If you could go back and tell your teenage self one piece of advice...

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This is exactly what I would tell my 9th grade self....

"You, that beautiful girl you just fell head over heels in love with? Let it go. She isn't worth it, if you go to ask her out she will go on to ruin your teenage life."

Don't buy the box set of gundam seed dynasty , it sucked.

don't call your sister a whore as a joke, she didn't take it as a joke and is still a bitch about it.

1. Freshmen year of college, there will be a question about pajamas, DO NOT SUGGEST FERRET PAJAMAS. I repeat, do not mention the ferret in the conversation, that day is already going to be unpleasant enough already.

2. Start saving quarters for laundry now, having to go on a quarter quest at 2:30 am sucks, the dryer takes more than 60 minutes, and the washer takes more than 45, you need to manage laundry time wisely.

3. Hug your brothers more. Spend as much time as possible with them, talk to them, realize how incredible they are, tell them that. I'll thank you. It's not going to change things, but it's important. This is the most important thing you can do.

4. You have synesthesia, go look it up, it's why 4 is blue and time has texture.

5. Start dating your notes, you'll be happy when it's finals time. And make a note when you're too tired to understand what's going on, it will explain the... things you write.

6. January 2012: BUY BURN CREAM. I will be so fucking grateful. Also more gauze.

Smack that girl and never let her walk all over you. Stand-up for yourself and be yourself. Trust me, make sure that from the start of 4th year that you study your ass off. You intellegent but one lazy bitch. And believe me it's alot easier then than later.
Don't go out on hallow'een to that stupid disco, it's not worth it. Ad you will regret going for years.
Don't go out with the other guy, your not interested in him, you just think you are. And no it doesn't help you get over the first guy. You end up making some of the worst dumb decisions of your life and you break up a few years later still not over the first guy. Biggest piece of advise. when the first guy asks you to hang out again (because you never fall out) do. Just hang out be friends and don't over think anything. Everything works out.

And finally, this is the most important, DON'T send that message, I know how angry and confused you are, but it becomes the single most biggest regret of your life. Instead, walk straight across the road and hug your dad (yes your dad you meet him in a few years). No matter what happens after that moment, at least you won't have the regret of sending a stupid message in the heat of the moment and anger.

Oh and whatever you do, don't decide to drink your own body weight in jager and beer. Its not worth it and you wont recover for quite a few days. Plus you will end up hating the sit of alcohol.

Everyone else is wrong and stupid, they don't understand and they don't try to, it's easy to make it through just by understanding the basic logic.

Hope that confuses you lot.

I don't think I've really changed enough to give my teenage self sound advice.

Don't worry so much, life turned out just fine.

Product Placement:

NO, you cannot bring an almanac or something BTTF style or tell them to invest in something.

Who needs an almanac?

If they had an almanac, they would never lose a sports bet again because they would always know the winner.

I couldn't find it in great quality but this:

Not that it would have worked though.

Come out to your parents NOW! They WILL accept you, and love you the same. Stop hiding behind that male bullshit, and be the person you KNOW you're meant to be.

1.Ask her out....the worst thing she will say is no
2.Do your god damn homework, i have to pay alot of money to upgrade

No matter what everyone else tells you, your passion for videogames is absolutely beautiful. Don't let them put you down. Your parents wouldn't complain if you spent 6 hours a day writing, reading books, studying or exercising. Why aren't they cheering you on? Because they're prejudiced, nothing more.

Don't get your hopes up about a political party or candidate. They'll let you down, like they always do.

I know you're afraid of metal music right now because of the people bullying you having Metallica and Napalm Death t-shirts, but you really should listen to some, it's really fantastic.

Don't be ashamed of liking The Powerpuff Girls. A few years from now, you'll be liking a show about ponies with millions of other adult guys. Gender stereotypes SUCK.

Most people respect the guys who pick on you. You're afraid of them. That doesn't mean people need to fear you in order to respect you. Smile and be yourself. Way less tiring and way more satisfying.

Yeah, that girl is very, very pretty, but stalking is creepy. Stop it. She's not worth it anyway.

Don't go to college just because your parents tell you to. If you go, try going to something you like. How about game design? :-)


Yeah, that was more than one piece of advice. Heck, if I could contact my teenage self, I would probably write a 3-page letter.

You are not crazy. Just afraid. Brush your fucking teeth and remember to shower.

To my 11-12 year old self:

You know that girl? Well, you're gonna fall in love with her in a few years, so don't be a dick.

You know those friends you've been ignoring...those are your REAL friends, you should listen to them, they have your back! This other crowd can and will throw anytone under the bus on a whim and by the time you realize it your real friends will have moved on thinking you're a jackass like these bozos and being around them because of your girlfriend is one of the worst mistakes you will ever make on every level. It will take many years to patch up the friendships that would have been solid all along.

By the way, play the lottery...use these numbers.

"Stop convincing yourself you're asexual, you thick-skulled retard."


Product Placement:

NO, you cannot bring an almanac or something BTTF style or tell them to invest in something.

Who needs an almanac?

If they had an almanac, they would never lose a sports bet again because they would always know the winner.


Thank you for that news bit. I, like everyone else on the planet, saw the movie.

My point was that I could easily bypass the "Can't give my past self wast details about stock changes or some other stuff to get rich on (like the almanac)" rule by simply dropping a name of a single company that would make it big. Hell, had I been old enough, I could have simply told him to invest in "some kind of fruit company".

Why hello there, me from Yesterday, how are you?

I would promptly slap myself in the face and tell me to stop being such a spineless prick. Then I would tell me to treat my friends nicer and grow a backbone for heaven's sakes.

Don't be so fucking meek and shy, turns out yes it does hurt when you punch someone now get over there and pummel the guy giving you all this shit, while we're at it stop giving a shit what everyone thinks, give the emo girl that's been eyeing you up a chance, especially considering how she turns out, yowza! And for the love of all things holy get some more friends!

Well first off a list of games not to buy.
A list of people to avoid.
Choosing the other vehicle.

And most importantly ...



Quit band. Your friends will get over it and you'll be much happier. Join theater and the school newspaper.

I'm not sure going back to age 15 would be enough. I think I'd need to find myself age 10-12.

If I had to boil it down to one sentence, it would be Do absolutely everything the opposite of the way you want to do it.

Keep on truckin you crazy albino.

"It's not gastric, it's appendicitis. don't wait 2 weeks before going to the hospital iif you want to avoid the mental trauma."

Don't go to college. Find another way.

I would tell myself not to have sex with my girlfriend until we got married. It just creates a myriad of problems that were/are rather difficult to deal with.

She likes you, and if you don't do something about it now she's going to go out with someone else and you'll spend the rest of your days kicking yourself over it.

Don't be so damn awkward! Don't be afraid to talk to people, but when you do talk to people, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO SAY FIRST!

The first thing they learn about you shouldn't be what kind of porn you look at. (For the love of god, don't ask...)

Also the way you dress and style your hair is stupid. Change it. Change it ALL!

Do more drugs, drink more and fuck around with girls more often. You'll regret having been so stuck up in Highschool. AND BE HONEST ABOUT WHAT KINDA MUSIC YOU LISTEN TO!

You're not a piece of shit, and anyone who tells you that you are is not your friend.

Mess up my clothes and make my self really dirty. Then come back screaming "YOU'VE GOT TO FUCKING STOP THEM THEY KILL EVERYONE" Then return. Wonder how much that would fuck me up.

It's okay, you'll be fine.

That's it.

I'd tell him to take that acceptance letter from Yale and run with it. There's plenty financial aid to be had and worse things can happen to you than a little culture shock and a good bit of distance from home. Also, keep your back straight when dead lifting and/or drive blocking(the two ways I broke my back)

all i can think of is don't worry so much

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