Who here exercises?

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And what do you do? Sports specific training? Bodybuilding? Powerlifting? Endurance training?
Going on a walk once a day? What do you do?

I walk to school everyday and I plan to start boxing with my mates.

I do a fair bit of walking but, to be honest, I've become really lazy since I started my Masters. I'm not eating healthily, I don't go to the gym at all anymore and I take the bus to get across town sometimes, which I never used to do. I tend to just do the bare minimum so my weight doesn't shoot up.

I'll be finished in September though, so after a week of celebrating I'll get myself back under control, hopefully.

When I do go to the gym I tend to stick to cardio.

i dont at least not in my free time..but i do have to cycle about 15 miles everyday for work and my work is mostly heavy lifting and pulling stuff around on pallet trucks so im keeping pretty fit.

but yea.. if im not being paid to move..i dont much

I run 5 miles every other day, and on the days inbetween I do 45 minutes of weight and bodyweight training (overall, like I'll time myself doing exercises until the total amount of time spent JUST exercising (ie. not including rests) adds up to 45 minutes).

I feel great.

I do a hell of a lot of gym work.

I'm a personal trainer so have to keep myself in shape.

I run 4 miles every other week day morning and then on Sundays I go for a longer run of 10 miles. I finish my exams tomorrow so I'll probably start to do some more exercise instead of just running

Taekwando, jogging, tennis, and the gym.

I walk my dog three times a day and I go everywhere I need to on foot or by bicycle.

I'm still sorta fluffy though.

Run 2-3 times a week.
Not now during my finals though, can't find the time and when I do have a break, I don't feel like it.

Absolutely fuck all here, just a healthy diet to keep me in a suitable state, I don't wanna get fat :3

Diddly squat, besides walking to anywhere within a reasonable distance. And probably won't until my weight starts to seriously effect me, in which case I'll be glad to take up cycling again.

The pursuit of fitness beyond necessity (Military, fire brigade, the personal trainer example above) always strikes me as vanity.

I usually do weights + cardio... got a personal trainer and a plan.. and if i dont do as he says.. i get chewed out :P haha oh well.. its 5 bucks put to good use!

i do fuck all sit on bed and watch tv or player on my computer the only time i do any exercises is at school were have to

I do some regular jogging, but that's about it. I used to do lots of football a few years back, but I somehow became the lazy bum that I am now.

45minites of exercise a day. Im rather obsessive with it.

Do bodybuilding on 1st day to keep my muscles toned and 2nd day i do some exercise with either rowing machine or punch bag to not let my stamina drop too much for 30mins then last 15mins back to lifting weights. Then i repeat the cycle.

Amusing thing is im still a bit porky.

Mostly running cross-country on some pretty rough terrain, although I have been known to cycle and swim in the past (currently out of training for those two). Also a few hikes every now and then, but they take up so much time.

Running, bike riding, push ups, sit ups, squats. Basically stuff you can do in your house without equipment. I hate gyms so I just do stuff at home.

Bike to school and take walks sometimes. Mostly to clear my mind, but they do add up.
I have a set of adjustable dumbbells I use for weightlifting, and there's crunches/push-ups etc.

But no dedicated sport or gym membership or anything.

Three days a week I'll walk six miles and do pull-ups on trees, but that's it.

I try to be at the gym at least 3 times a week.
haven't been for a couple of weeks now though, shoulder injury.

I bought a cross-trainer a few weeks back which is now parked infront of the PS3. Its amazing how much time passes when your playing and you don't realize it, and how sore your legs can get.

I'm on that for about 1/1.5 hours a day.

I walk everywhere that's not unreasonably far away. Probably 5km average per day just getting to places. I used to run cross country when I was in school, not so much now.

predominantely walking and weightlifting (not powerlifting or bodybuilding), just weight training

I always park far at uni to make myself walk more and do martial arts training twice a week. I've been thinking about taking up Tabata workouts.

Crunches, push-ups, and some weights most days. Walk everywhere too, for what it's worth.

Long distance cycle rides, looking to do west cost of England to east in a few weeks time. about 80 miles a day for 2 days... Nothing major yet but one day I would like to ride north to south... 1000 miles in roughly 12 days. We'll see.

Also, if there is anyone who knows any good long distance events in England, PM me. One in a million shot but my friend and I are struggling to find good events that don't ask you to raise over a grand for charity. (We have done a few charity rides but we like to do about 4 events a year, many charities really will demand outrageous amounts of money.

Ice skating once a week, often twice. Walk to the shops/McDonalds (shut up it's still exercise), and I was doing Wushu classes at my Uni, and probably will again once second semester starts. I get really bored with exercising for the sake of it, but if it's fun or I have a goal (like a burger) then I'll happily do it. Hell, I put my tooth through my lip just last night ice skating and I'm still planning on doing it again. The ice skating, that is, I'm kinda hoping I won't pierce my lip again.

I train.
Sunday and sometimes Thursday a 2 hour football game with my mates, then monday, wednesday and friday I hit the gym, weightlifting (I don't think my training can be categorized here, maybe endurance is teh closest) and tuesday and thursday I go out on about 10km joggs (about 40 min thing) and if I feel like it saturday is also jog day, or extra gym day if my mates pull me along.

I walk the dog and have started going to to local gym, nothing special...

I do weights four times a week and I try to walk at least a mile a day. On the downside, my diet is awful, more for lack of eating than eating too much rubbish.

I do a hell of a lot of gym work.

I'm a personal trainer so have to keep myself in shape.

I don't know if this would fall under your area of expertise, but any chance you could recommend some good foods to help build muscle? (Taste isn't an issue; I've not really got any left.)

Walk everywhere and play squash (also football when I can, mainly five-a-side unfortunately my friends tend not to be football fans :( ). Sport is fun and so is keeping in good health but I can't be bothered with activities specifically for keeping yourself fit. I need to compete and challenge my brain a bit :D

Other than walking, I am medically unable to. I shall list my problems, from smallest to biggest.
I have Asthma. Also my lungs are incredibly inefficient. And I don't even smoke.
I have a deformed left hip.
I have surgically cut Achilles' tendons in order to extend them, so I could walk normally.

Though I did used to go to a gym when my local council subsided the fees in an attempt to make the community healthier. I stopped when the scheme did, couldn't afford it.

I do, but not much. I lift weights (10kg, 100 repetitions each arm) and I do push-ups (100-150 a day) and stomach crunches (100-200 a day). Also I use my bike to go pretty much anywhere within the city.
It's mostly to complement my diet, so my body doesn't start burning muscle instead of fat. Seems to work, too - just lost 48kg in 20 weeks while building up quite a bit of muscle mass, I feel great. :D

Did a lot more when the college gym was available. Hard to keep to a schedule now though.

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