Your Avatar?

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Well, I think mine is more than self explanatory. I think Snake is the most awesome thing since humans discovered what the bits between their legs are for.

Mine's an animated vector from the Scott Pilgrim game on XBL. I also have a Ramona one I could drop off, but imgur is being an asshole right now.


Because he is the greatest general of all time, bar none, and he would have made an excellent president, weather that be The South or the Nation as a whole (preferablly whole though).

Man has been blessed to receive the touch of the Taco God, which is what this painting depicts

It was so beautiful, it turned people blind from its magnificence.

I hired an artist who wasn't there to paint it. I kid you not

I dunno, I just found this image and thought it looked cool...

It's a picture of Jonathan Ariga, Jonny, from the game Catherine. I just liked his character in the game and it made it all the more wonderful that he was voiced by Travis Willingham whose voice I recognized from Full Metal Alchemist. He voiced Roy Mustang in that one. :D

Because my avatar is totally Outrageous!

Mine is of Akiha Tohno and she is a wonderful character

I like dragonball, that's all there is to it

Mine is of Beefcake the Mighty from GWAR.

My Xbox 360 gamer picture. Because I have a need to be unique.

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