Lightsabers are here!

Tadaaa! Light... sorry, "lasersabers" are real, for sale, totally legal and totally awesome :D

Apparently it's an actual laser, but there's no humming sounds and the laser is guided through some kind of tube, which doesn't disappear when the saber is deactivated. other than that it still looks pretty damn sweet.

"LaserSabers are powered by highly powerful and dangerous lasers. User and observers should wear safety goggles at all times."

I just got this mental image of all Jedi having to wear special goggles.

I can't figure out if this image is a good thing or a bad thing...

So... It's a glass tube mounted on a glorified laser light? From what I read thats what I think is. I don't think It can even do anything.

Now if Michio Kaku could build his design, that would be impressive. (Google it)


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