The villain to the Avengers sequel and more? *SPOILERS*

Having just seen to Avengers (which came out in the UK a few days ago) I thought it lived up to the hype yada yada... a few minutes into the credits we get a glimpse of what clearly looks like Thanos. Cool however he seems like a very powerful villain for the current "lineup". Thus I was wondering if any future heroes (and maybe solo films) for additional heroes would work at all?

Dr Doom could work if Marvel got the rights back off Fox.

But I reckon the best manageable villain would be Magneto because he is just so awesome.

I'm thinking Dormammu, Taskmaster, MODOK or Doctor Doom.
I've heard that there might be a Dr. Strange movie coming out so Dormammu may not be too off field.
Taskmaster would make for a decent side-villain at best (and could make an appearance in the Deadpool movie)
MODOK might work as leader of a terrorist organization but he looks way too silly to be taken seriously.
Doctor Doom is more-or-less the main villain of the Marvel universe but he'll need some re-done Fantastic Four movies to be fleshed out first.

Yeah, You can tell I've been playing UMvC 3 can't you...


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