Your Avatar?

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Man has been blessed to receive the touch of the Taco God, which is what this painting depicts

It was so beautiful, it turned people blind from its magnificence.

I hired an artist who wasn't there to paint it. I kid you not

I dunno, I just found this image and thought it looked cool...

It's a picture of Jonathan Ariga, Jonny, from the game Catherine. I just liked his character in the game and it made it all the more wonderful that he was voiced by Travis Willingham whose voice I recognized from Full Metal Alchemist. He voiced Roy Mustang in that one. :D

Because my avatar is totally Outrageous!

Mine is of Akiha Tohno and she is a wonderful character

I like dragonball, that's all there is to it

Mine is of Beefcake the Mighty from GWAR.

My Xbox 360 gamer picture. Because I have a need to be unique.

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