-of-all-trades thing thrown in, and a situational leader. That'd be me!

Probably some kind of magic user...
And yes, I'm translating programming to magic in a fantasy world.

I'd probably be a crafting-focused class, probably a warrior who makes his own weapons and armour. I'd also want a little bit of an adge over the other warriors, so I'd learn some magic too. I can't see myself as a rogue or a standard sorceror though.

Most probably a mage of some sort, as I'm not very intimidating physically but I'm quite intelligent and agile. I'm a little lazy so probably a necromancer, let my undead minions do the work for me.

I'd be a wizard and I'd buff my stats with magic and be a Ninja-Wizard because that is the best wizard of all...

Ho yes, I would definitely be a Necromancer, the darkest of all dark mages. Well, when I think about it, any dark magic in general I would love... Unless it's saps my life-force, then it can go to hell. I can't rule the world if I die because of a weak breeze!

I'd be a mage, of course. Magic is so cool you guys.

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