What are some of your favorite metal instrumentals?

I gotta say, I love me some classic heavy metal instrumentals. Stuff like 1776 by Iced Earth, Losfer Words by Iron Maiden, and Coast to Coast by the Scorpions really make my day. What are some of your favorite ones?

And just to get the two big ones out of the way first:

There. Now you actually have to think about an answer before automatically saying out Orion or Call of Ktulu. >:)
I am just so evil, I cannot stand it sometimes. XD

Ah there we go!

I thought the title said "...your favourite metal instruments" and was looking forward to being a smartass and saying "The Hang".

Because it's an awesome instrument.

OT: I was planning to post Gojira here, but I can't find any instrumental songs by them. Damn.

And gods damn, guys. For the love of my bandwith.

Put your videos in spoiler tags.



I don't know who to spoiler these, I'm sorry.

The following is tutorial on spoilers:
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That's....bizarre. I'd assumed when I signed up here that the spoiler tag was the same as everywhere else and tried that very format and it didn't work.
Thank you though. : )

I thought the title said "...your favourite metal instruments" and was looking forward to being a smartass and saying "The Hang".

I thought the exact same thing except was going to say Triangle....


Never mind the video, this is probably the best sound quality of the song you're likely to find.

Stream of Consciousness by Dream Theater is probably still my favorite.


Those sweeps at 3:55, just beautiful

/I have no idea if anyone else has already posted it, my browser doesn't seem to like loading videos embedded in posts/

All of Dream Theater. Well, the good ones anyway.

Also Apocalyptica, though we had a very interesting debate over if the stuff they play is metal.

Electro Quarterstaff - The Right To Arm Bears

great intro (swear word! but it's a sample so I'd say this is still instrumental), great title...great album, actually. I find this much more enjoyable than other instrumental bands in the vein of Blotted Science or Animals As Leaders.


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