Biggest pain you've ever felt?

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Had to get a Catheter after getting my wisdom teeth pulled. The Anesthetic cut off my ability to pee, and I had to get one put in. It was... a VERY unpleasant feeling x.x

Have you ever been hit with a blast of molten metal traveling near the speed of...what was it, sounds?

It hurts.

But I just shrugged it off, no big deal.

when I had my tubes removed from my ears (literally a tube in your eardrum) they just yanked em out, hurt beyond words and the worst part was I could HEAR the pain, it was such an odd pain..

I accidentally cut my toe nails crooked and short one time on my big toes on BOTH feet. In about a month's time despite trying to cut them they became painfully ingrown. I was taken to the Emergency Room by my mother, barely able to walk from them being so infected.

The doctor there then proceeded to take a pair of bone scissors and cut my nails. Without ANY anesthetic he jammed those shears in not once but three times PER TOE. He cut the nails into strips up to the root, the proceeded to RIP THEM OUT WITH TONGS. It was literally the most painful thing I have experienced in my life so far. I was 14 when it happened, and I hobbled barefoot out of the Emergency Room with bandages wrapped about 1 inch thick on each toe. To say there was a blood would be an understatement. I'll be honest I cried, the pain was simply unprecedented.

Second thing, I sliced off a small chunk of my finger while at work. I was a Deli station, slicing meat for customers in a grocery store. It bleed for 4 hours and burnt when it happened but it's still a far mark from the first account.

Meningitus. It was, shall we say, unpleasant. Do I win?

I dislocated my right knee a dozen or so times between the ages of 12 and 18. I can't even pinpoint one particular instance, it just hurt like hell every damn time

Well, getting jumped and stabbed twice in your back and arm hurts pretty bad.


Migraine? Yeah probably that, its like an ice sickle thats also on fire being pushed through one ear towards the other by a steam roller running over you... and then the ice sickle melting and the freezing water running through your skull.

All I remember from that night was just huge hexagons of glare from the street lights on the way to the hospital.

MIGRAINES! Oh how could I forget thee. I had a killer migraine back in high school, and at that particular moment some jackass thought it'd be funny to smack me upside the back of my head with a binder as hard as he could. I didn't think you could literally see a white flash after getting smacked, but I did. Then directly after was a loud pep rally in a brightly lit, hot gymnasium... I kinda passed out for a second. That's pretty bad as well, but I'll stick with my knee stuff as my personal worst

I'm going to stick with physical pain seeing as how it's unlikely most of the posters here are not therapists.

1st worst pain: I don't really remember it as I was too young, but I'm told I was running down a hallway with no shoes on. Someone pushed a thick, metal door open just as I got to it and the bottom of the door caught a couple of toenails and ripped them all the way back. I'm also told I could scream like a banshee.

Big owie #2: Grade 9, beginning of the year I began throwing up in first period, mostly just greenish stomach acid as couldn't eat breakfast, and eventually left to go home. The culprit was my period. They've never been overly pleasant but that morning I was already in some pain and was running late so I booked it to school. By the time I got there I couldn't even stand straight. I was literally puking from the pain.

Renegade Shepard:
Have you ever been hit with a blast of molten metal traveling near the speed of...what was it, sounds?

It hurts.

But I just shrugged it off, no big deal.

I haven't heard of that one but I knew this one guy who was cleaning out a kitchen at the end of his shift and it was a big clean so he was up on the counter to get into the over-head fan. Some idiot moved the bucket that contained the drainage of the deep fryer. Guy stepped right down into it, the grease seeped into is sock and shoes. 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the exposed skin and then they had to cut away the sock material piece by piece.

He shrugged it off too... after some of his skin grew back.

Try running in open grassland field at full speed. Found a Gopher Hole. Tore my knee up pretty bad, So bad in fact it blew a blood vessel. The Knee ballooned to the size of a football, They had to open it up and drain it then get me all fixed up. funnest summer camp everz. Yup.

Try running in open grassland field at full speed. Found a Gopher Hole. Tore my knee up pretty bad, So bad in fact it blew a blood vessel. The Knee ballooned to the size of a football, They had to open it up and drain it then get me all fixed up. funnest summer camp everz. Yup.

Yep... getting a knee drained is freaking awful. I didn't have to get my knee cut open to get drained (surgery came years later) but the sensation/pain of getting your knee drained with a needle is so odd, strange and painful all at once.

Toothaches or Earaches...

I've never broken a bone but toothaches and earaches are constant and its impossible to sleep with that pain in your tooth/ear.

Electrocution is pretty damn painful.

I was pulling out a UK-style 3-pin plug like this (see photo), except that was certainly not up to modern code - it didn't have plastic surrounds at the base of the pins like you see in the photo. 240 Volts 13 amps - that's twice the power compared to a US plug socket, but even that can kill (hell, even a few millivolts can kill if it crosses your heart).

It was during a school play rehearsal and it was the plug then went to a particular lighting prop - a rotating device of coloured gels/acetates designed to project flame effects and I was the guy controlling all the light effects. I was on my own at the time, and so I needed to control various things on the lighting panel which were all done with sliders and so on, but then I also needed to kill the flame-effect device at a particular cue so I grabbed the plug with one hand and was trying to pull it out of the power strip. Anyone who has tried to do this with one hand will know exactly what happened when my fingers slipped underneath the plug and touched both live and neutral pins while they were still partially inserted into the power strip. Those plastic bits on the base of the live and neutral pins were added to prevent this exact sort of accident, so that it's impossible for the plug to be connected to mains power and any metal to be exposed at the same time (except on the large earth pin). 15 years ago not all plugs had that safety feature.

I didn't realise what happened at first, since it just felt like someone had grabbed me by the shoulders and was shaking me as hard as they possibly could, but then after a few seconds I heard someone screaming in pain and realised that it was me. My hand was gripped tightly around the plug and I couldn't let go. Then the sudden rush of pain really hit me as I realised what was going on.

Despite various injuries coming off my mountain bike at high speed on downhill trails, I have never experienced the same level of pain as being electrocuted. It happened more than 15 years ago and I still remember it as clear as day.



Having my teeth torn from my gums using a dentists cleaning pick like a crowbar with no pain killers. Shit was so painful I have recurring nightmares about it

what in the fuck? were you tortured?

No, was at a doctor who saw I had two teeth coming in where the others were, so they had to come out. But he didnt really know what to do, so he basically just used the cleaning picks bend to wrench at my teeth until the roots cracked, then tore the gums and pulled the tooth out, then had to do it a second time for the other tooth. They had 5 assistants restraining me in the chair >.<

It's a toss up between a few actually. Although number four was probably the worst.
1) I broke my little toe walking into a bed post. Four toes went on one side of the post, my little toe went on the other. It wasn't so much the pain as it was feeling the bones rubbing against each other whenever I walked.
2) When I moved into my new student house last September, me and my housemate found one of the sofas to be full of maggots. Thankfully it was by the back door already so we chucked that one out fairly easily. That one and another had been brought in by the people that lived there before us and because of the state of the first, we decided to get rid of the second. So the next morning (after literally the worst nights sleep I have ever had, I was using a sofa cushion for a pillow and my leather jacket for a blanket, was wearing my jeans under my pyjama pants and still shivered most of the night) me and my housemate carried the other sofa downstairs and threw that one out too. I wasn't too bad for the rest of that day, just kinda tired from lack of sleep and travelling back to the family home. But the next day, I could barely move at all without being in pain. I couldn't bend my back so if I wanted to pick something up I'd either have to bend sideways or stretch my arm as best I could.
3) From last September I've had achilles tendonitis in my right leg. Absolute agony with every single step. I lived half an hour away from the uni campus so had to limp there and back every single day. I put up with it for two whole months before I eventually went to the doctor. They put me on painkillers which eventually made the pain go away. Then in February, it came back. What did the docs do this time? More painkillers. I really hate the NHS sometimes.
4) In what I believe was related to the tendonitis, last November, about a week after I got the pain in my foot to stop, I got the most awful pain I've ever felt in my back and sides. It started as a slight backache on a Sunday evening but by the following Friday I literally could not move. If I knelt down, I couldn't stand up. I couldn't reach to take my shoes off. I couldn't bend my back. Out of everything, that's the pain that made me cry. My housemate took me to the surgery about five minutes away from my house. What did the doctors tell me to do? Take more bloody painkillers. And it didn't help that the next day I had to help with the set-up for a stage show. Thankfully, my friends tried to keep me from doing any heavy lifting.

EDIT: Error message saying you must have posted since you started writing this post. You don't say?

being stabbed in the ribs, and being tazed by the police, they weren't as exactly painful but painful enough to change your life

Bone-marrow punction, luckily it's very short pain, but that's it without a doubt.

I have some kind of problem with my joints/bones/muscles which doctors seem to think is not worth looking at even though it hurts like fuck.

Whenever I do a long shift at work (especially when it's cold) I get home and my joints seize up until it's pretty much impossible to walk. I've walked straight inside my house before, collapsed in a heap and had to drag myself upstairs on my hands and knees, or got someone to prop me up.
I usually take a few paracetamol and run a hot bath. I have heat rub, heatpads and hot water bottles to make it better. But it's just the pain before, it's unbearable to the point of me crying my eyes out and not being able to eat.

Also period pain... I'm actually quite lucky because I know a lot of girls who can't work because theirs gets so bad. A couple of times I've been like that, where you just curl up in bed all day. It feels like someone's twisting a knife in your stomach/groin area and letting you slowly bleed to death. Or kicking you repeatedly in the crotch >.<

I once had to get an absurd amount of stitches because while running into another kid on the playground his tooth tore into my eyebrow. Neither the stitches nor the injury were that painful(his tooth severed the nerve) the application of the anesthetic was putting the needle in my forehead and then wiggling it around while the anesthetic was squeezed out. It was a horrible feeling.

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