Your Avatar?

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A Dapper ODST. Because I think it's cool to drop through the atmosphere wearing a top hat. Plus, I imagine him wearing a monocle and wielding a cane as a melee weapon. DAPPER FINERY INDEED!!!

I found it while looking at funny gifs and I thought it was funny and matched my rainbow badge very well so I made it an avatar myself.

Well, I was trying to find a cool avatar when suddenly thought myself, "You know what would make an awesome avatar? Richard Motherfuckin' Nixon, doing the whole "peace signs" thing." Then I found an image of him making a "Fuck yeah" looking-gesture, which is obviously much more awesome. Then someone made me a March Madness version.

The rest is history.


my avatar is the generic white male standard avatar of the escapist. in a suit.
why? because a suit is awesome.


edit: another true story? this thread is now suited for truth.

Ghosts are badass. Especially when combined with nukes.

The logo of Civil Protection, a machinima series by Ross Scott. Because... my tag has Combine in it? And the logo has a smiley next to your avarage CP mook? I guess. I'll never know for sure.
And the name comes from GTA San Andreas. Some random farmer calls you a "combine rustler" upon stealing the combine harvester in one mission.
I feel original.


Oh, he's just a friend.

My avatar is something random from a Mr. Weebl video on Youtube. I like it although I will probably get back to a cow avatar at some point...


A thoughtful dugong. I like to think he's contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

Kalas, the main character of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Despite having some of the most abysmally bad voice acting and recording of the past decade, I still count it and its prequel as among my favorite GameCube games. They seem fairly obscure, which is one of the reasons I keep using this image - not too much chance of overlap.

Kalas as a character is sort of a massive jerk, but I really dig the way he looks. His mismatched wings are a big part of that, of course. In the game's setting, nearly everyone has "Wings of the Heart" which they can freely manifest or dismiss. Kalas is unusual in that he only has one wing, so his grandfather created an artificial "winglet" for him. Sadly, he doesn't actually fly around much in the game, but he still looks great.

mine's a dog. because i like dogs.

Travis Touchdown From No More Heroes because... well, it's a good game, isn't it?

Captcha: in stitches. Yeah, it was also really funny.

The introduction of the new Gundam (Banshee) in the upcoming Gundam Unicorn episode. I'm really enjoying the series and happy that they're probably going to make it seven episodes instead of the expected six.

I like the Offspring.. and ghosts. And white fire seems is awesome too.

A friend of mine owl-ed me, and I kept the owl. Became the owl. And now I get to say "HOOT HOOT Bitches!" whenever I want. That is basically my reasoning.

It is just what i tend to use, however for some reason it is not animating. It always has and does in other places... just not here.

But yeah it is supposed to be all tripy and cycle through colors, I remember put the same effect on people's avatars on another site and people asked me to add this absurdly simple effect and even offered me money to do it.

It's Feferi from Homestuck. It's a redrawing I found on the interwebz of her doing the 'Because, stupid, I'm dead!' panel.

I'm looking for a new avatar, I wanted to find a new one after March Mayhem ended.

It's Mudkip with a shoop face on it. Shoopkip. It's a blending of two iconic internet memes which I find amusing. I use it just about everywhere.

Because I need to go back to spy school.

Lightning Feron from Final Fantasy XIII-2. One shes my favorite female character of all time and two shes extremely badass while looking beautiful at the same time.

Also *raises flame shield* I love Final Fantasy XIII-2

EDIT; Well, now it's Hawkeye (if it's updated yet) because Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger C:

Well since my username is what it is, i thought i should pick something that vaguely resembles it with something originality on it.

Enter X-mas hat mode.

My Avatar is Princess Meimorai Cadenza.
Because she was a great villain in Cadence form
Chrysalises that is

doggy go 7:
mine's a dog. because i like dogs.

That is one fine ass looking dog you got there

Mine is a picture of Cole Macgrath from inFAMOUS 2. No story behind it, I just like the game.

Mine just started as a random tetris/badge joke (I try to personalize my avatars to the theme of the site) and kinda grew from there.

Mine is Gummy from Friendship is Magic bouncing around on a balloon. Because Gummy is awesome, and that was one of his better moments. The avatar was a random gift, as my old one was a still image of Gummy in a tuxedo and top hat. Have I mentioned that I like Gummy?

Because I'm a huge DBZ fan and Vegeta is my favourite character.

It's Big Boss, from an upcoming Metal Gear Solid game.

I've got The Hives logo. Because they're like, my favourite band.

I have no idea why I picked this avatar...

you cant see it very well but its the meme with a dog on a computer with the caption "I have no Idea what Im doing"

When this one has run it's course, I want one from DBZ

Formica Archonis:
Mine just started as a random tetris/badge joke (I try to personalize my avatars to the theme of the site) and kinda grew from there.

It has to be said, that's a really reall cool avatar.

I got Dr. Stein from Soul Eater...

... To be honest, I got the picture as my avatar before I knew what Soul Eater was! I only recently started watching but I've had the avatar since I joined Escapist... I just saw I and loved it...

Amaterasu Okami

Origin of all that is good and mother to us all.

Because I'm awesome, that's why.

Mine are 2 characters from the older anime/manga series Kimagure orange road. It is Hikaru Hiyama hugging Kyōsuke Kasuga. I always liked those two together.

Though they more and more start to represent both sides of my character(the boy and the girl side).

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