What was your highschool "Role"?

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I'd say I had a bit of everything. I was the smart one, but also the funny one. Yet at the same time I was insane to a few. Every so often I would initiate a "Hulk" mode where my rage would become that of which is not easy to match. This was caused by rude classmates and idiots (As in the idiots for the sake of it). I was also weird or crazy to my friends and even to people I hardly knew. Although, most of all I was the small one

The quiet smart kid who liked to help whenever I could. I was usually just the observer in conversations, only occasionally saying something if there was an opening. I was also fairly well known among the theater kids.

The spymaster, as one of my friends jokingly called me. I knew what is, was, or will be happening in our school, when are the exams, if a teacher will be missing, what happened where. So most people came to me for information about what's going on, while I was content with it.
Count to it that I was pretty uninteresting guy and mostly invisible in high school, so I would sometimes spy on other people, when they thought no one's listening.
Fun times.

Nerd/Jock, I spent every free moment during school in the computer lab and was the only guy in AP Calculus and CP on the varsity baseball and football teams. Top ten in hits and doubles in the state my junior year, then all the jackass seniors throwing 90mph graduated and were replaced by sophomores throwing 65mph and I led the state in walks and hit by pitches (only a slight exaggeration). I got hit three times in one at bat and got a walk out of it, the ump refused to give me first until I earned it because the kid threw that softly*.

* In fairness I also hit a ground rule double into the woods there because they didn't have a fence, I ran from home to home to second before they got the ball back in. What a ghetto school that was.

secondary school years 9-11 (14-16 Years old) I became the the more quiet go to guy for all subjects on how to do things academic since I knew the majority of things and grasped onto them quickly (Apart from algebra bloody hated that subject).

sixth form 1st year. This persisted but less so a bit.
Sixth form 2nd year. Became incredibly social within the space of a month because I found a group of friends who I felt like I could actually level with for the first time in 4-5 years. By normal standards was nerdy and politically active but by their standards I was pretty average.

I was the one nobody fucked with.

... No seriously, I managed to avoid any subsequent fights in secondary school after the first year when I threw someone down the 'groz pit' as it was called. Because they'd punched me in the back of the head. I was also the second prop forward on the rugby team and infamously took a field hockey stick to the jaw.

The guy had done it by accident and damn near bricked himself when I was stood on the field just looking at him in bemusement. To me it was bemusement, I just hadn't processed what'd happened. My mates said it looked like I was about to snap the guy though. So that kinda cemented a bit of a reputation.

Other than that, I had an awesome group of very diverse friends. Pretty much every clique intermingled in our school so there wasn't any ostracising.

I'm not gonna lie, me and select few others had a bit of a reputation for doing stupid things like climbing over the roofs for dares, making our own religion up to get out of going to mass and (my personal favourite) sander-disk-death-frisbee.

But we all managed to stay in the top sets for classes and as I said, we stayed out of fights. So the teachers kinda let some of our retarded antics fly..... Not sander-disk-death-frisbee though.

We got into a lot of trouble for that one....... good times.

Loner Weirdo type, kinda a cross between Ally Sheedy and a less-cool Judd Nelson from Breakfast club.


Woah, just deleted a 3 paragraph rant about the trials and tribulations of Young Stu35 in High School. How embarrassing that would have been.

The quiet smart kid who liked to help whenever I could. I was usually just the observer in conversations, only occasionally saying something if there was an opening.

This, as well as the loner, the geek who almost no one really 'gets', shy as all fuck, non-athletic.
While I do have friends, I'm usually in the background during conversations, and rarely participate. I never go out with friends.
Basically, I'm the shadow of the groups I hang around.
The thing is, for the most part, I don't mind.
I DO wish I could build up enough courage/confidence/speechcraft/arcane wisdom to ask someone out, but I know my limits so it won't be happening any time soon.

Had a few roles

Class Clown: Don't connect really with any peers, so make them laugh to like me.

Punching Bag: Don't connect with any of my peers and they beat me up for it.

Pipe Bomber: Don't connect with any of my peers and I lash out when they bully me.

fun times...

King of Asgaard:

The quiet smart kid who liked to help whenever I could. I was usually just the observer in conversations, only occasionally saying something if there was an opening.

This, as well as the loner, the geek who almost no one really 'gets', shy as all fuck, non-athletic.
While I do have friends, I'm usually in the background during conversations, and rarely participate. I never go out with friends.
Basically, I'm the shadow of the groups I hang around.
The thing is, for the most part, I don't mind.
I DO wish I could build up enough courage/confidence/speechcraft/arcane wisdom to ask someone out, but I know my limits so it won't be happening any time soon.

I could have said those things as well(except for the asking someone out part), But I felt that they were fairly self-evident.

I had only one friend, and was really shy after years of getting picked on. I assumed that everyone hated me, even strangers, and that didn't really help. I was known for drawing a lot and heard I was voted "most artistic" in the senior yearbook, so whatevs.

I was very much the opposite of who I am now, as I'm much more outgoing once I was away from those same people all the time. People who know me now find it hard to believe when I tell them about how high school went for me. If I had to go back in time I would relive those years very differently. :C

If memory serves me correctly, I was sort of a High School Everyman way back then.

I hung out with whomever I wanted whenever I preferred and I was interested in most of the school groups (except the sports teams but they kept to themselves anyways). If you wanted to find me back then I could be hanging out with the school nerds who stay on the straight and narrow and fantasize about life will be like once they were in college.
On the other hand, I could be hanging out with the resident school drug dealer and all of his gamer friends. They were a little abrasive but, once they got used to you, they were a lot of fun to talk with.
On the other other hand, I could be hanging out with the Japanese club girls. They liked me well enough because I was always interested in whatever subbed Anime they happened to be watching and they liked trying to convince me that subs were better than dubs. Quite the odd bunch, they were, but one of them paid for my Otacon ticket so I have no complaints.
Finally, if all else failed you would find me with my fellow Marching Band or chatting up the drama class girls.

I never really go picked on (our Marching band was trained like a small musical military so we all ended up pretty tough) and there was only one person in school who hated my guts but he was a racist with severe halitosis so it was no big deal to me; he probably hated everybody.

If I have one regret it's that I never quite understood girls until I got into college. Still, this does not mean that High School was awesome. In comparison to the rest of my life, high school was a boring, stressful prison.

Angsty jock? Closet nerd? Intellectual hidden deep within the looming bulk of a defensive tackle?

I was the same as everyone else. An alcoholic.

Hmm... does it include 6th form now?

In secondary school I was more quiet and shy and generally still nerdy as I am now, I got picked on sometimes but not much really. I was still kinda weird, however now that I am in 6th form I have been way more open and social and have released my weird, crazy inner self. I'm generally now considered the crazy, weird, nerdy guy who can actually be funny sometimes.

The invisible kid that hung out with the emo-crowd, AND the happy guy that was depressed.

Strangely enough, I could hang out with all other "Roles" or "Groups" All from the nerdy too the sports-freaks. I find this weird, since I wasn't THAT loveable o.O

That daydreaming lunatic who spoke little and NEVER handed in his homework. All I did in class most of the time was sit drawing in my book or gazing out of the window dreaming I was somewhere else. I had a few "friends" but they didn't really choose to be with me, I stalked them and they got used to it. Bullies had quite a hard time figuring me out.

I had to roles; The creepy kid and the douche bag... When I wasn't hallucinating griffins I was being extremely mean and making very inappropriate insults... Not much has changed since then only now my comments get me maced instead of head butted...

I was the deer in the headlights.

The entertainment
The witless idiot (in how I act)
The exceptionally smart guy who consistently kicks everyone's ass in tests
The beta
The perpetual virgin nerd
The cynic
The shut-in
The overtly nice guy who tries to befriend everyone
The little guy (I was a year younger than the rest of my grade and was a late bloomer so even when I got taller than everyone and my voice got super deep and manly in the last year the stigma stuck)

It was a small high school, I was filling a lot of the stereotypical roles.

I also want to acknowledge that I got the most uptight teachers in the school to loosen up because I'm just that great of a guy. They hated me for the duration of year 11 and they weren't subtle about it because they knew I could take it but dammit, I broke them in year 12.

Hmmm, I went to Thurston a 5A school, big class.

I lettered in Track, took the weights classes, and was 6'3" 185 so Jock,
Involved in theater and took the acting classes so Thespian,
AP science and chemisty, college writing, computer programing, and Calculus so Nerd,
I slept in class so Slacker,
Wore a black leather trench coat and spoke German... yeah yeah I look like Neo (Fuck Off)
Had a GF all through HS and had sex all the time so One Lucky SOB.

I was simultaneously acknowledged and ignored by my entire class, few really knew me, no one particularly liked me, but no one hated me. I probably alienated myself more than anything, my GF went to our rival school and I hung out with her and her friends outside of school so I made no effort to get to really know my peers, but I was always friendly when confronted by them for whatever reason.

I'd want to do thing differently if I had to do it again but I'd probably just sleep in class more and get my GF on birth control sooner (sex is so much better bareback)...

Well, back before I went on to do my A-Levels, I was the badass of the top-end Maths class. Late to lesson, no homework, I was one tough piece of shit.

Other than that, I didn't really appear on the radar a whole lot. I played in a band at our school year's leaver's day, but that was about it.

Now I'm in Sixth Form, I appear on the radar even less. All my outgoing friends go out every day and smoke weed or just hang around with the wrong type of people, and since I don't really like either of those activities (nothing wrong with smoking weed in my eyes, it just seems to be a common trend that does who do smoke regularly, do worse in school), I stay inside more.

In highschool? I was That Guy. Yes, you know the guy. That Guy. That was me for the entirety of highschool. It was great.

I was the ghost of my school.

If I wanted people to know I was there, then I would make sure that they knew I was there. If I didn't want to be there, I would pretty much fade into the crowd. It was because of this standing in the so-called hierarchy that I was able to listen in on pretty much anything that anyone says. Oh so many secrets.

Well, I was the know-it-all for quite a while.
Until my last 18months before uni where I kidna went off the rails, and almost didn't get into uni...

Buuut for 4 years prior to, and during that time, I was the school magician. :P

In our end of 6th Form speech my headmaster mentioned the number of times he'd run out of his office because he thought there was a fight going on, and he'd get to the centre to find me doing tricks "On some of the oddest and roughest kids in this fine school"

Ahhh good times :)

I'm not sure what my label was. I only socialized at school, I spoke too loud, I didn't succumb to peer pressure and was openly proud of it, I was abysmally bad at getting girls to go out with me, and I actively participated in my classes.

Band geek, theater nerd, willing to roll with pretty much all the punches and come out smiling.

It started off as the 'nerd'. But after a couple of years everyone just fell out of their stereotypes. We were all just...students. Sure, there were hot ones, sporty ones, smart ones. But we didn't identify them as that.

This, basically.

Started out being intensely geeky. I'm still a fan of all that stuff, but I've gained the ability to gel with practically any group of people.

A lot of people are inexplicably intimidated by me, despite the fact I'm one of the smallest in the year. I suppose this may come down to the fact that I have a shotgun and hunt (I'm from the countryside, whereas many in my A level college are from the suburbs/urban area) the fact that I've had several near death experiences including a stabbing, the fact I can sword fight, and improvise weapons from practically anything. It's probably also contributed to by the fact that I've confessed to a couple of people that I'm a diagnosed sociopath (albeit a very well rounded, good natured one) and possess all the skills that comes with. Oh, and instead of other children, I mainly grew up among the moor's pack of gun dogs.

I have a colourful past, and I love it.

Aside from occasionally being freaked out by me, everyone does like me, because I make them laugh with wit.

Well I was the guy who always annoyed the fuck out of most people but still got on really well with just about everyone.
I always knew just how to push someones buttons and loved to watch them go absolutly crazy.
I got punched in the face quite a bit but it was always worth it.

Currently going through the nightmarish British school System, I'm mostly described as a few things:
The outcast (Most People)
The lunatic (My mates)
The now-it-all (Mainly by people that I met only once)

I guess its the facade you set up. Example: My facade of Intelligence and Madness that disguised my disgust and hatred. Yay!

7-8: Lunatic
8(again)-10: A guy who was just tired of being in school and wanted to study in college
11: Same thing, but now being bullied.

It didn't helped I was the only one who listened rock on a daily basis (yes, sometimes you're just THE only one, and it's not pretty).

I'm the class ginger..... yeah i think thats it.

strangely i was the sort of like an ambasador of sorts. one of the people that could socialize with all the clicks without actually being part of them. its strange becasue i'm not a very social person. but i do make people laugh so...

Year 11 (tenth grade, final yer in British secondary schools) here. Right now, people mainly see me as a somewhat intelligent funny guy. Improvment on Year 7/8, I suppose.

For the first few years - straight up nerd.
For the last two - nerd/stoner

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