The happiest music you know (aka The "Be happier, damn it" thread)

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Hiya escapists.

Today, I've decided, is a day for cheering up!
I just know there are some gloomy fuckers out there who need it, so post the happiest songs you know of in this thread for all to see!

What's that? You're already happy?
I don't give a fuck! Be happier! Now!

And for the love of our broadbands: Please spoiler your youtube videos.

I'd say the Stone Roses. I'd post videos but I'm feeling lazy, everyone go listen to the song Sally Cinnamon.

EDIT: I've got of my fat lazy 'arse' to embed a youtube video for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.


Coldplay. The happiest band in the universe.

I don't think you're happy enough.

I'll teach you to be happy.

Or I will destroy you, puny human!

Also, while not necessarily 'happy'...

This track is like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Not going to bother spoilering one video.

I'm told by former co-workers that this was not the optimal choice for music first thing in the morning, but I disagree.

Only one song so not going to bother with the spoilers, I'm far too lazy for that.

Daystar Clarion:

I like that you've started posting that around since I put it in the IL thread! :3

OT: Matt & Kim cheer me up no end!

And Passion Pit have such a high lead singer that they can't help but be cheery.
(Yes, that is a guy singing.)

I can think of these two-

And this

If these songs don't make you happy, nothing will.

This thread needs some happy metal :D

It's ska, which is already one of the most upbeat music genres. It's about Kirby, one of the happiest videogame characters. Also, it's about lots of tasty food.


I nominate that.

These all put me in great great moods.

This one's so happy it makes me sick.

this too

It that's not happy music, I don't know what is. :)

Happy music?

Shit man, you need some Aquabats

Single happiest song I've ever heard.

This thread needs Kyary pamyu pamyu.

Oh yes! Let me share musics!

Electric-swing always gets me in a good mood, so let's start with Parov Stelar:

Now here, is something so cute you cannot keep from smiling:

i must say this puts a smile on my face

Has that D'aw factor to cheer you up as well

What, none of this?

Happy music? You got it!

What, this hasn't been posted yet?

This with a ginger beer and my feet up make me feel happy, no matter the circumstances.

Because randomness is good.
I cannot promise all lyrics are particularly happy.

Welcome to the Happy House! Where fun comes to life, and even the most Gothic of Girls, Dance, Play, and Smile.

<3 Siouxsie Sioux, and her funny outfits. :P

...Classic British Post-Punk, there's nothing quite like it.

Seriously, check out some more of The Bravery. Even their song called "Hatef--k" sounds happy. It's a nice change, and it's great music.

Clues in the name. You just can't help but keep laughing when this song come on. Or at least, I can't. Still, pretty happy song. Even if it is about madness and murder.

Incredibly happy. And kind of sort of about grave robbing.

There! Now that is a happy song. About a dark period in the history of both the Falklands and of the Uk.

I'm not quite right in the head.

The Go Team is definitely the happiest music I know.

Of course it depends on what makes you happy. Tom Waits makes me really happy sometimes.

He chokes my bad days.

Probably the happiest song I've heard in a long time. I don't understand japanese, but it still comes off as very happy. I've seen a translation of the text too, which didn't really lessen that impression.

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