What was your highschool "Role"?

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I hung out with the geeks, and threatened with death those who threatened them with ass-kickings. So I guess one part geek, one part white knight, one part psycho.

...also voted "most likely to succeed" once or twice. That was a laugh.

captchasolve: heebie jeebies. Yup, that's what I gave most of the kids at my school.

I was the shut-out intelligent type...

You know, the kind of person who was only asked ANYTHING when people didn't know the answer to a question on an assignment.....

Of course, when they (other students) DID ask me a question of an assignment I would help cheerfully hoping that one day I'd be accepted...
On reflection, I wonder why I even bothered to try helping those lazy motherfuckers to begin with... Bah, BRING ME MY TIME MACHINE!

I was (and still am, I'm not out of High School yet) the really quiet person who doesn't really want to socialize with anyone, as no one has the same interests as me.

(Though, honestly, I wouldn't really want to socialize with the kids who think Portal is some boring puzzle game and claim that CoD:BO was WAAAAAY better than any game ever. :/)

"Out of sight, out of mind".

I was basically the only kid that could be a smart ass/sarcastic with the teachers and get away with it. Past that, I'm not too sure, people considered me one of the smartest of the bunch, but they also generally left me alone. I'm guessing they thought I might be batshit crazy or something, though one girl said I was "imtimidating," and that was the reason people never came up and talked to me. *shrug* Guess I gave off an aura of "fuck off."

The Comedian.
The Voice of Reason.

Those two we're my main 'things'. They don't seem to go togeather, but I just didn't want to see my idiot friends from getting to hurt.

Once I got into grade 11, I began to drop out from my group I hung out with and moved up the ladder to MUCH cooler groups. I'm really glad I stopped hanging with them, they got on drugs, formed bad tempers and social skills. about 60% of my friends did drugs, but they could function at least.
It's great to be a cool guy.

In highschool, I was the "Neutralist." I was that guy that was not affiliated with any one group/club/society, got along with everyone, regardless of who they were, and always got everyone to work together, especially when they hated each other, for a greater cause (usually projects and fundraisers). It didn't matter to me if I was popular or not, I was just myself and focused my efforts on what I believed was important to me and fun.

my mistake, double post

The Everyman/Fly under the radar kid. Basically I wasn't by no means in with the popular crowd, but I was able to make friends across all the different groups. Though in later years I eventually severed a lot of ties and ended up sticking to a core group of three skaters, a stoner, a chunky fellow (every groups needs one) who was my best friend, and finally a fellow music junkie.

EDIT: Captcha;

Change Yourself


da fuck. ._.

I was cancer boy! Everyone was my friend!

In the first few years of High School I was just some guy in the background, but two years in, one of my best friends from Primary School convinced me to buy a computer, and I never looked back. Fell in with a group of about 5 other guys who all played games and I loved it. Ended up a bigger gamer geek than any of them, making references in normal coversations and everything. Was also in the school band with my mates, but people seemed to think it was cool. We had a rock band too.

I don't think I really fit into any group. I barely hang out with anyone except my immediate circle of friends, but all the unpopular kids seem to really like me. I act the nerd, what with all the MTG, D&D and video games, but I get pretty shit grades. I'm also the one who likes to interfere, generally for my own entertainment and the detriment of others. My decision for brutal honesty in all things has earned me a rep for constantly insulting or (Unintentionally) hitting on girls. Although most of the girls in my school are preps who hate me because my ex girlfriend told them all how I apparently abused her constantly. I'm now off to have a little sulk for remembering that.

I was friends with everyone pretty much. I was on the school paper so I talked to everyone. Early on I was a misanthrope but really opened up in my last few years though. I wish I could go back and be nicer to everyone in my first few years and realize that everyone there wasn't human garbage.

The good natured, but arrogant know it all to my friends and the friendly neighborhood psycho to my enemies.

Tech Support.

I was in all the Computer Science (programming), and Computer Technology (Networking) classes, so whenever someone had a problem with a laptop, computer, program, ect. They usually got sent to me.

That, and the Oracle of Knowledge in anything science.

Ah, high school... I didn't have many close friends, but lots of kids respected me simply because I had assisted them in class, or with their computers.

For the first 3 years I was the weird, psycho, fat kid. For the last two I was the weird, psycho, funny, drug addict.

Well lets see here.

For year 1-4 I was the teacher's pet. (come on who wasn't I wanted to leave class early)
For year 5-7 I was the loner kid trying to fit in.
For 8-12 I was the lone wolf, loner, a bit of a psycho, gamer kid that hanged out with a group of similar people.

I guess I was shy and hated most people there. Why?

They drank, I didn't. (Not even now)
They bullied, I hated that.
They were complete douches, I wasn't.
They bullied my best friend, I didn't like that shit and defended him.
They bullied me, I didn't give a shit.

I guess for that I became the person I am today and I guess I thank them for that. :S

You know the show and character Daria? Yeah, that's pretty much me, 'cept I wasn't smart, I had far fewer friends, was poorer, had less of a social life, and I hated my family.

I was a self-restrained clown, I had my ways of joking around, but not so much that it would be a distraction. I had to find ways to have the spotlight given to me, rather than simply stealing it.

I was the true Loner.

I'm large enough physically that no one messed with me, and smart enough that I could tackle most project/assignments meant to be done in groups by myself. To top it off I had a grand total of 2 friends. WEW!

For the most part, I was a ghost. I lived half an hour from my school and just went there and came home. I worked hard in school and daydreamed during breaks. The only social thing I did at school was play baseball and I taught a couple of guys in my grade how to play the guitar.

High school wasn't torturous or anything. It was just boring, and I spent the entire time just waiting for college. And I'd do it the same way if I had another chance.

The Ninja. I sort of floated between groups on most occasions, and mostly was on decent terms with most (Aka. most didn't hate me or nothing). But at the same time, i had a reputation for being difficult to find and for being able to blend into crowds and sneak up on people really well.

Much a laugh was had with that latter skill. xD

I don't think I fit any preconcieved roles...I have a fairly polar attitude towards people (either my friend or my enemy), virtually carried the discussion in English (I suppose that means I'm good at making things up), and frequently made puns that were so on the borderline between a bad pun and a genuine joke that people found it hard deciding whether to laugh or not. I was also a gamer, but on PS3, so it was sort of a no-man's land between non-gamers and my friends who were all PC gamers. Lastly, I was sort of intimidating and would resort to physical violence fairly early in a dispute, but I feel there were too few occasions where it actually got that far for me to call it a reputation. And I drew manga all over my work.

So yeah...idk.

The Computer Repairman

My school had a lot of computers, but no one to fix them. Whenever a computer broke down, whether it blue-screened, caught a virus, or was stuffed with cheese(Yes, that actually happened), I would fix it up. I only fixed them because I wanted to, but I also got the added benefit of teachers being lenient toward me. In one year I managed to get the admin password to all computers by asking the librarian, get a usb mouse from one of my teachers, get a free copy of Photoshop Elements, and even skip the whole 4th quarter of English with an A.

I basically got paid without ever meaning to.


I was one of the fat guys
I was also the guy good in technology classes
I also earned the fame being the guy that over drinks in parties.

Since my school had about 10-12 people per grade, I would have been several different things. Some I'm proud of, others not. The former? I could make people laugh, which is a gift I suppose. The latter? I bullied kids younger than me for amusement or to feel good about myself. So a mix of school clown and asshole, I suppose.

I was the guy who slept through most classes yet answered the most questions asked by the teachers, which got me the special reputation perk of being asked by cute girls to help them out with stuff cause I wasn't repulsive but just not date material for them either.
Oh and I used to bring snarky wit and sarcasm to the table whenever it was called for

I was allowed to sleep during classes because of a sleeping disorder by most teachers + I knew my way with words so nobody ever double checked with the principal

Oh well I allied myself with the Alternative Jock (Free runner/breakdancer/smartguy combined)
And we had a great many laughs and well that's the part I played in highschool for the final 3 years anyway

I was a mix depending on the situation. The devil-may-care nerd rocker with hidden depths. Or at least I hope that

The fact that I never got attacked over it is a testament to just how all bark and no bite boyfriends are. I was prolific, and definitely did not do much discretion. Honestly, it's a habbit I find a bit hard to break. I still find myself seeing "I have a boyfriend" as being an open challenge to prove to them how little that means to them...

"Jamie, something has broken."


No really... my job was to get everything working when it broke... this included both pupils and teachers.

Peoples opinion of me, positive neutral... I didn't offend, annoy anyone, wasn't exactly social but their opinions were positive.

Smart person. Did well in lessons...
Had a slow depression led near mental breakdown in my last year...

That awkward, depressed kid who was really good at everything.

If you only included my last year when the depression kicked in... this.

Well as this includes only secondary school...

year 7: Bully target although twice the size of everyone and could fight back
year 8: Geeky Nerd
year 9: Geeky normal person
year 10: Not really sure what I would have been classed as. Was called emo at one point. although wasn't really accurate as I was still very self confident and any anger I had went outward
Year 11: Metal-head
Year 12: as the people at my school couldn't tell the difference between subcultures probably Goth. However was actually a rivet-head.

And that is that. Kinda miss school. But uni is better...

I'm usually the shy background guy. Outside of my friend group I usually kept my mouth shut.

In my group of friends I'm the "butt monkey" It was all in good fun though, so I did't mind.

My role?
Lone wheel, followed by 4th wheel on a tricycle, followed by 3rd wheel on a bicycle.


I'm so glad there weren't any "high school roles" in Norway.

I'm a quite kid, I consider myself the voiceof reason in my grpup, my friends just call me a downer.
The funny thing is, all I'm looking for is fun. Whenever I veto an idea, it's because I don't think it will be fun enough. So I'm also quality control on fun. My friends still hate it, though. I would too if I were them. Oh well.

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