How often do you change your avatar?

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This is the first and probably only avatar I'll be using on this site. It was drawn for me by someone on another website and I wanted to use it somewhere, so I decided to use it here. It's inoffensive and looks nice so I see no reason to change it. Usually, unless the website has some kind of in built avatar creation system, I stick to the one.

With or without this avatar I don't expect anyone to recognise me. xD


Breaker deGodot:
I've changed my avatar once. It used to be Phoenix Wright with a coffee grenade dangling from his face.

Now, as you can see, my avatar is Lilly Satou. Why? Because she's amazing, that's why!

LOL, very nice. Would you mind if I use your old PW avatar? As you can see I'm in the market for one. :)

Meh, sure. Why not?

I used to change my avatar on here a lot, but I really like my last one so I've had it for a while.

"It's all up to you".

I had my cell phone avatar for a year and a half, then I started sporadically changing them at a faster pace. First it was a manga character, then when the manga ended, it turned to Homestuck. I've had... maybe six or seven avatars in the past year or so.

I told myself I was going to change this avatar after March Madness, but I can't find many Homestuck avatars better than dead Feferi.

Not just yet, but I wouldn't say no to trading up. One of those shiny gifs would be nice...

I've only changed it twice since joining. At first it was a character from FF8 who I looked a bit like, then I changed it to a pony, now I'm sticking with this one for good!

Changed mine recently to see if anyone noticed... They didn't.

tobi the good boy:
Changed mine recently to see if anyone noticed... They didn't.

No I totally did... (who is this guy) Kidding maybe I haven't slept for like a day.

Once since I became a member here. Sticking to this one for recognition!

never changed mine, same reason as you.

Eddie the head:

tobi the good boy:
Changed mine recently to see if anyone noticed... They didn't.

No I totally did... (who is this guy) Kidding maybe I haven't slept for like a day.

DAMM I was totally convinced I was some kind of demon ninja thing always in the shadows. You can't see it but I'm totally doing "ninja hands"

I have yet to change it, so, rarely?

My avatar here hasn't been changed.

Never... I mean come on, it's goddamn Keima! Would my posts have as much impact if those smexy eyes weren't looking into your very soul? Plus it describes my primary interests (gaming and anime) with just one simple image. An anime character holding a (not!) PSP.

Unless someone can provide me with a working GIF of that dancing scene in Another. You know the one, I just can't get GIFs to work in the profile changer thingie

Let's dance!

Been stuck with this puppy since a nice lil' girl whipped it up for me. Slap Hanako or some shit in there and you basically have my major animation/writing influences wrapped up in a single picture.

Still, I appreciate the girl for makin' it for me, and I feel it deserves to be shown.

I have stuck with my original avatar.

I suppose if someone had a great picture of a tank from L4D I might switch, but that's about the only way.

uuuuuhhh, never?

Am i the only one that finds our names to be ridiculously small?

So small that you only really look at the picture to see who it is?

I have never changed it xD This is the one I picked when I made the account and it stuck.

I changed my avatar a couple of times when I first joined but I've had this one for quite some time.

I was considering changing it to something to do with Fleetwood Mac but I've grown attached to my dancing angels.

Keeping Stephen. Nobody can change it.

I don't change my avatar very often. I only change it if I find something better and I haven't seen anything better than Ritsuka.

Not once. Why would I NOT want to see Captain Hammer's smug, grinning face every time I post?

Very rarely.

I think on my fourth (Not including holiday avatars), which is pretty good for over 2 years of being here.

I've changed mine three times so far. Once it was the flag of Prussia, the the second one was a picture of just the Prussian eagle from the flag which I thought was better, and now Kira.

I wanted to change it to Kira for a while but was reluctant to for recognition purposes. But then I decided to change it as most likely no one recognises me anyway.

I'm not planning on changing mine. This is my Xbox face, which is 70% close to my Wii face, both of which are at least *somewhat* akin to my actual self. If I was extremely anal, I'd have to constantly shuffle my avatar between "stubble" and "no stubble" - but that would essentially be it.

The only thing I don't actually wear is a hat. At least, not consistently. Real Life is not Team Fortress 2, which never fails to sadden me.

must... change to... the pimp emperor.

I don't change it that often. My first avatar was Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the night my second avatar was the New York Rangers shield, my third was the Pittsburgh Penguins logo. The avatar I have at the moment (My favourite actor, Vincent D'Onofrio) I have had for just over a year now I think.

I change my avatar whenever I'm utterly sick of it, I suppose.

That happens less quickly with non-animated avatars, it must be said.

And I've liked Art Nouveau since I found out about it, essentially, so I don't think Alfons Mucha's 'Job' Cigarette advertisement (1896) is moving for a while.

I identify people by avatars, because I am lazy. I am keeping Sailor Jupiter because I love her and to help the other lazy people like me.

Never! I want people to recognize me, and if they work even slightly in the head as I do, then they only recognize the avatars.

i changed it to the picture it is currently, Except for when i pressed the red button it hasn't changed since.

must... change to... the pimp emperor.

.... That's pimp lord Macragge... god i'm a giant nerd...


must... change to... the pimp emperor.

.... That's pimp lord Macragge... god i'm a giant nerd...

Duly noted and appreciated :)

Strangely enough, the whole Bieber button fiasco last year made me realize how much of a dependency I had on people's avatars. So, hardly ever.

I did have a gif of Robotnik adjusting his glasses from the hilarious segment from the pokecapn Sonic 2k6 let's play for a while. 8min 44secs in.

That's the one I had for the longest, and the one I'll likely go back to if when I decide to rejoin pub club.

Whenever I get the prerequisite amount of PMs needed to change it.

It's a weird system, but it works. I've changed on an approximately monthly basis.

I never change my avatar (primarily because if I did I could never get it back), but I doubt anyone really recognizes my avatar when they see it.

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