"Wait, you like a fat chick?"

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I would draw the line at somebody weighing more than me, around 16 stone. If I'm being generous. Unless they were crazy tall....
After that point you have to have a certain kind of lifestyle to weigh that much, and their lifestyle would drive me mad.

Obligatory your friend is a judgmental dickhead, etc.

Personally I think true love is blind. You can have certain physical things which attract you, of course (personally I'm a sucker for glasses and a British accent), but the physical is temporary fleeting. You may think women who are thin and with tight skin are beautiful, and that may be exactly what you're looking for, but if you marry one of those beautiful women eventually she's going to get old and saggy just like any other old person.

Yes how a person is physically reflects their lifestyle to an extent, but I think once you truly find somebody who fits you, you will always think they are beautiful. Whether they are 25 and tanned, or years later when they are 84 and covered in sags and wrinkles.

you like who you like, if they disapprove, that's THEIR problem, not yours, and if they can't get over it then find new friends.

I've come to realize that more often than not, the biggest nay-sayers are the biggest offenders as well. Those 'friends' that tell you how sick it is to like a 'fat chick'? They're probably kinda into 'fat chicks' as well. They just see that society thinks skinny = sexy, and thus deny as much as possible that 'fat chicks' can be attractive.

Either that, or they truly think 'fat chicks' are incredibly ugly and that it's sick to date one. In that case, they're worthless scum and don't deserve any friends at all.

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