What milk do you buy?
Blue Cap (Whole)
31.2% (199)
31.2% (199)
Green Cap (Semi Skimmed)
44.7% (285)
44.7% (285)
Red Cap (Skimmed)
13.8% (88)
13.8% (88)
Soy Milk
2.8% (18)
2.8% (18)
6.6% (42)
6.6% (42)
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Poll: Milk

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I live exclusively off Chocolate milk.

Pour it on cereal, drink it straight from the bottle, pour it on your woman and drink it straight from her...

pouring chocolate milk onto cereal YOU FUCKING GENIUS


I'm assuming you've also never put on nearly ten stone in two years...

no dude i'm pretty underweight, but that will all change as i literally have just gone to the store in this downpour to get chocolate milk and coco pops, it's also like ten at night
i'm not sure whether i love you or hate you right now

I grew up drinking red capped Trim milk, so I can't stand full cream to drink. If its in coffee or baking I don't really care all that much.

I don't mind whole milk, but usually 1-2% is fine with me. I don't like the taste or consistency of fat free milk. Eck.

Used to get Green cap but now I've had Blue cap I just can't turn back!

whole all the way! even half skim feels too watery for me

...Here in Canada,we get our milk in bags...I get 2%.

Semi Skimmed, I think. The box is colored green which I think is the equivilant of green caped that you speak of.

By the I live in Sweden.

Whole milk!
Freshly cooled milk right from the farm.

Whole - Drinking, Cereal
Semi - Coffee, cooking.

I buy blue capped, 1% partially skimmed. There is no real set international standard for the colour code of milk caps so I do not think that poll works.

I love whole and semi-skimmed milk, but these days I need to watch my weight, so skim for me.

...Here in Canada,we get our milk in bags...I get 2%.

Why do people always say that? I have been all across the country in every conceivable super market or family corner store and have never, ever, ever seen... a bag of milk. Where the fifle-fluff do you get yours?

Where I live red cap is full cream and green cap is skim.

I drink skim these days. I'm trying to be more healthy.

I don't understand why the caps are colored. I've seen different brands of milk at the grocer use different colored caps. One that has the same type has red caps, one has orange caps, and one has blue caps... So the color-coded poll just confuses me.

I get my milk straight from a farm or at a farmer's market. The good fatty kind that tastes delicious. I also get cream, you know... For tea. And to make butter.

Soy and similar 'milks' are wrong. Wrong in more ways than one. Shame on people that drink it.

Red cap around here is whole. But I only drink skim milk. (Midwest US)

I grew up on skimmed milk. My Grandmother can't drink anything but skimmed so that's what I'm used to. I can't stand whole milk. I can kind of tolerate 2%, but it depends on what I'm drinking it in.

The milk I get is... fresh?

No really, the milkmen here have cows, so daily they drop by the houses and give a bottle of fresh milk. :O

We then boil it and then use it in any merry way.

So, yeah, no idea what to call that.

I wish I had an arrangement like that. Have had fresh milk a few times at a friends house who gets it from his uncles farm. So damn good compared to anything from the supermarket.

OT: Semi-skimmed, generally. My mother's one of those people who freaks out over fat, so we used to have skimmed, but that shit's undrinkable. I like whole on rare occasions, but I'm just used to semi now. Also, it's the only one reliably available at my local super. There's about 5 times as much semi as either of the other two.

Side-note: what the hell is "other"? Several people have voted for it, so it must mean something, but i can't come up with anything.

Skim, 1%, 2% are my lifeblood. Don't care which.


...Here in Canada,we get our milk in bags...I get 2%.

Why do people always say that? I have been all across the country in every conceivable super market or family corner store and have never, ever, ever seen... a bag of milk. Where the fifle-fluff do you get yours?

Ever been to Ontario?

This one!

I assume it's semi-skimmed?


Who in their right minds buys red-cap milk?!

Only ever bought 0.1%-fat-content milk, and I drink more milk than water in a day.
Probably go through two and a half liters a day, and have been drinking it in those litres/body weight proportions all my life.

Needless to say, I have very healthy nails and hair, due to the calcium, although it all grows like crazy.

And it also helps me keep the weight down, as I'm told that milk can actually help you prevent the body from taking in some of the fat from the food you eat, or something along those lines.

But then again, I'm also not in my right mind, according to the doctors who diagnosed me with Aspergers.


You poll most likely only covers the UK. It was good that you added names to the caps, because caps are different in the US.

This is cap colors, in the US, at least in my area.

Blue: 2%

Green: 1%

Light Blue: Skim(we don't say skimmed, plus it is the only kind labeled skim).

Red: Vitamin D fortified milk, which isn't considered Whole Milk where I am.

And whole milk: Don't know the color because the only Whole Milk I have seen is sold in cartons not jugs.

Soy milk is also only sold in cartons, so no color.

But it all really doesn't matter with color, because different jug brands use different colors.

For my response, I drink 2% milk.

Full Cream/Whole Milk.. i used to drink skim when i was living with big sis.... its VERY watery.. not pleasant but tolerable.. plus since i lived with a lot of lactose intolerant people.. ive seen rice milk,almond milk and lactose free milk.. all VERY strange. Soy Milk is horrific too :P

when i'm at home (as opposed to at college, where i can only buy skim), i drink at least one glass of whole milk a day and use skim milk if i'm having cereal or cooking.

i find skim milk to be disgusting by itself. it's like someone added water to 2%. whole milk, on the other hand, is delicious.

fyi: caps are different colors in different countries. whole milk is red in the US and green in Russia.

Whole milk if it's my choice but my two little brothers are both lactose intolerant, so I often end up drinking soy milk.

I've only ever had skimmed milk once. Never ever again.


...Here in Canada,we get our milk in bags...I get 2%.

Why do people always say that? I have been all across the country in every conceivable super market or family corner store and have never, ever, ever seen... a bag of milk. Where the fifle-fluff do you get yours?

You can't have been over all the country if you've never seen bagged milk.

It used to be available across Canada as the standard delivery method. It's still popular in the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec. Out west its mostly been replaced with 4L jugs.

Whole Milk - Great for cereals, and various recipes.

Semi-Skimmed - Great for hot drinks, and general Drinking.

Skimmed - Great for Masochists.

Red top I honestly don't know the difference between them

My Mom gets red-cap. My dad gets Soy. My GF however, got me hooked on Almond Milk. Honestly though I almost never drink milk straight-up. I always have it as chocolate milk or, add it to coffee sometimes. I like Soy Milk a lot too, behind almond milk. I'm having a lot of trouble finding Lon-Lon in my area...

chocolate milk

Green-cap semi-skimmed, of course! Though I have tried full, and it's fine.

Red-cap, on the other hand, is a pale imitation of milk, and tastes like bastardised water.

Heh, nice that you're cap tells you what type of milk it is. I've seen light blue, white and red capped skim milks.
However, I always buy Full Cream milk. I like milk and its taste, not the watered down stuff that is skimmed.

I use semi skimmed The only reason to have whole milk is if you are pregnant or have kids imho.

Skimmed milk is pretty horrible I'm sure he's wrong about everybody buying it :p

Semi-skimmed, because it's cheaper where I get it from. I prefer whole milk though.

Wait, neither the 1% nor the 2% milk where I live is green-capped, it's all just blue. D:

I think they're different shades of blue, actually, but I haven't been home in almost a year.

...they color-code your milk over there? Wow. Cap colors just mean different brands here, as far as I know.

I could be wrong though, I've been drinking coconut milk for years. Beats cow milk at its own game, and I prefer the taste.

...my roommate uses half and half (you may know it by its more accurate nomenclature: half cream) for coffee, though. So I guess I buy that once in awhile.

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