Fictional Psychopaths

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Patrick Buck:
Mr Wonderful from Mogworld.
Freakin'. Psycho. I really wouldn't wanna be left in a room with him...

Oh yeah him too, really fucked up and crazy. Kinda funny though.

Malkavians. They're the best.

Wow, really? Nobody has said Cletus Cassidy? Carnage gets no love.

I was going to say Carnage, although I'm not really an avid reader of the Spiderman comic book series I know of Carnage thanks to the Spiderman playstation one game. There I saw his profile, Cletus was a psycho before fusing with Carnage. Also would love to see Carnage get a live action role, a good one not like the one Venom got.

Now for my own contributions

Alucard from Hellsing.

The killer from Seven or would that fall into sociopathy?

I'm having trouble thinking of more but I do remember one.

Surprisingly, I can't think of anyone at the moment. Strange.

Anton Chigurh.

I will never look at the locks and doorknobs on doors the same way again.

Of those mentioned, I only know about Joker and Boyd Cooper (though I don't think he is particularly violent and his actions are more a factor of his schizophrenia). I've also known about Voldemort but don't know enough about his character to make a decision.

I wonder if there are protagonists from videogames would count.

HK-47 Sees all meatbags as inferor but stil useful for entertainment value.
The titular Evil Genius
Early Hitman games, Agent 47 is a cold killer that feels no remorse (I think in the later ones he has remorse).
Shank. I haven't finished the game, but it seems to be an excuse plot for maximum violence. However, he is doing everything to get back his girl.
Several Soul Caliber characters.
Many of the characters from TF2: Spy, Soldier, Scout, possibly every one of them to some extent.

On the antagonist side, GLaDOS and possibly



He is batshit insane.


I wouldn't touch him even if I had a ten foot long stick that shoots lazers out if the tip.


My favorite psychopath?

Well, since you asked so nicely...

Who are some of your favorite psychopaths in fiction? Be it in movie, game, or literature.

In case you were wondering, I am doing a research paper on the subject and am looking for examples. The more recognizable and popular the better, so feel free to say things that have already been said. The ones that I have so far are as follows:

Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs, etc)
Sylar (Heroes)
The Master (Doctor Who)
Voldemort (Harry Potter)
The Joker (Batman)
Dexter Morgan (Dexter)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)

So tell me... who are some of your favorites?

Capcha: goody two shoes. Uhm... not quite what I was looking for...

EDIT: I thought I would add that I AM considering sociopaths in the same group as well, though I know there are a few differences between them.

Jack Dante from "Death Machine". Brad Dourif is fucking awesome in this:

Alex from "A Clockwork Orange," Anton Chigurh from "No Country for Old Men," and Mr. Blue from "Reservoir Dogs" would be the massively famous ones that could be used, particularly Alex because the entire movie is about that sort of thing. I think this would be easier if you gave us the essential scope of the paper. Is it about how prevalent they are? How they are portrayed? How it has evolved? Either way, you have a lot of modern ones, I would look for older ones.

Marquis St. Evremonde from "A Tale of Two Cities" is one that would be close, except he may be a giant asshole, more so than a psychopath.

Certainly Caligula and Nero could possibly be considered candidates, although they existed, there are plenty of portrayals of them in film and text.

This may also help:

Tamaki from deadman wonderland. that show is fucked. would anyone else think of voldemort as a psychopath?

oh, calypso from twisted metal!

ITT: No one has a fucking clue what a psychopath is, and people think a sociopath is something different, and then people disagree with me before checking any sources.

'Sociopath' is a colloquial term and its division from 'Psychopath' has never been decided, as the distinction is made, mostly, by the inferences people draw from comparing 'socio' to 'psycho'. 'Psychopath' is the word used in Psychology, and 'Sociopathy' has no actual definition. Likewise, there are many variants of Psychopathy; some of which include what we commonly think of as Sociopathy.

Also, I wanted to add Don Draper, but he does cry in a few scenes, so I'll go with Reaver from the Fable series.

It got to be the Joker for me. At the end of the day all he want is to make the Batman laugh and he is like a brickwall.

My favorite fictional psychopath is John "Dread" Wulgaru from the Otherland book series. He ends up through his scheming and killing taking down the big bad (becoming the new big bad of the books in the process) and had mild technomancy. He (along with the original big bad Felix Jongleur) were what made this book series so intriguing and a delight to read and re-read.

For me it would have to be Dexter Morgan, the TV shows adaptation of him though. From about the 3rd book in the series the books Dexter was far too confused with himself and sullen to Rita and far too soft.

Another couple are Jim Keats from the finial series of Ashes to Ashes, and Tony Soprano at a push.

Khanht Cope:
Also, there are numerous pathological mental states that fall outside of sociopathy and psychopathy that allow inclusion of a whole lot of interesting fictional characters such as what's-her-name from Fatal Attraction.

And psychopaths who don't necessarily kill people but just don't have regard for them like Cosmo Kramer; one of my favorite psychopaths.

But in the spirit of the thing I would have to say Patrick Bateman and Dexter Morgan.

Hyde, from Jekyll. "Trust me, i'm a lunatic."

Alex "The Large" DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange (might technically count as a sociopath tho, but oh well).

Rorscach (vigilante psychopath, as defined by Alan Moore in an interview)

Peter Riviera from Neuromancer. He's into doing Speedballs (heroin+cocaine), gets a sexual thrill from betraying people, is a good looking suave motherfucker, and can generate holgrams/hallucinations of whatever he wants (i.e. giant floating sperm in someone's drink, boils and pustules on a guy's face, an eldritch abomination for distracting cops, scorpion injecting into his vein instead of his other arm with a syringe, children with knives for teeth eating a dead body, etc.)

Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men.

Probably have to say Johnny C. He so crazeh.

Who are some of your favorite psychopaths in fiction? Be it in movie, game, or literature.

Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

I hate dexter, the guy is a blatant ripe off of Serial Killer X. Coincidentally, SKX is my favorite one. Talk about little fish getting eaten by the bigger fish, this guy doesn't go after innocent defenseless people, he goes after other serial killers. The guy is seriously bad news.

However there is a second guy I heard about.... Johan Liebert.

Hyde, from Jekyll. "Trust me, i'm a lunatic."

Holy crap, how could I forget about him? Gah, I've got to use that one. Thank you.

Helmholtz Watson:
Talk about little fish getting eaten by the bigger fish, this guy doesn't go after innocent defenseless people, he goes after other serial killers. The guy is seriously bad news.

Isn't that, to an extent, what Dexter is doing as well?

Would Light Yagami count? I've always seen him as a sort of Patrick Bateman (American Psycho is my fav movie) like character, only feeling disgust, but being completely self minded, but it might be more of a god complex than psychopathy.

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