Hello, Welcome to Subway. Can I take your order?

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I've reached the point where I can now walk in and the people there can prepare my sandwich without me having to say a single word. It's probably not a good thing, but I'm just addicted to Subway. And if you don't like them, no offence, but you're a horrible person and nobody will ever love you. Anyway:

-Turkey and ham
-Wholewheat bread
-Green peppers
-Motherfucking double chocolate chip cookies on the side.

On occasion, I'll have a toasted chicken teriyaki with all the same stuff instead.

I don't eat fast food often. On the off chance I do go to Subway, I tend to get something I haven't tried before.

Lessee... I think the last time I ate there was an Express inside a gas station market, and I had some sort of jalapeno melt special thingy (with extra jalapenos) that was going on at the time. That was years ago when I was still in the army. I ate there because I was on a bus ride to an airport with a shitload of other soldiers... and I chose that sandwich because the group consensus was that someone had to (and I lost a game of rock paper scissors).
Wasn't as hot as I thought it would be. Completely tolerable.



I loathe Subway. Their sandwiches are overpriced and have insufficient amounts of meat.

I'd rather just get a sandwich from a WaWa.
1" long, Roast Beast, Provolone cheese, Mayo, Horse radish, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Hot peppers

Go to the ones in truck stops, they aren't stingy with the fillings there, at least they used to not be (it's been some time)

Let's see..
Steak and pepperjack cheese on random bread
all of the peppers
chipotle sauce

Yeah, I think that's about it, and make sure they add enough banana peppers and jalapenos.

That's completely true, as it so happens, and they give enormous amounts of food. It
Funny you mention truck stops. My dad just told me that wherever the truckers are stopping to eat is where the best food is. So if your looking for good take away keep an eye out for lots of trucks.

Eyup, I can second your dad's opinion. Big proportions and good food can be found at the diners Truckers usually frequent. Most of the time they're right beside the truck stops themselves.

A love their foot long spicy Italian on Italian herb and cheese bread, toasted. I get that with...
monterey cheddar cheese
light lettuce
light onion
honey mustard
chipotle southwest sauce (sometimes. No honey mustard if I go with chipotle)

Wheat bread
Chicken Teryaki
Bathed in BBQ sauce.

And a rainbow cookie. Not on the sarnie of course.

I'm lucky in that the Subway near me seems to be of very high quality compared to other Subways and other fast-food places, so I try to go there often. I usually go for the Sub of The Day, but when it's something particularly unimpressive (something boring like standard chicken or tuna) I go with spicy Italian meats.

So my order would be:

Hearty Italian bread
Spicy Italian meats
Everything that can go on it
Yes, even the ones on the left (I'm always asked if I'm sure about those for some reason)
Sweet onion sauce

The quality of a sandwich is always proportional to the amount of fillings it has (this has been proven by science!), so all you suckers who don't ask for everything are really missing out.

Chicken breast
Pepper jack
Pickles (not so much lately because they seem to provoke an allergic reaction)
Peperocinis (also apparently allergens)
Salt and Pepper
Sweet Onion
Oil and Vinegar

When I feel I can take the calories, I get more or less the same thing, but the meat is buffalo chicken and the sweet onion is swapped out for ranch and extra buffalo sauce.

And now you've gone and made me want one.

Meatball Marinara with Provolone Cheese, the bread varies.

Sweet and simple.

Sub: Spicy Italian
Size: Large
Bread: Italian Herbs and Cheese
Toasted: Hell yes
Toppings: Lettuce, tomato, red onion, extra black olives, green pepper, and jalapenos
Sauces: Sub sauce and mayo
Salt and Pepper: Both

This is a pretty delicious sub. Other times I'll get steak and cheese and then get rid of the tomatoes but everything else stays the same.

Also, on a somewhat related note, Community did an episode recently involving Subway and it was pretty hilarious.
They cut part of the scene out but it's still pretty great.

Interesting, what would you assume my personality is by

Both on Italian Herbs And Cheese bread.

Black Olives


Black Olives

black forrest ham
wheat bread
pepperjack cheese
every topping except onions
greatest sammich ever

- Oregano Bread (Or Italian)
- Depending on my Mood: Chicken Teriyaki, Tuna or "Sub of the day"
- Cheddar cheese (Since they don't carry feta anymore - GRAH)
- "Everything which needs to be on it... with extra olives"
- Salt and pepper, Chipotle Southwest Sauce.

Don't know if they carry the same stuff in america + whereever. I am buying in germany.

-Cold Cut Combo
-White Bread

-Sub Sauce

Yes 3 toppings, 3 sauces :) need like 40 napkins, but it's so good :P

Best sandwich:

White bread
mozzarekka cheese
ranch dressing

And the thread was over, for nothing can withstand such levels of tastiness.

I don't eat subway. Here in Dekalb, IL we have a far superior restaurant. It is called Pita Petes. You get a wider variety of ingredients, the meat and veggies are fresh and cooked on a grill, you get more food in your meal, and it all goes into a tightly wrapped pocket of pita bread. All for $2 more than subway charges. I literally have driven the hour to dekalb from my house over the summer just to take my friend there. They said it was totally worth it and I agree.

EDIT: Forgot to post my favorite combo.

Chicken and white onions on the grill
American Cheese
BBQ sauce


Gyro meat (Lamb) on the grill
White onions on the grill
American Cheese
Sour Cream

The later is my absolute favorite but the former is what first got me hooked on this place.

Honey Oat Bread
Provolone Cheese
Sweet Onion sauce

Only the good shit, brah.

I eat there more often than I can really afford.

My fav is:
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Italian Herbs and Cheese Bread
Microwaved, not toasted
Light on the lettuce
Heavy on the black olives
Ranch dressing
Salt and pepper

My mouth is watering just thinking about it...

Not a Subway fan at all, but the couple of times I have eaten there I have always just ordered:

-wheat bread
-black olives
-avocado (not guacamole.)
-Mustard (maybe)
No oils or mayonnaise.

The most 'fast-food' I ever actually eat, is Chipotle. Wheat tortilla, brown rice, black beans, romaine lettuce, hottest red sauce if I want to indulge, or turn that all into a salad with romaine lettuce for something lighter and if you are watching your carbohydrates for whatever reason.

I try to keep things as healthy as I possibly can. I've even packed my own food when going on trips with certain people, because I know they like to stop at McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Burger King etc., for very nearly every meal until we hit our destination and really, that's all garbage and makes my body just feel,... gross.

Rambling over.

'Been a while since last, but I usually take a Spicy Italian, no tomatoes, light bread and hot sauce.

Heh, I've got a lot of favorites. I've worked there for 9 years now, so you need to change it up or you go crazy eating the same thing day after day.

But my original favorite, and the one I keep coming back to, is this:

Subway Melt
Italian Bread (or Asiago Cheese or Monterey Chedder if they're available in your area, they aren't here anymore)
American Cheese
Black Olives
Light Creamy Italian (which is only available in our market area as far as I know, you can use Sub Sauce instead)

Steak & Cheese, with sesame bread and honey mustard sauce.
Shit is awesome.

Bread tastes like paper though.

A lot of cheese on everything, and honey-mustard. Did I mention the cheese?

My favorites are:
Origan and parmesan bread
Not toasted, but with the bacon cooked.
Lettuce and cucumber
Salt and pepper.

Chicken + Bacon ranch
Wrap or Origan and Parmesan bread.
Not toasted.
Lettuce and cucumber
Ranch sauce
Salt and pepper.

On another point, I really miss when subway had the Ciabatta bread. That shit was my favorite.

Either chicken and bacon with BBQS or just a plain melt. or sometimes I just have plain chicken with cheese. Never have any salad.
Always hearty Italian.

My favorite is a twelve inch white, chicken bacon sub. Toasted with monteray, cheddar shredded cheese, light lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing. Sometimes I add avocado, but not always.

Footlong Flatbread
American Cheese
3x Oregano (as much as can be possibly added before the manager puts a stop to it)
Light Mayo

I loathe Subway. Their sandwiches are overpriced and have insufficient amounts of meat.

I'd rather just get a sandwich from a WaWa.
1" long, Roast Beast, Provolone cheese, Mayo, Horse radish, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Hot peppers

You get props for mentioning WaWa and not calling a sub a "hoagie".

I generally like a nice Italian sub.

Extra Vinegar

Footlong Italian Herbs and Cheese bread
Meatballs(+ bacon)
Swiss and Cheddar cheese
with Lettuce.

I don't eat at subway. I much prefer my local sub shop.

Corned beef on wheat, heated, no cheese. Chopped lettuce, vinegar, oil, and pepper. Delicious.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their favourite sandwich. Whether it be the brash, blunt, beef bravados; the short tempered jalapeņo jesters or the meatball maestros.

So, what is your favourite Subway sandwich?

Personally its:
Hearty italian bread
Chicken teriyaki
Green peppers
Red onions (+ extra onions)

Italian Herbs and Cheese Bread
Chicken Teriyaki
Pepper Jack Cheese
Lettuce and a ton of Vinegar

Best sandwich in the world

Why the hell am I in a Subway?

Screw this, I'm going to Ihop and gorge myself on chocolate-chip pancakes. Or Denny's, if I'm not near an Ihop.

I rarely eat there, it's been so long I can't even remember what I got last time. Something with meatballs and white cheddar cheese.

I hope you feel enlightened as to who I am.

BMT on herbs and cheese bread
add red onions

South west sauce.

Thank me later.

Tuna. Always, always tuna. It's delicious. I used to order Subway sandwiches that were just tuna and bread...seriously.

Except 1% of the time, when I get meatball marinara, or something. Anyway...

Italian bread (or flatbread, if I'm in a devil-may-care mood), toasted
Provolone cheese

I'm pretty easy to please.

I rarely eat there, it's been so long I can't even remember what I got last time. Something with meatballs and white cheddar cheese.

I hope you feel enlightened as to who I am.

Meatball marinara? Judging from the responses thus far, it seems like the "safe" option.

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