How often do you rinse your body?
More than twice a day
0.6% (4)
0.6% (4)
Twice a day
7.7% (48)
7.7% (48)
Once a day
58.7% (367)
58.7% (367)
Every other day
20.5% (128)
20.5% (128)
Two times per week
5% (31)
5% (31)
Once a week
1.3% (8)
1.3% (8)
Whenever I feel dirty
4.8% (30)
4.8% (30)
Whenever I feel like pleasuring myself
0.8% (5)
0.8% (5)
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Poll: How often do you shower

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I usually shower every other day in the winter. But once summer comes along, I shower every day and make sure I'm fresh and clean. =]

Whenever I need to, which is usually every one or two days.

I do it when I feel like getting my wrist exercise, (which I thought more would) so everyday.

I'm 15 so don't judge me too harshly, I'm trying to grow out of it.

once a day in the morning before school. i have to if i want any attention from the ladies.

Whenever I need to. If I'm not going anywhere I'll go a few days, if I'm going into town every day I'll shower every morning.

I see no need to waste the energy heating the water when the only person that has to put up with it is myself, so I don't have a strict "Shower at 7AM every day" schedule.

I don't live a particularly strenuous lifestyle, so I shower when I need to. If I came home everyday covered in dirt and sweat then things would be different but as it is I don't need one every single day and I get the benefit of healthier skin and hair.

I don't have a job or drivers license, so every three to four days. If I did have somewhere to go it would be every other day.

twice a day for me once in the morning before uni then once at night after the gym.

It really depends on what i have been doing over the day. It can be everyday or much less than that. Doing it everyday no matter what seems a bit... well... obsessive to me

In the mornings either every day or every other day. There's no rhyme or reason as to when it alternates between those two. Just when I feel like it.

I only wash my hair every 3 or so days though. I mean I rinse it when showering. But if I shampoo and condition every time I showered my hair would be forever fluffy. I look like a lion a few hours after washing it. And that generally lasts for a day or so.

I used to shower every four days, therefore rendering the rotation of weeks to differentiate, but upon actually starting and competing in a sport, it became every night, and then, in the aftermath, I've been trying to do a bi-daily schedule, with slight alterations in its pattern.

And I have complete confidence that I can inform the internet of my bathing habits with no serious repercussions in the foreseeable future.

Once a day after school unless I have other things I have to do. Can't stand being tainted by that place :P

Once a day, right when I come home from work, since I'm usually covered in scuzz from working on cars for 10 to 14 hours. My wife won't let me do anything until after I take a shower so I don't transfer the scuzz from my body onto the furniture and/or the cats.

I do it when I feel like getting my wrist exercise, (which I thought more would) so everyday.

I'm 15 so don't judge me too harshly, I'm trying to grow out of it.

You won't anytime soon, and why would you even want to?

Anyway, ditto to they guy I quoted.

Every morning, occasionally also after getting home and feeling slightly... well, mint shower gel is a wonderful thing.

Once every other day unless I have something important to attend.

Every other day in the morning, which usually goes along with my workout schedule. If I workout a little extra, then it would be super gross if I didn't take another shower.

I'm trying to grow my hair out, and all the shampooing and blowdrying isn't great for my hair, so I like to keep it to a minimum.

Once a day, but 3 times a day if I'm sick or have one of my really bad migraines. The steam and hot water helps ease the pain as the migraines are due to quick changes in the weather (air pressure shifts)

Where is the one for once every couple of years because I live off the grid and I don't have a shower. I do take a bath when I feel dirty though.

Depends. If I'm heading out somewhere, then I'll always take a shower before hand. If I'm just staying at home for several days on end, I'll probably take a single shower since no one else is putting up with it in my room except for myself.

Also, since I have very long hair (about half way down my back), I don't really enjoy the whole drying-the-hair business which is tedious and takes up a chunk of time. So that also plays a role as a lazy factor.

Once a day. Not only do I feel grimy if I don't take it, but it's also my morning coffee.

Me? Shower?... BWAHAHAHA! That's a good one!

I'm kidding of course. I shower every night till the weekend then I just shower midday

4 times a week or once after every workout. Anymore and my skin dries out and no lotion, at all, helps me. They only burn my sensitive skin.

Once a day as a rule, twice if I had a sportball practice that day.

Our family has naturally greasy hair, so every day (although I have one rule- if it's one of those days where I won't need to wear pants, I don't need to shower). But I did drop it down a few times when I went on Accutane a while ago, since I was too dry to produce any hair oil.

And in the morning, to clarify. I don't like sleeping with wet hair and since I don't ever do anything to it it looks terrible after sleeping on it. Also because it's refreshing after getting three hours of sleep for two weeks straight.

This answer is the same about washing your pants...

It's also a clear indication on how/why people who post here can't catch a date.

Yeah, it's cause all the guys who are with the girls, are like jerks... savvy?



Take a shower.

Once a day in the morning, unless I get dirty at work, then I'll also shower when I get home.

Normally once a day.

That said, for pretty much this whole summer so far...whenever I get around to it. Considering most of my day consists of lounging around the house, I am just too damn lazy right now to care about showering, since I've got no one to impress at the moment.

Once a day in the evening. Hair is washed every 3 days or so.

Once a day in the morning, a nice hot shower helps me wake up.

The exception is if I don't plan on leaving home or going anywhere too public that day, then I'll skip it. But never skip 2 days in a row, that makes me feel gross.

Every morning, and if I work out later really hard or it's extra hot outside, and I somehow wear through all lines of odour protection, or get extra dirty, and like uncomfortable I'll shower a second time... but normally just once a day is good.

Generally, once a day. I don't sweat much, as a rule, so it used to be every other day, but my hair is quite long now and demands daily washing. I have to use moisturiser something wicked to get my skin to cooperate though...I suppose I could just cut my hair, but I haven't decided what to do with it. It's my female equivalent of a thesis beard!

All this is trumped, of course, by the need to shower ASAP if I get sweaty (usually ballet-induced).

Once a day in the morning, unless I feel it necessary to do it again.

Once every 2 to 3 days or whenever I'm feeling dirty. Unless you're very physically active showering every day feels bit wasteful. I mean how dirty do you really get in 24 hours?

Once a day in the morning, but if I am going out in the evening, I may have a second one to make myself feel pretty and fresh :p

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