What was the last thing you ate?

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I realize that one of these has probably been done before, but I thought we should have a more up to date record of The Escapist's eating habits and I thought I would add something new: rate your food out of 10 with some reasoning

Here's mine:

I just ate a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread, the classic BLT, lovingly hand made by my mother
I'd give it a solid 7/10, the bread was a bit dry and the tomato had been cut too thickly but it was still enjoyable

Noodles and a few biscuits with orange juice.

Bread and water, 'cos I'm po'.

Pizza which my friend ordered with sort of strange toppings

garlic sauce instead of tomaot sauce, and 3 different kinds of cheese : \

Motherfucking Crunchy Nut.

a cupcake, and it gets a 10 out of 10. This cupcake is too good for words.

One of those small roasted chickens (pretty much the whole thing) you find at the grocery store with jalapeno ranch dip, and a V8 to wash it down, with a thick slice choclate swiss roll for desert.

Pasta with chicken, mushrooms, and some pulses and sauce. 8/10, it was relatively healthy, didn't take too long to cook, and there's plenty left for later.

Bounty, chocolate bar 10/10

fucking divine

oh and some guy that was rude to me but he had it coming....and it he didnt taste good


holy shit you ninja'd me!

now I'll have to eat you too

please ignore this post

I ate it

Bounty, chocolate bar 10/10

fucking divine

oh and some guy that was rude to me but he had it coming....and it he didnt taste good


holy shit you ninja'd me!

now I'll have to eat you too

Not if I eat you first.

Omnomnomnomnomnom .

I'm currently eating crisps/potato chips.

Sørlandschips, to be exact

French toast with a side of Greek yogurt.

A bowl of tomato soup. Actually is was leftover spagetti sauce i didn't want wasted, so i spiced and heated it and ate it straight.

I am about to break my fast by consuming 2 poptarts with strawberry filling with a glass of milk.

Salt and vinegar pringles and Irn Bru ^^

Bacon crisps. Gotta love bacon crisps. I could eat them all over again.

Some tomato soup and some bread.



A small bowl of Goldfish


I had a Cornish pasty, a donut and a banana for lunch. I would give the pasty a 5. Nowhere near as nice as the Ginsters ones, but I suppose it was cheap.

A bag of Ruffles. England has ruffles now. yey. and hot pockets. I think we had them for a while but only horrible flavors, but I found some ham and cheese ones last week. They actually taste kinda weird but still good.
Now if only we had Natillas and we would catch up with the rest of Europe.

I tried Irn Bru the other week as well after that Daystar thread about it. Turns out its just Tizer with 0.002% Iron added to it.

Ready salted crisps.
Nice and salty. Yum.

A Chinese meat hot bum with salad and raspberry juice.

Motherfucking Crunchy Nut.

I've never seen this ad before.
Rob Brydon is awesome.
OT: A mint Kit-Kat.
Good stuff.

Salt and Vinegar chip sticks!

8/10, they are delicious but they cut the roof of my mouth sometimes.

A non-toasted bagel with butter. There wasn't nearly enough butter.

rice, beans, steak and salad... pretty standard lunch

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich *thumbs up*

Uhhh... A cheeseburger and some fries.

It was alright, I guess... From Maccys so I'd give the burger a 6/10 (It was one of the better cheeseburgers I had, a nice amount of onion and the sauces were evenly spread across the entire burger) and the fries I'd give a 3/10 because I really hate maccys fries, they're way too salty (I only had them because my friend bought them with his meal and he doesn't like them)

Washed it down with 3 bottles of Relentless... Bought with a deal of 3 125ML bottles for £1, they were pretty good a 8/10 just 'cause I like relentless, but losing points due to having a glassy aftertaste (The aftertaste was that of glass)

...I certainly look like I have a healthy diet to any people who haven't seen me... (I'm in pretty good shape even though I eat crap like this multiple times a week, hooray metabolism)

The last thing I ate was a slice of left-over pizza, rewarmed in the toaster. Also some coffee, although technically I drank that.

I don't really have a rating for either. Although yesterday, when the pizza was fresh, I'd have given it a 7/10. So pretty good.

A few grapes...
foodwise. Makaronilåda... basically macarony, meat, some milk, spices and an oven = BEST SHIT EVAR!

mini chocolate roll x3 with a 1.5 liter volvic 'touch of lemon'

that's what i consume when i get home

A jammy dodger. Not as awesome as the HobNob or as indulgent as shortbread, but an excellent biscuit all the same.

A sausage sandwich with a side of chips. British terminology, btw. "Fries" to all you yanks, though British chips aren't thin like fries are...

8/10. The chips were delicious, but the sausages were merely average.

A bowl of Weetos. Second only to Coco Pops as king of the chocolate cereals.

Followed up by a pack of cheese and onion flavoured King because King really are the king of crisps.

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