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Probably 4. My mom doesn't let me get out much. And none of my friends seem to answer my texts, or message me when they want to hang out. My mom also isn't letting me move out next year--when I go to college--so I'm not sure I even have turning 18 and college to look foward to. The last three girls I "talked" to either started ignoring me or gave me the wrong number. But at least I have plenty of friends that I only ever communicate with in person, and never hang out with outside of school.
To be fair, I have four friends that I've known since I was like 10 that I still hang out with every once and a while.

I'm about a 6 normally. I prefer to keep with 2-3 friends on a regular basis because university keeps me busy (and locates me far from most my friends) but thankfully I get to be with university friends during classes. Come the holidays when I'm with my partner we go up to an 8 or 9. We go out a lot with our friends but we're not much for the typical parties.

I don't know, the huge group gatherings just don't feel very 'social' to me, it's a lot harder to have a balanced and proper conversation with lots of people than it is to have one with 2 to 4 people. It's something I stopped doing as much since I finished highschool. My personal 10 moments would have to be when me, my partner and our two best friends get to spend the whole day together.

Assignments have piled up this week, so for the next fortnight or so I'm knocked down to a 2 or 3. D:

lol, i work full time, so that drops me below 5 automatically, the most i hang out w/people is twice a week (weekends). Not counting unusual weeks like vacation weeks and such. I try for once a week, normally, but don't always achieve that (I work nights so that's another detriment). So probably a few times a month, sometimes more. If an event is going on then the number jumps way up (PAX prime!).

I'm not counting hanging out online of course, i'm only including person to person.

8 years ago, woulda been a 9 probably. Now? Eight years have passed and all of them have been a solid 2 at best. Needless to say I'm kind of seen as a loser around these parts.

Possibly a 3 or 4.

I talk with people at the place I volunteer at twice a week occasionally. And I do talk with some acquaintances at school whenever I get the chance.

I've recently gone out to In-n-Out with a couple of close friends that I haven't seen in a while. Hopefully we hang out more.

I think to see being social only as "hanging out" with friends is a mistake. I do see my friends quite often, my best friend is at my place probably 3-4 days of the week, on average. But then I have friends that I haven't seen in a while (one I haven't seen since mid last year), but I talk to at least a few times a week, usually through Facebook, Steam chat or a voice call and play some games together. Considering that's pretty much the same thing I do when I'm with y friends (talk and play games together) I don't see a difference.
So my rating? I'd say around a 7.

About 3. I usually see my friends and/or cousins once a week. Other times we talk on Skype and play games, sometimes getting a multi-person commentary if I decide to record.
Fun. ^.^

0 -- Absolutely non-existent.

I'm pretty much a hermit, and considering I moved cities I haven't seen my friends in, oh, about 3 years.

I moved to uni I lost most of my friends. I see one or two during lectures, and I go drinking with people about once every few weeks. So I'd say about a 3.

I guess 5.

That's perfectly fine with me. I have a close knit group of friends that I hang out with every so often, as well as a best friend who I usually see once a week.

I'm perfectly content with my social life.

Where on the scale would I fit if I'm practically always around friends, but almost never go to parties?

About 7, I'm not a huge party guy, but I got out once or twice a week. And I usually hang out with a friend or two at least once a day. There should have been a poll for this thread, though, I think.

Mine is a self-inflicted 5, it could be higher but right now I'm just trying to chill. My friends seem to be boring right now, I don't just want to sit around in peoples basements, so I almost feel like I shouldn't even bother. It can get as high as an 8, where I'm actually going out and getting involved with things but I don't think I've ever been in a 9 or a 10 range, which is okay because it would get uncomfortable and annoying to me before long, I value privacy and time alone.

I'll say 3.

I don't use facebook and I lost most of my friends during my transition from highschool to college.

I did make a lot of friends but we gather mostly for work/project and little play.

I do try to play racketball with 3 other friends once a week though.

I would say about a 7, I go out every weekend, and would more often if it weren't for the insane amounts of work uni has presented me with (yay engineering!), I also see at least a few of my friends every day through my course. It's a lot worse at home though (about a 3), I don't live in a very convenient place, and Blackpool is a shit place to go out in, funnily enough I also have far fewer friends at home than at uni.

About a 3 or 4. I see my "friends" often but thats more by coincidence. I rarely go out of my way to hang out with them.

I'd say I'm a 7 or 8 while I am out with all my mates partying and in just a wonderful mood.
Whilest, being a 6 when I get reclousive because how else am I going to finish those games :P jk it's to finish assessments -_-'

1, my social life is pretty much does not exist, admittedly for psychological reasons though. I cannot answer the phone, when someone knocks on the door I lock myself in the nearest room and avoid all windows for a long time. When I set foot outside I immediately feel like I'm being watched and that something will attack me. I can never look people in the eye to the point where I deliberately turn my back on people during conversations which doesn't exactly impress them very much and I'm always trying to arrive late to class just to avoid speaking to people. I can't even be around my own relatives when they come to visit, though I hear that's normal.

Well, today I finished the grammar draft for the language I've created; by that alone you can probably guess how many friends I have?

Three? Right now my social life consists solely of activities with my support group. I get out twice a week(7:30 PM to 9 on Thursdays and 2 to 9 on Fridays), but still. Support group.

I do like hanging out with people going through the same crap that I am, though.

10 baby! But I'm a student so I have the advantage of meeting my friends everyday.

4-5? I play tennis with a friend once or twice a week, and meet up with people in this gaming group where we talk about games and shit.

Don't have many friends, but the few that I do have are pretty close.

As you actually need friends to have a social life, I would be a 1. My life is rather pathetic.

Depends on the week. Time for some colouring of your scale results!

For instance, last week I was never not-out [8, 9, 10]. Each day I had something social to do besides gaming.

The same for the week before, too, but my forecast for this week is going out once, to buy a top, so I'll probably drag a mate to come with me for the accompanying drive to town [2, 3].
The week after for all I know, could be a solid [1] or a solid [10]. My social life is incredibly dynamic, for better or worse.

And like most people here, sometimes I do enjoy a good week at a [1] (yes, it's a green "1"! See waht I did thar?) on your scale. Screw reality, I've got games to play and junk food to eat; but isn't playing with friends online considered "social"?

Then again some weeks I'm bored stiff of the very games I could play endlessly the next, but I just don't get that...

Hmm.. social life? sounds familiar. Is that when you go climb a mountain? no, that's not it...

anyways, from a scale from 1-10 I'm a 1.

I talk a lot on skype though. like 5 hours a day or so. that probably doesn't count as a social life though^^

3. Hang out with a few buddies a few times a week, spend most of my time alone working on personal projects. Also have work friends, but we only see eachother at work.

And I like it that way. I have no need for a bigger social circle.

At the moment, between 3 and 5. I don't have a terrible social life this year but it could definitely improve. I'm still settling in at my new house and adjusting to the suburban/urban lifestyle.

Oh probably a 6. Depends though. There are some times where i don't feel like going out because I have a lot to study and just want to not wear pants, eat non healthy stuff with a dose of awesome coffee in the morning, and my Jack Daniels SilverBullet at night and finish my damn game ^^.

Other times I go out every night. On average a 6 Though if one was allowed to not wear pants on a sunny day i'd be out more. It's nothing pervy, but having testicles in Jeans can sometimes be annoying :p.

My what?
2 to be honest :/
Outside of school time its almost nothing at all.

8-9. I see friends daily, I party often and I get out a lot.

I love my social life :D

2 or 3.
I lived in the middle of no where while my friends from University lived far away.
Yes my social life is almost non existent however last weekend I meet up with my mate from Uni to watch The Avengers. I had to wake up early and take a two hours train ride to do so but every time just hanging out with my mate is always worth it.
I value my friendship to him and two others who I kept in touch with since after Uni so I will always go through some length just to see them (I still keep in touch via MSN but it's so much better chatting face to face).

Probably a 6 or 7? It sucks at university most people are around a 9 or 10. I'm quite quiet though, but I hang with friends as often as possible.

I would say 6, maybe 7 now that I'm spending most of my days running around with my nerf gun team :3


I have no social lifem I usaully take to friends on the internet, none of which live near me. That is the extent of my social interaction outside of family. I just don't like being social with people most of the time.

Friday Night Magic and hanging out with my girlfriend are pretty much the extent of my social life.

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