What was your highschool "Role"?

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I was the movie guy, I saw more movies than any other person in my year so if anyone wanted an opinion on one they'd ask me.

An example of such was Inception, I missed it in cinemas but got a second chance when it was re-released for the Oscars. Despite everyone else already seeing it they asked me what i thought about it.

I liked my role.

Quiet nerdy girl at the start of Secondary School, that turned into a Goth Art Freak

Still in High School now and my role is generally I'm one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet but at the same time one of the most chill guys you'll ever meet. Overall I'm just cool with everyone and don't have any issues. I enjoy giving my teachers a hard time when I can too.

Completely under the radar. Sure, I was in the Key-Club and joined the theater group in my senior year but aside from that I did more or less nothing. I got by in the classes I stayed awake in, had a very small group of friends who themselves were from other groups or, cliques and, before senior year I would take my ass back home for some quality time in Albion or, the Halo Ring...world. There are possibly 3 photos of me in the year book which may be more than most but I didn't have a superlative or, a senior quote. I keep in very loose touch with maybe 2 or 3 friends and, my overall impact to my high school is similar to the impact of a lone man spitting into a lake.

captcha = 'get over it'. Done and, done.

I was the arrogant nerd. I hung out with the crowd that mostly went to Oxbridge, corrected people (and teachers) in class, and played with enough of my year-group on Xbox Live that they knew I was a keen gamer, and good at the multiplayers I invested in. However I also let the assholes in my year know what I thought of them, acted out in a lot of classes towards the end, and never worked all that hard.

I was also assumed to be gay by most of my year because I had a habit of hugging people, didn't even kiss anyone until 6th form and I guess am just fairly camp in nature. Never really bothered me though, was kind of a laugh to see some people try and figure me out, and my friends just laughed about it. Was kind of a shock when my girlfriend asked if I was going out with her to cover up my sexuality though. <.<

Quiet type.
I was always in a group, but only talked much to real friends.

I don't think UK schools have 'roles'. Everyone just kinda gets a long. There are people you hang around with more than others and everyone has their own little group of friends, but there is no defined social structure. Everyone is just a student.

I was the quiet nerdy goth chick except I didn't wear a shit load of makeup like the other goths did at my high school.

I didn't have very many friends and I was shy around people. I was also an orchdork, so my standing in my high school was very low which I was totally fine with. Seeing the look on people's faces that I wasn't an idiot and graduated with honors was priceless.

Most likely the Know-It-All, I've been told in a lot of my classes to stop answering all the questions to give the other people a chance and in Physics my teacher actually asked me a question about Planck's Constant that he didn't know.

The odd, strange girl that wears weird clothes, goggles and is a bit scary for most people around school, in my class I'm the smart and strong one I guess O.o They still think I'm strange thou, but we all are.

I am the one who, when somebody says something stupid, I keep on asking questions so that the knowledge i'm sure they have in their brain comes out. I'm also the one with incredibly dark humor and apparently i also am used as a free therapist by some of my peers for some reason unknown to me :/

I'm not sure what my role was. I suppose I was known for not losing my head and keeping calm. I was more popular than I should have been, I was obedient in class and all that, extremely quiet but I got beat on the quiet front by a Hungarian student he hung around with my 'friendship group' for 2 years and never said a word. And nobody picked on me, I knew everyone and I was on good terms with everyone.

I was the obese popular kid who was a good singer, made everybody laugh (not ironically because of the obese thing) and was considered a general good guy. I never really tried to take sides on things and I'd have found fewer people who would take the opportunity to say a bad thing about me (I do ask them to say it to my face, because if I am aware of it, I'd like to know).

I had poor grades, sadly (English and music were my high points), but I found niches with some of the teachers (some of them for the worse; My math teacher passed me based solely on the fact that I could sing "Drift Away" really well. Fat lot of good that did me), but all together, everything seemed alright to me.

I guess the nerdy metal guy for the majority of it. In sixth form I settled into what I am now, which is just the guy who doesn't give a fuck.

Thinking about it I was the good boy as well since I just did all the stuff asked of me but I just did that so that the teachers would leave me alone.

Another strange think that happened in sixth form is that everybody knew my name and it used to freak me out. I would walk through the hall and random kids would say hi to me. The most likely cause is that I wear desert camouflage trousers everyday and I had a beard. I must be very destinctive.

I was somewhat the damage control captain or medic in my JROTC program and around school. If anyone ever had a problem they could always come to me to talk about it. Overall i was a guy that was just there for everyone when they needed me. Too bad i never see any of them anymore.

I was homeschooled. So, everything and nothing.
In public parlance, I would have been the loner nerd type, though.

Random guy who was there.... I didn't really have much of a "role" I was in the band for a year, so band geek I guess.... That said, 1/3 of our school was in band orchestra or choir, so yeah... I was also the go to guy if anyone wanted to know about classic rock (it was weird to have people I had never met come up to me and ask me questions about this band or that band) But short of that yeah, I had my friends who I hung out with, but we didn't really stake out a reputation, we just kind of were there.

Mostly the quiet obedient guy who occasionally throws out very dry sarcastic remarks that leave the rest of the class shocked yet amused. During Greek classes I was especially effective at it, as there were only eight people in the class.

Shy nerd early on. Think I'm kinda cool now. Almost over, so I guess that's what I am now.

Smart amicable observer on the tech crew for all productions, so I was known to the theater, dance, choir, administrative staff, but mostly known for odd tastes in spectacle.

the guy everybody knows ever before he meets them.

Someone please tell me what years highschool is?
I am answer now based on my age when I was between 13-16.
Back then I was the quiet one with silly comments on everything whom liked studying and learning therefor getting the stamp "nerd" even thou I didn't study too hard (just learned easily) and knew nothing about computers except a few games I played and worked out and trained like an idiot.
Age 17-19 in case that is highschool... well see description above.

Just another quiet/smart kid. I'm currently nearing the end of my highschool career, but I have a pretty good idea what I am. I was one of 5 or so kids in my grade that took BC calculus as a sophomore, so it is usually assumed that I know everything about math, although I was pretty mediocre in that course. I'm pretty much on good terms with everybody and have few good friends. I'm quiet, but not exactly shy. Most of the time, I just have nothing to say, or the conversation is just pretty uninteresting to me. Parties are not my forte and I prefer to be alone. I would be considered a nerd, but I also play sports (albeit not very well).

[In high school currently]. When I lived in California, I was the funny, and somewhat slow kid. (And the black kid). Enjoyed making jokes and laughing at them. I was I bit crazy. Hung out with the anime kids, but after witnessing the insanity that is a true anime-phile(I would've gone with Japanophile, but we all know that they're only interested in Japan for its anime by now), I dreaded resembling anything like that which caused me to make anime into more of a closet hobby rather than something I would actively claim to like. Also tried to get along with everyone.
Of course, that all changed when I moved to Detroit. I go to a school in Ferndale, but pretty much all of the student body consists of kids from Detroit. I don't mean to sound racist, but nearly all of the students are the stereo-typical negatively portrayed African American Detriotians as presented to us in the media (i.e., they have [for the most part] a poor grasp on proper speech and use primarily slang, they are very disrespectful to the teachers (minus the African american teachers), and they seem to have trouble with the correct usage of words in their proper tenses. i.e., instead of saying "I didn't get a paper", they would say "I ain't got no paper" Although the seniors aren't nearly as bad with this. It just gets worse every grade level downwards though...) Complaints aside, Since I hated pretty much everyone at the school and they were all extremely nosy, I had developed a habit of blatantly ignoring people and speaking only when necessary. Since I generally did fairly well in class, I became the quiet smart kid (Much to my disdain, seeing as it was almost the opposite at my previous high school)
Thankfully, as a senior, tomorrow is my last day of school, then I have every day off until graduation on the 31st of May excluding senior check-in on the 21st.

My high school was kinda small so we weren't really divided like some of you others seem to be. There's not one person from my high school class I wouldn't be happy to run into. We had a classless high school so I guess we were all basically what communism was ideally meant to be.

I'm still in High school, so, yeah.

I like to think to myself as my own "role".

In class, I am the obedient kid. I'm nice to the teachers, friendly to other students, and got good grades.

Outside of class, I am a nut ball. I act crazy, make dirty jokes about how prostitutes run on D-Batteries, and generally act like a idiot.

I also made a running gag about how I'm 'gay' for one of my female friend's BF. In retrospect, it was a bad idea, but I love doing it because these kids are so gullible.

I'm one of the gang, I mostly hang out with my own class, always in our circle of friends, I'm not really popular, I'm not disliked by anyone though, that's enough. I suppose I have a bit of class clown, although one of my other friends fills that role much better. I'm a solid C/B student, rarely and A or D and liked by 95% of my teachers, not a teachers pet, got someone in class who fills that role.

In my first year in high-school, I was shy and quiet and bullied by two guys, they left and everything went up from there.

Well I'm not sure what other people would call me but I think of myself as this:

I know about 4 people who I would actually call my friends and everyone else I just try to get along with even though I don't speak to them often because I'm terrible at social interaction, even with people I like (sometimes).
I can't ever think of anything to say which is bloody awkward and that leads to no luck with the ladies (yeah I'm almost 16 and I can't even speak to most girls without getting nervous)

I find it really shit some days but I'm somehow hoping this will all change by time I go to sixth form next term (if I make it in)

I also think that I over think too much, personally.


Right now I'm the nerd always wearing video games/comic related shirts XD Imma nerd and can't help it.

Quiet nerdy kid who tried to lay low and get the hell out of high school. Newspaper was my only activity and while I liked anime, my parents' dislike of it kept me from participating in the Anime Club.

Which looking back, may have been for the best.

I was fairly popular though and didn't really have any enemies. Probably because a lot of people think quiet automatically means nice.

Heh. Heh heh.

Up until I started doing college during highschool, I was the absolute leader of the weirdos. Why? Because being the leader of normal people is boring and everybody expects something of you. My rep is gone by now, but I was well known for doing whatever the fuck I felt like and nobody was going to get in my way. I threw impromptu dances in hallways, cross-dressed, broadcasted ponies on the big screens (this was recent, I actually had little to do with it besides giving the idea), and got b& for being 'responsible' for a light bdsm session (not as bad as it sounds) afterschool involved about half a dozen people.
Fun times.

In high school I guess I would've been the quiet loner. Before high school I was pretty popular so I was fairly well-known, but once I got to high school I only had a couple friends and most people just left me alone.

I did play sports quite a bit too though. I always enjoyed being the nerd who could beat the jocks at their own game :)

Well my role is The Nerd. King of the local nerd's is the title everyone has given me.

Outcast. I think I've always been the outcast, mostly because I moved around quite a bit, so not that many knew me for long and eventually I got used to moving around, so then I didn't try hard to make friends either. Honestly, I like being the outcast.

The nerd.

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