Tomorrow I'm gonna do something stupid and pointless with little chance of success.

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Well played, sir.

A pretty predictable end (for a cynic like me), but I'll be damned if you didn't give it an excellent shot.

Consider it as a couple dozen points toward your awesome-karma level.

kinda semi-fail... creep that facebook page to make sure she is really single.

Beer? Nay

Good sir, for the act you have done today, you deserve...


Drink Escapists, for the night is young!

Beer? Nay

Good sir, for the act you have done today, you deserve...


Drink Escapists, for the night is young!

It's actually funny you go with MOS because I was actually listening to his CD in my car on my way to school before I asked her out, and Sovengarde Song came on and I felt like I could do anything.

...and then Redemption Blues came on and that lowered me back down a bit...

And then Little Sister came on...and that was cool. Because that's a good song.


You took a chance, and it didn't explode in your face. Life goes on, but at least you have no regrets.

Oh, and I'll take a brandy please. Beer is for peasants.

I congratulate you on your.... not complete failure?

I would offer you a medal for your courage, but the only one I remember having is the DWI medal for valor, and your not getting that!

still, well played. If I was wearing a hat, I would very slightly tip it in your direction, then return to my cigar.


Didn't post earlier, but saw what you were doing. Honestly I chuckled a bit, but I wished you good luck in my head and moved along. Just saw that it popped up again tonight, figured I'd see if there were any updates, and there were.

Anyway, wanted to say both congrats (for both not being outright rejected and laughed at and having the nuts to go through with it) and sorry that things didn't quite work out as planned. Still, sounds like a surprisingly positive outcome for her saying no, and I'd count that as a good thing.

There's no shame in your game, awh yeaaaa!

Gratz bro! Might not have been the result you wanted but atleast you tried!

Hmm, my friend you may have given me the courage to attempt the same feat as you. Though she isn't a professor yet, she's still employed by the uni. If I might go off on a tangent, I do occasionally catch her glimpsing in my direction, that may just be her way of making sure I pay attention, but she is always helping my group out during tutorials and she seems to often agree with what I'm doing and liking whatever I am presenting.

You, sir, are a fucking legend. The awesome is with you. Now BEER AND POKEMON.

And now you've learned the most important lesson a man can learn. Rejection isn't all that painful or embarrassing at all. The worst that can happen is she'll say no. Since you won't say what you said to her and don't want floods of advice anyway just consider what you said and think if there's anything you could do differently. Getting shot down isn't so bad unless you don't actually learn from it.

Good job , my friend.
You tried and that is more then other people can say, me included.

My first pint tonight will be raised in your name!

I just had a drink with my gf, but between you and me, this one was for you *raises glass* ;)

Bad luck man, but it sounds like she still respects you, even if it's for only for your massive balls. But there's plenty more fish in the sea!... Am I right?... guys?

good on yah! Glad you conquered your fears(?)!

I salute you sir.

That takes a lot of courage to do.

Edit: props to the community for being so supportive

That was inspiring. Lord knows a story like this is exactly what many people on this site need to start taking initiative. Bravo!

And so, the OP has just discovered what politicians do for a living

... of course, money greatly increases the chances of success

can't win them all, right.
I asked out an awesome girl that works at a nearby Gamestop, but I'm sure she basically said "nope, not interested." but yeah, i raise my N7 mug back at you!

Well played Strain. A valiant tale. Your courage should rub off on the rest of us!

Kudos to a job well done friend, now it's time to drink some mead like a man full of Nord spirit! (raises mug) TO STRAIN42

Well, if you're going to be rejected, that's the best way for it to happen.

All of the other options suck. Getting rejected because she doesn't find you attractive, or doesn't like you, or whatever, all of those are insulting on one level or another..

But simply not being single? Still disappointing, but any proposal that lets you walk away with pride undamaged is a decent enough outcome.

*stands up and claps* You, my internet buddy, are one of the gutsiest people I have ever had the chance to stumble across. Well done for what would have taken a stupendous amount of courage!

Completely serious, you did what 99.8% of us wish we could do, but never do. Including myself. I wish I had HALF the guts you do.

So my figurative hat off to you, oh bravest of the brave. Thanks for giving us hope!

I've read only the OP and I just wanted to say your story made me smile. Thanks. :)


Congratulations good sir. May we all learn from your example of courage.

Great courage! I never had the chance. Well I did like this one professor, but she freaking hated my guts.


Congratulations good sir. May we all learn from your example of courage. it weird that I consider getting someone to use this gif directed at me feels like one of my greatest accomplishments...

Strain, you are the antidote to the multitude of threads bitching about relationship problems. GODSPEED SIR.


Congratulations on your failure-that-felt-like-a-success. I have to admit it was quite an amusing read.

Now do it to a male professor.

Good luck dude! Crazy...but Good Luck :)

You go man! Good for you! I'm glad you went for it. You swung and missed, but at least you took that swing. I can actually totally relate to how you feel because I once asked out a nurse at the hospital I work at, and turns out she was already married (yeah yeah, I shoulda noticed the ring). But afterward I felt... good, relieved, and strangely satisfied and didn't have any regrets.

We're all proud, bro. So nice to read a post where someone doesn't just whine about things, but goes out and does them.

Man, I feel inspired now.


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