Hunger Games: Aftermath

So, I went to see the Hunger Games movie two weeks ago, and after having time to read the book, my HG loving friends were eagerly awaiting my change in opinion (ie I didn't like the movie that much.)

But sadly, even after reading the book, I can't feel much for the characters, world, atmosphere, or IDEA of the Hunger Games. And even after asking a ton of people who claim to love the books, they couldn't give me a solid answer for why it they like it.

With that, here's my question: Now that the hype is over, and many who wish to have seen/read the Hunger Games, why is this particular series so adored?

Note: I'm don't think the movie or books are that BAD, just not as amazing as many people make them out to be.

I read it entirely of my own accord a while back and I liked the first person perspective, the strong lead character, the pseudo-romance, and for some odd reason I really felt for Peeta. The games themselves were always a framing device. I suppose many people liked it because it became a craze, though there is always the possibility that they liked it for the same reasons I did.

I think i like the books because it conveyed that whole noble hero in a hideously corrupt world in a way they was specifically targeted to the audience that had to participate in the games and did it well.

To put it simply it is a less intense version of "Battle Royal" and in that regard many see it is far worse but i simply see it as toned down to suite a younger audience and it does so quite well.


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