Most Likely End Of World Scenario
Virus Apocalypse (Contagion, 28 days later)
24.2% (50)
24.2% (50)
Nuclear Apocalypse (fallout)
45.9% (95)
45.9% (95)
Alien Apocalypse (Independence day)
1% (2)
1% (2)
Zombie Apocalypse (Night of the living dead)
2.9% (6)
2.9% (6)
Asteriod Apocalypse (Armageddon, deep impact)
14% (29)
14% (29)
Technology Apocalypse (terminator, the matrix)
12.1% (25)
12.1% (25)
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Poll: Most Likely End Of World Scenario

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Obviously Third Impact will end the world. Duh!

But if we're good we'll return to life right D:?

As long as we can imagine ourselves in our hearts again.

Although we'll need a very troubled fourteen year old boy at the center of it all to stop Third Impact from truly completing :P

Uhhh....Wasn't it an emotionally unstable, very troubled fourteen-year-old boy that started it in the first place, thus screwing everything up and turning everyone into goopy orange Tang?

Also, go outside, find a few random passerbys, and just look at them. I mean, really look at them. Do you really think that anyone is going to "imagine [them]selves in [their] hearts again"? Even if it's just enough for them to reconstitute themselves and recreate their bodies?

...Yyyyyeah, no, if that happens, we're all fucked.

OT: The most likely apocalypse would be either man-made (from within) or by asteroid (from without).

captcha: on the ball. Thank you, Skynet!

If I were a betting man, I'd say, another Ice age.

You need other.

I think environmental apocalypse.

Destroyed forests, over population, over pollution, you name it; only Captain Planet can save us.

For the sake of the poll, I voted nuclear apocalypse because we have the bombs and people CAN get about that stupid.

However, I don't honestly believe that we're all in a hurry to die. Instead, a fanatical cult devoted to the old ways will decide that humanity is too sick to survive and summon...

{1} Gozer (Gozerian, Traveler, Destructor, etc.)
{2} Cthulhu (Or any other significant Great Old One.)
{3} Gazuga (See "The Cleansing" for further details.)

...and cause all of us to become very dead.

When we've used up all the resources and wrecked half the planet that's when the real wars will start. Eventually someone will get dumb or desperate enough to launch a nuke.


Sol going supernova.

I don't think it has the mass to do that, it'll swell up into a red giant, in which it'll eat the earth, and then turn into a white dwarf or something.

Well, that sounded ill-informed.

I was going to say supernova, but okay that then.
Even if the nukes start flying there'll still be some of us around, were pragmatic fuckers.

Raven's Nest:

Eddie the head:

Raven's Nest:

I heard they are using 170 odd huge lasers to start the process now, supposedly the most powerful ever made... Colour me unconvinced haha.

You really have no idea how fusion works do you? Think of it this way you are not going to bake a cake when what you meant to do was make an omelet. You might end up with scrambled eggs but you are not going to get a cake.

I'm no expert but I did just read this.

sorry but just have to say that this is the daily mail and you can't really take what they print seriously these days ( well IMO)

OT: My ideal end of world would be zombies, but i think in all honesty it will be global warming.

Godzilla will appear and have explosive incontinence. Then, someone will fire something at it that causes fire or explodes.

End of Earth.

Failing that, religion's relevance will start to fade away from social and political positions of power as the people realize it's the leading cause of death, hatred and religious wingnuts will attain nuclear weapons and destroy everything before they lose said power in an attempt to make people realize God loves them but only if you worship him in their special way.

Failing that, I will clog 38 toilets simultaneously and then divide by zero. Preferably after Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Zombie Apocalypse that awesome and I be one survives as I have so much knowledge about zombie from watching TV and movies and playing games

I think an asteroid would be the most likely. There are craptons of rocks floating around in space as we speak. The possibility that even one could cross our path seems pretty high to me. If it was big enough, I doubt there would be any way to destroy it before it hit. Some would run, some would cry, and some would sit back and accept their impending doom.

It'd be like Majora's Mask all over again! Except, y'know, no physical embodiment of all evil throwing the moon into Earth for kicks.

Well, the most obvious answer is when the Crab People appear from the depths of the ocean to reclaim there forgotten homeland.


Raven's Nest:
I'm no expert but I did just read this.

sorry but just have to say that this is the daily mail and you can't really take what they print seriously these days ( well IMO)

OT: My ideal end of world would be zombies, but i think in all honesty it will be global warming.

The daily mail have a reputation for sensationalism not outright lying. Their news is often as reliable as any other, and certain topics however are presented with a clear political bias or sense of personal outrage. This article displays no such behaviour.

I'll just be leaving these two links here, both apply to the topic in their own way. Yay science!


Raven's Nest:
Second to that, nuclear fall out. Either by missile or attempts to create fusion power plants.

I'm pretty sure one of the big positive points behind fusion power is that you don't get fallout if it all goes bang.

True, but it's a pretty big bang none the less :P

OT: I think it would be pretty hard for man to kill every single person out there. Quite impossible even to kill every single living thing. The most damage would be done by an asteroid I think and even that wouldn't wipe out all life (although it has a high chance of wiping out human life).

I know a virus is a favourite for a lot of people out there. But finding a virus for which noone is immune is quite a feat. Something even nature doesn't come up with. And mother nature can be quite the vindictive bitch. Lately there is much scare about the bird flu. People going: it will kill us all! oh noes!
It will not kill us all. It's just the flu... The only difference is it is a completely new strain for which we have no antibodies yet. Estimated death toll world wide is in the millions. Not billions.

A nuclear fallout will kill our civilization but not our species (most likely). Unless they either A)drop a few bombs in our upper atmosphere B) nuke every last square inch of our planets surface. And I mean every last inch! Not just the major cities. Who would want to nuke canada or australia O.o?

That's my two cents.

Captcha: love is automatic, aaaaaw I love you too captcha

nuke apocalypse
the US run out of stuff, others won't just give it to them, they start going apeshit crazy (but this time for real), nuking shit out of whatever (after conventional attacks), then others will join in - the end.
not a pretty story.

A viral outbreak that occurs due to a giant bald pregnant woman made of marble traveling through into Tokyo from a magical world and losing a rhythm game against a red dragon and a psychotic swordsman riding on it's back...

nuke apocalypse
the US run out of stuff, others won't just give it to them, they start going apeshit crazy (but this time for real), nuking shit out of whatever (after conventional attacks), then others will join in - the end.
not a pretty story.

Uncle sam:Give us water/oil/food!
Other country: No!
Uncle sam: Fire the nukes!
Other country: Omg you're such a di-*BOOM*
Uncle sam: deploy the troops to get the food/water/oil!
General: eh sir... what about the nuclear fallout contaminating everything? Besides you blew up 3/4 of the food supply.
Uncle sam: Fuck... clearly I did not think this through

I think my avatar is quite appropriate in this situation.

What is the 'end of the world' in this case? Complete destruction of the planet, every single last human being, or just current civilisation?

Completely destroying the planet itself is unlikely, unless the sun would go. All-out atomic war or an asteroid strike (or gamma ray burst, etc) could really mess things up, but is unlikely to truly exterminate all life. The chance of it being 'just another extinction event' is far greater.

Destruction of humanity is a possibility, but we're very tenacious, and everywhere. Even in the case of a mass extinction event, we're likely to be able to adapt (even though we'd have horrible amounts of casualties and all that). There's 7 billion of us, and we only need a few thousand survivors for re-population / keeping the species going. If 0.00001% of humanity would survive, that'd be 70 000 people right there.

Destruction of current civilisation is a very real possibility, especially because our society is so highly developed. Our trade routes, food supply and energy networks are all very extensive, complex and fragile, and we really can't do well without.

The most interesting idea though: What if humanity transcended it's humanity? By 2030 we could've cured most diseases with Genetics, Nanotechnology and Robotics, and dramatically change what it means to be a human being. By 2040, people might spend more time in virtual reality than in the real world. This would be the best-case scenario 'end of the current world'.

I grew up thinking that the world would end in a firey nuclear apocalypse well before the turn of the century...
Obviously that didn't happen despite the warnings of Threads, Sun Ra, and Sting. Now I am inclined to agree with Eliot the world will end not with a bang but a wimper. I'm going to go with climatic disaster ie. an Ice Age.

Nuclear War it's a motherfucker, don't you know.
When they push that button, your ass gonna go...

i know what you mean ive still got books around the house that show how to build a fallout shelter, how much times needed and supplies to stock.

personally i tend to agree with you i dont see the world going out with a fire ball but a slow inevitable break down of society

Viral contagion is just a matter of time and immoral governments. See "The Stand" for a surprisingly believablee 'patient zero' hypothesis (accident in viral lab, soldier flees with intent to die with/escape to loved ones, infects massive chunk of america, madagascar closes seaport)
Other than that, asteroids have happened before, and will happen again. Just a matter of waiting (and assuming we don't have cheap spaceflight by then)

If the bible is right the world will explode. (sly dylan quoting FTW)
Seriously though I'm rooting for Cthulhu apocalypse, it's got everything an we're powerless to stop it.
Going from the sheer statistics of movies I'd have to say zomies though.

Nukes or some random event on a galactic scale that we have no control over.

Global warming is a serious problem but it's never going to cause the end of the world or the extinction of humanity. I'm not saying it won't casue the deaths of billions of people however.

For tech to cause the end of the world you need to allow stupid people to do the programming, the idea of an artificial intelligence going rogue and taking over the planet is fundamentally flawed in that any Ai that we're likely to create is going to lack even a basic will to live unless we program it in.

Zombies are too mainstream now, everyone would know how to deal with them :p

I don't see a virus completely wiping out the species as a likely outcome, we're very good at adapting to known threats and to be honest we aren't too far off technology capable of almost all disease. (give it 50 years)

Aliens would be cool, I wanna meet an alien :3

a massive hike in fuel prices to about three or four times what they are now.

Are you american? If so, we in the Uk and other countries already have 3-4 times your fuel prices. This kind of thing always amuses me, it's like that doomsday scenario I read once where someone was talking about anarchy caused by tax rising to 30%.

Nuclear war will never happen. You really have to be an idiot to believe it will. If one country launches nukes, other countries will launch nukes, then allied countries will launch nukes and then all countries cease to exist, which means it would be pointless to launch them and every country knows this. Mutually Assured Destruction(MAD) was coined after WW2 when other countries got nukes. No country/person/political party/radical group would achieve anything from launching nukes.

OT: Asteroid or the Sun blowing up. Sun blowing up will happen one day, no way to stop it, but a large asteroid could wipe out life as we know it, but after a few million years life would return, just like before.

I'm not seeing any Gamma Ray Bursts on there...

I am disappoint. I reckon some great, random space anomaly is going to wipe out Earth - if not, then there's always the coming Galactic Crunch with Andromeda (and considering the Sol System sits on the arm of the Milky Way... I guess we'll be some of the first planets to go when that time comes) that'll get us if we manage to make it through everything else.

Space, man - it's out to get us.

I'm still very certain it'll be nukes that kill us all. All it takes is one idiot to launch the first one and it's all over. Either that or the asteroid heading here for 2030 I think it is.

Personally I think it will be the Beardpocalypse... Beards will become sentient, detach from the faces of those with beards and march! We're doomed I tells ya! DOOMED!

I don't think nuclear war is all that likely, unless the world governments all decide that fucking SUICIDE it the best way to resolve any disagreements.

Alien apocalypse is least likely of all, the likeliness of a world other than ours that can sustain life is very slim, this scenario is made even more slim with the odds of life actually existing on this world long enough to develop society, space travel and all in the same timespan as our existence (these civilizations could already have existed or still need to exist at some point) and of course without going extinct themselves in the process before learning of us (also a slim chance of that), deciding to kill us (come on, why bother?) and finally reaching us from the lolwtfbbq long distances they'd have to travel.

The zombie apocalypse...oh please it is the easiest apocalypse to deal with of all. As long as it isn't the airborne-virus animalistic zombie apocalypse where they WON'T all be walking braindead fleshbags getting picked off by predators or walking off bridges.

From what I have seen of modern technology I have little fear of an AI demanding our destruction, anyone read the story of google's AI that was set loose on the internet? and within microseconds immediately began to look for one thing...adorable cat videos.

A virus apocalypse I can see killing allot of people but I am sure we would get infected areas quarantined fast enough to prevent spread.

From what I have read of all the ways space seems to be deliberately trying to kill us on a daily basis I'd say an asteroid is most likely to kill us, or the sun dying, or any other space-related incident (that isn't aliens).

Captcha: Snow flurry
I bet NO ONE would see an apocalypse caused by that coming.
Wait, it could work like in The day after tomorrow...shit

The two most likely scenarios are not on this list. Economic crash, which gets less likely every day, but is still a very real possibility. And the most likely is something that has actually happened before. A large solar flare hitting earth causes nearly global EMP effects. In 1859 one such flare happened and hit earth, it was so large it was visible to the naked eye and it was how we discovered solar flares. It also shut down 70% of the planet's telegraph lines, setting many of them on fire.

If that same flare hit today, 70% of the planets power grid would go down, the transformers would be destroyed. There is a 12% chance that a flare of similar size will hit earth in the next decade.

Such an event would be catastrophic, crippling our already limited abilities to repair the grid. Long before any such repair would take place, chaos would rein supreme.

My vote is on Viral or Technological, whichever gets to us first.

If it's viral, it will be from the overuse of antibiotics and such creating a nigh-unkillable pathogen that spreads fast and kills quickly. Bonus points if the virus causes zombification.

If it's technological, it won't be a robot uprising or anything like that, it'll be something like a massive solar flare crippling all the technology we depend upon. We'll all just wake up one day and nothing will turn on. Commence riots and mass panic.

Atmos Duality:
Neo-Fascist takeover by sex-crazed porpoises. We underestimated their numbers. We underestimated their genius, their engineering corpus, their planning.
They know their time has come now that Steve Irwin is no longer here to protect us.

Probably mass-disease or biological warfare.
Strife in the Middle East boils over due to the collapse of the local water table.

Oh, please. We know that once things go pear shaped, the dolphins will leg it(Ok, maybe fin it) into outer space while thanking us for all the fish.

OT: That's because if games have taught me anything, it's that terrorists and the Russians are running off with nukes stolen from Uncle Same all the time so I picked nuclear.

But what I'm hoping(ok, strong word but you know what I mean) for is Cthullu and Godzilla rising from the sea and duking it out. Eat your heart out film 2012, the real end of the world will be more spectacular than your shitfest

Something to do with particles being unhappy like in the godawful 2012 film. Or The Third Impact, both seem like likely options.

Most likely a Nuclear War with the rest of the population to be killed off by disease and famine.

A messianic cult obtaining and using apocalyptic weapons.

Nuclear war.

Now, I absolutely agree with Esotera though: it's gonna be a gradual decline for a while as the economy collapses and starvation rises.

But I think before we all just fade away in that scenario, someone's gonna snap and start nuking the place.

Wait, are we talking about the WORLD coming to an end, or the Human race coming to an end, or Life coming to an end?

Because those are very different scenario's that require different "End game" situations.

None of the above, For example, would destroy planet earth, nor would they likely end all life on earth. But they are fairly good for the end of humans...but humans are not "The world".

first a killer virus is released...then the UN drop a nuclear bomb on location. (but before that )the country of said location says f#Wk you and launch nukes at every other country.

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