Blasphemy! Covers that you like more than the original.

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I always preferred Lenny Kravitz's cover of American Woman over the Guess Who's version.

I don't know why I prefer Kravitz's version. The Guess Who's version is much more more refined and definitely harder sounding, but Kravitz's electric guitar and vocals are just much easier to jam out to.

A Perfect Circle's cover of Imagine and Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt come to mind. I also like the covers from Nirvana's Unplugged set.

All Along the Watchtower, the Hendrix version.
Black Magic Woman. Santana over Fleetwood Mac.
Respect. That's right, my friends. The song that made Aretha Franklin famous was a cover.
Come Together. I prefer Aerosmith's cover over the Beatles' original, mainly because it was the first Aerosmith song I ever heard.
Hurt. Hell, even Trent Reznor likes Johnny Cash's version better than his own.

A perfect Circle: The Nurse who Loved me

Evanescence: Thoughtless

Forgot to add this to my remix list:

And this:

And this might be necessary to add as well:

Just good ol' "movin' the spirit" music for me.


Not that it takes much to be better than the original...

Every cover that Metallica has done is leagues ahead of the originals

The original is good, but this one... I dunno, I like it more.

Actually, I like this one AND the original about the same. Both are amazingly well done.

*sigh* Fine, I also love it because I am a huge fan of Psych and this is the song they played when Shawn and Juliet first kissed. I'm a sucker for a good romance subplot, sue me.

LOVE this one, not too fond of the original. The acoustics and harmonizing just make this cover so much more emotional. Also, it's sung by a bear with Elvis Costello's voice, presumably because the bear just ate Elvis Costello.

I definitely like this one more than the original. It just seems better structured, yet it doesn't change what I like about the original.

There's a few that others have already mentioned as well.

A few more that I remembered and felt I should add.

Andy Shandy:

My friend believes I'm an idiot for liking this more than the NIN original (he's a huge NIN fan). I mean the original is good, but Johnny Cash just makes this his own.

This. So much. The original doesn't stir me like Cash's version does (And I'm at least as big a NIN fan as your friend).

I generally don't like covers over the original, however this is the exception to that rule.
Forgotten Tomb-I Wanna Be Your Dog

Of course the vocalist is a little more versatile and skilled in Maiden, but the music is much more dramatic in AE's version. I like dramatic music.

I always liked the Guns n' Roses cover of Sympathy To The Devil more than the Rolling Stoners.

Personally, I'm not really sure if I've ever seen another band cover someone else's song, but I have to admit Gurren Lagann turned a vaguely ominous Latin Chant into pure awesome.

The Original Gregorian Chant: "Libera Me"

The Gurren Lagann Version: :Libera Me From Hell"

Who was the genius who thought of mixing Rap and slightly Opera-Sounding Church Music? Because that guy deserves a raise (And I mean a REAL raise, 2 zeros at the very least)

The strange thing is that I honestly can't stand wrap in most cases with the only exceptions being This and Kanye West's "Power" if that even counts as rap. (Thank you Saints Row 3)

I like Soundgarden's version of "Rusty Cage" better than Johnny Cash's, although the comparison between the two is damn close.

I suppose a part of my preference is that I first heard the former version while blasting down a highway dodging cop cars in GTA:SA.

For your comparison pleasure:


The entire thing. The small fry covers on this thread just got toasted.

The Megas' cover of Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night"

I like the original, but... I dunno, I just don't really have any reason for preferring the cover other than the fact that I simply find it to be more appealing to my tastes.

This may have been posted already, but this is a great cover of Skynyrd's "Simple Man"

Odd, because normally I'm a total classic rock snob, but I prefer this version of it.

Uh.. Can't think of many.. I like a couple of Metallica's covers,specially the ones from Diamond Head. Adds a rough edge, my kinda taste. Although for most of those covers, I like the original better, but there are a few that stand out.

Swny Nerdgasm:
Every cover that Metallica has done is leagues ahead of the originals

I disagree, but we all have opinions I guess. Music isn't a competition,so meh. Oh and just to mention, I'm an absolutely huge Metallica fan, as you can tell by my Avatar :P

Brutal Peanut:
Well to be honest ,...

I enjoy this version more than the song it was 'parodied' from.

That is quite awesome. Funny how Minecraft seems to bring out so much creativity in people, and not just of the kind you'd expect.


Andy Shandy:

My friend believes I'm an idiot for liking this more than the NIN original (he's a huge NIN fan). I mean the original is good, but Johnny Cash just makes this his own.

Heh, even Reznor admitted it wasnt his song anymore.


White Stripes make everything better.

Meh, I liked the T&S better.

Anyway, they've probably been mentioned, but I'm not looking through this monolith of a thread:

^No, that is not the original, the original was by Slade.

This one is not STRICTLY better, but I like it more than the original, though the original does some things better.

Mentioned but not linked on page 1. It's just a strict upgrade, dear God it's awesome.

Again, it's a sidegrade, not strictly better, but I like it more.

What the internet was waiting for when they heard about "Pirate metal".

Oh, and I forgot, one of those "THAT WASN'T THE ORIGINAL????" ones:

And one more thing for the record: I, too, thought the Van Halen cover of the Kinks "You Really Got Me" was better, until I played Battlefield Vietnam and heard them play it live:

Time for a quick resurrection.

Rocky Mountain Way- Godsmack

As I have said before,the Eagles, solo stuff included, are fair game in my book.

Has anyone said Johnny Cash - Hurt? Cause it needs to be said.

And methinks Rocky Mountain Way was Joe Walsh in his solo career.

Edit: Ah! I see Mr. Cash has indeed graced the list!

This is my favourite version of Hallelujah.

I can't say I'm a fan of the Leonard Cohen version. People usually say Jeff Buckley was the best, but I think it's a song that deserves to be played on piano.

I do like the Buckley version though.

Special mention to the Alison Crowe cover too.

Whitney Houstons version of I Will Always Love You is the one for me too.

Easy. It has to be this:

I know Black Betty has been said, but I perfer THIS version

And while I'm here...

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