If A Random Girl Walks Up and Punches You Would You Hit Her Back?

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If she just punched me probably not. If she attacked repeatedly I'd call the cops.
Not unless she was trying to rob, injure, or kill me would I ever hit a woman. Mostly because in modern society violence against women by men is seen as the ultimate evil. I also don't know how the woman would react.
If I grab her she could yell rape and I'd almost certainly end up defending myself in court and might even end up in jail.
If we were in a public area there would be an endless supply of men more than willing to play the role of white knight and beat the shit out of anyone who dare hurt a woman.
She could end up calling the cops on me. Unless she actually injured him, no one will care what the woman did first (A bit of an overstatement but the point stands).

I would either be too shocked or I would hit her back. Women who think they can get away with things that men can't like assault are annoying and I'd for them to realize otherwise.

Mainly just a self defense thing though. I mean she hit me once, she might try again.

First hit: Do nothing, but calmly say stop.
Second hit: Tell her to stop again.
Third hit: There is no third hit!

Going for a third hit is an assault in my book and no matter if you're male or female, I will put you down.

Captcha: know your rights - Goes great with this thread.

First I'd ask her why she hit me. If the reason was sufficient, I wouldn't hit her back, nor would I a man. However, if her response is not to my liking, she would receive a punch in return, same with a man.

Fair's fair, after all.

If she stops I won't do anything as that won't really be self-defense. I would demand to know why she hit me though. If it's beyond the level of a possible joke then I'll ask angrily, otherwise I'll try to not be too angry so as not to seem like I can't take a joke -__-

If she's still attacking me though and it's clearly not just a stupid joke I'm punching her as hard as I can.

I'd ask you why she punched me first. If she kept attacking I'd feel more inclined to defend myself.

I wish some people could reply to these threads without putting the smug 'bitches want equal rights, well you got 'em, ladies' at the end.

OP: I don't hit people. I certainly wouldn't react well though, then again, I'm not the target audience for this thread.

Id probably be crying too much to hit back. More likely though, Id claw her with my nails.

I wouldn't hit her back if she only hit me the once. I'd ignore it. If she hit me again however I'd defend myself by any means necessary.

if i was radomly puched by a girl.. my smart mouth would say ''oh you like it rough do ya"....then i would get punched again by her boyfriend assuming she has one. and she prob does

In all seriousness, I would probably yell "WTF" like most people.

If it was a random single punch, confusedly leave.

If I was genuinely being attacked by someone, then I'd try to get away and defend myself as best as possible (regardless of gender).

What a bunch of pussy pacifists out there. If someone punches you, you punch him back.
But in my case that would be more like take her down, go to side control and several knees to her head from there, after which transition to mount, pin hands to the ground and ask what the fuck is going on here.
And it's not a theoretical stuff- that's exactly what happened to me except for the punch was from guy.

Depends on a bunch of factors, such as force of the punch and if she did anything before said punch.

Most likely reaction would be 'The fuck?!'. If she hit me again, i would grab her arms and headbutt her. This has (weirdly) become my usual opening to violence/fighting due to a bunch of my mates and me doing so at the start of fights by gentlemen agreement.

If, however, i knew the punch was coming and she hit with the typical strength of a girl punching, i'd roll with the punch so she didn't break her hand and glare at her as the only form of reaction.

If it's one punch and one punch only I'll probably just shout the crazy lady down. If she starts repeatedly punching me then of course I'm going to defend myself.

probably not... though all bets are off is she hits my glasses that shit hurts enough to make reason go right out the window

I wish some people could reply to these threads without putting the smug 'bitches want equal rights, well you got 'em, ladies' at the end.

OP: I don't hit people. I certainly wouldn't react well though, then again, I'm not the target audience for this thread.

It's so nice to see how many people are interested in equality (when it means punching women).
Yeah. I do think it's funny though that so many people say they would react with over the top violence and then whine about getting arrested. If someone punches you once and you beat the crap out of them, yeah, you probably will be arrested.

I'd probably be really confused and scared and just try to run away.

If she was acting alone, then no direct witnesses to lie for her, so I'd punch her right back in the abdomen, then make a scene asking her why the hell she hit me before she can even get a word out, at the same time, I'd feel my own face to get the message across that I got hit.

If she was in a group, and they were watching her, I'd make a scene, asking her what the fuck was her problem, making it clear she was a stranger. If repeated punches, there would be a crowd watching and it would be clear she's a fucking psycho and I could sock her in the throat.
That would stop her instantly.

Yes, if you attack me, I'm going to make it my goal to knock you out, and look as innocent as possible doing so.

I'd probably to weirded out to do anything at first, but I suppose if she kept hitting me I'd just start pushing her away. I'm not the type to hit a girl. I guess it depends though. Could this girl conceivably take a punch i.e. is she a petit little thing or a human semitrailer?

My first reaction would be "What the flying F*ck!?", then I'd kidnap her, interrogate her with a good cop bad cop routine, torture her if need be, and if she still doesn't come with a solid reason for hitting me, I'd Falcon Punch her in the nose. Good day.

Definatly if some random girlwere to come along and punch me in the face my payback would be swift and brutal.
I would then question her as to what the hell she was doing and she expected to happen in return.
Then I suppose after that I would see if she had any plans for later and if not would she like to get together later and do something.

I'd attempt to ask why and if the answer was interesting... Ask to buy her a drink? If not then I suppose I'd walk away.

One punch is hardly too much to be fussed over.

I'm afraid I'd have to answer force with disproportinate force and beat her and her entire family to death with a wild ferret tied to a stick.

Or just punch her back while feeling that my paranoia about that crazy looking woman across the street whose been punching people for no good reason was validated.

I would probably create a thread that was a thinly-veiled and poorly thought-out response to all the feminist arguments recently.

Or, y'know, stub a cigarette out in her eye. I should probably take up smoking though....

Honestly I'd probably shout "What the hell?" and then play the rest by ear.

You Shouldn't give what you can't take back.
But I don't punch people, I subdue them; almost pacifist, mainly because my morals won't let me hurt people.
Oh crap, what if I'm a Robot and I don't know it O_0

Shaved Apple:
This Thread is for the guys to answer but ladies feel free to answer as well. Personally i would hit a girl if she walked up to me and punched me in the face if I didn't know her.


what point are you trying to make here?

If she was strong, then yes, I would go to town. I won't fight back if anyone too weak to cause me a problem attacks me.

If a girl you didn't know hit you would you hit her back.

No. My dad taught me to never hit women.

I've been punched in the face by three different women (all girlfriend, all with fiery tempers) and I barely registered any pain. I've got a pretty solid jaw. If I got hit I'd probably just shrug and walk off. If they continued then I'd have to restrain them.

No. I'd ask 'what the fuck?' like a sensible person who uses words and not fists.


Probably, more out of natural reaction and impulsive nature.


Cause it's a girl.

I had a random girl knee me in the crotch before, maybe 20 years ago... I didn't hit her back, cause it would have been unfair. If she would have had strength behind her attack, strength more than a girl, I might have had to lay down some law, but it wasn't like that, so I didn't have to.

I haven't had to tell a girl something twice either. So no black eyes here.

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