Does anyone still play Skyrim?

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I started with an Argonian yesterday, this is my first playthrough, as I started Oblivion first. So far this is looking much better.

No. I picked it up again after the PS3 patch that fixed the lag issues, but not since then. I'm done with the game. I've put hundreds of hours in it before I realized just how meaningless Skyrim is. Don't get me wrong, it has a lot of great stuff in it and is ideal for RPing, but that nothing you do has any real consequence in the game started to really bother me.

I occasionally go and download the coolest mods on the Workshop, install them and never even launch the game. Does that count?

played for 7 hours when I first got it and Haven't looked back

I wish I could like it but I really can't

I only stopped because my PS3 copy became nearly unplayable. I recently fixed the problems by deleting everything, reinstalled it all and have spent about twenty hours over the weekend (Yeah, not as impressive as those that racked up a hundred hours after the game had been out for a hundred and ten hours, but whateves). Dawnguard looks pretty cool too.

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