How do you like your bacon cooked?
43.6% (95)
43.6% (95)
24.3% (53)
24.3% (53)
Either way
12.4% (27)
12.4% (27)
Om nom nom.......
17.9% (39)
17.9% (39)
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Poll: Bacon: Crispy or chewy?

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I like mine where I think it will no longer kill me, just.

If I could just throw it against a radiator a couple of times and be sure I wouldn't get food poisoning I would.

Neither. I prefer my bacon Canadian.

Crispy? You ruin the fatty goodness that makes bacon the amazing piece of pig that it is.

Chewy? Who cares? As long as it isn't fridge cold, I'll eat it.

I like it a little bit of both, really.

Not a huge fan of bacon in general, though.

I like it either way, but I'll go for the chewy kind most of the time.

It's gotta be wiggly dude!

Doesn't matter, ate bacon.

I can cook my bacon to be both chewy and crispy. Suck on it losers.

I prefer my bacon in two ways:
-Made of turkey (don't eat pork)


Crispy or Chewy?
Crispy AND Chewy!
If it snaps in your hand, you're doing it wrong. If it droops to the side while you hold it up by one end, you're doing it wrong.
But nobody ever said that doing it right is easy.

This. Plus dipped in syrup.

Crispy. Grilled. In a fresh crusty roll, with butter upon which to lay the sacred pickle of branston designs, to allow the bacon to sit in its marvellous juices, which is then covered in a liberal coating of manly HP Sauce. That, is the breakfast to end all breakfasts.

Captcha: teflon president, what the hell?

I prefer my bacon to be kind of in the middle. Crispy enough so that it's decently rigid and not flopping around when you pick it up, but still a bit chewy.

Half way. If it's undercooked it's all bleugh, if it's overcooked it's all bleugh. There's a very specific midpoint where the El Dorado of Bacon lives.

Chewy bacon can be good, if it's in between two slices of crispy bacon. A sandwich of bacon, if you will.

Crispy. None of this "crispy outside chewy inside" shit. I want my bacon to shatter if I hit it with a fork. I want it to crunch between my teeth before it sends my tastebuds to nirvana.

The ONLY time I consider non crispy bacon appropriate is if you're wrapping the bacon around other meat. Shattery bacon doesn't wrap well, its only weakness...

Crispy every time. If it's chewy then I'll just be paranoid that it's undercooked...

I'm like that with all my food :I

Chewy bacon is undercooked and thus fatty as hell.


BUT! Chewy if it's in burgers or sandwiches. Crispy bacon tends to ruin the smooth texture of the bread while Chewy bacon makes the whole thing melt in your mouth.

A third option is my Grandfathers 'Black Bacon' which is cooked on a BBQ for about 5 minutes too long...

Chewy all the way. Crispy bacon is just awful in every imaginable way.

Crispy or GTFO.

Nice crispy bacon with some eggs and toast with jelly. If you want chewy bacon go buy your microwave bacon and leave us in peace!

Crispy. With a Hard-Fried Egg. Black Pudding. Baked Beans. All in a Sandwich. With a Sauce of somekind. Be it Ketchup or BBQ.


Melon Hunter:
Chewy. If the bacon shatters when you try to put your fork through it, you're doing it wrong.

If you're using a fork to eat bacon you're doing it wrong.

There is no wrong way to eat bacon!

OT: Chewey. I find a lot of the flavour is lost when it's crispy.

Soft like when its on a sandwich. Its horrible when its hard.

Chewy, If its cooked to crispy it takes on this bitter burnt flavor to me that just kills the bacony goodness.

My wife on the other hand likes her bacon to shatter.

Daystar Clarion:

There must also be ketchup.

It's a sin to put RED KETCHUP on Bacon. What sort of 'Man' are you?!

I like my Bacon crispy, no Butter either but I must remove the fat first and have real sauce that was designed for Bacon...

When I cook my bacon, it tends to be in the middle. Although with sandwiches and omlettes and such, I make it crispy so it cuts easier.

Can I say a mixture of both? Is that cheating?
I love it crispy on the sides, but nice and chewy in the middle. Yummy~


BUT! Chewy if it's in burgers or sandwiches. Crispy bacon tends to ruin the smooth texture of the bread while Chewy bacon makes the whole thing melt in your mouth.

Pretty much this, you've got the right idea lol.

It needs to be somewhere in the middle. You still need to be able to chew it to get those sweet sweet bacon juices out, but it needs to be hot enough so you can't taste the fat.

Crispy Damned ! I want to be able to impale my foes with Bacon.

Crispy. It's the better option.
However, there are situations where it's just not possible. Like on jalapeno poppers. So....crispy is my preference but I'm fine with chewy in the correct circumstances.

Kinda like my pasta, actually. Firm to where it still has good crispy-ish texture but doesn't shatter, but isn't chewy to the point that I can't actually bite through it without effort.

EDIT: The above only goes for anything that isn't me just straight up eating bacon.

Crispy. The texture of super chewy stuff (i.e. not crispy bacon fat, steak gristle) gives me a gag reflex. Never figured out why; I can stick almost an entire sausage down my throat with no problems but incredibly chewy stuff sets me off.

And because I know there's going to be some curiosity about the sausage remark, I was eating one a few months back when a friend started making sexual comments about it. Naturally, as any sufficiently creepy man would do, I then took the sausage and tried to deep throat it. She and I were both pretty amazed when I actually did it.

I never thought there would be a thread where I could appropriately (but still shamelessly) plug my review of the bacon I had last August, but here we are.

Anyway, both. I go into it in that review but the wider half of strip should be a bit chewy and the thinner half should be crispier, that way you get that nice contrast and more juiciness from the fattier side.

The only way bacon should ever be soft and chewy is if it's raw, and that's not a good way to eat meat.

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