Poll: Milk

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red, whole milk (3,5% fat)
because i am a freak.

no. its healthier that way.
plus 'real' milk contains a lot more fat. it ensured that we do not drink that much.
and scientist are now questioning if the quantities of milk we consume today is 'healty'

but thats another story.
so enjoy experiments with milk

I only ever drink skimmed. Anything else tastes like you're drinking friggin' cream.

Green-cap of course. Who'd want to drink that red-cap tripe? I don't actually drink milk, but I do pour it on cereal and semi-skimmed is awesome for that.

Is skim milk that stuff that tastes like water?

Also, I rarely use milk for...Well, anything. Most of the time I buy it, it's for drinking and it's chocolate milk.

If I didn't need milk for coffee (and occasionally cereal) I wouldn't get it at all.

Nasty stuff.

I don't know about all this colour-coded cap nonsense. I just get the light-blue carton. (Skimmed)

Skim or Almond milk.

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