Are you boycotting any companies?

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I don't buy EA or Ubisoft, but because of personal choice, not "boycott".

I don't buy products from Nestle, don't like their use of non-plantation palm oil and palm sugar

I boycott Budweiser because I met a couple of the people who owned the company once, and they were tremendous douches, so I do my best not to give that family a cent of my money, no matter how indirectly it might reach them. It doesn't hurt my cause that their beer is awful. When I drink beer, I will pay for the better stuff 9 times out of 10, but if I have to drink shitty beer, then I will choose a shitty beer that isn't Budweiser. Even Natty Light.

Natty Light, good god. That horrible beer got me through college, at 7 bucks a case.

I avoid Applebees. I kept getting foreign objects i my food... even at locations in other states. Metal shavings, broken off pencil head, paper clip.


Since consoles don't have DRM, I don't really share the hatred my PC brethren have for it.

DRM is deeply part of a console's OS, try copying a disk or cracking the software and loading it to the hard drive. Trust me, consoles are controlling users in DRM like fashion more than the DRM you find on PC's.

I stand corrected. Still, it doesn't usually cause the same problems as on certain PC games like not being able to play a game while servers are offline.

Outright refuse to buy Nike, and always check the work/business ethics of other companies likely to go with the "made by children for children" approach.


I don't buy products from Nestle, don't like their use of non-plantation palm oil and palm sugar

THAT is the reason you refuse to buy Nestlé?

How about:
Convincing mothers that their milk lacking in nutrients was healthier than breast milk:
Willingly and knowingly using what is essentially slave labour to harvest their chocolate. (Granted many more companies that produce sweets are aware but that does not make this acceptable):
Just a general list of their naughtiness aforementioned and otherwise:

Outright? Ubisoft for their shitty engine that still fails on semi-modern hardware & newer (still pissed about wasting $130 on the F3 collector's ed);
Blizzard for storing my credit card number uncensored in my account page and using tissue thin security to protect it (my account was hacked and my cc number used to buy 2 years of wow and a ton of stuff in thailand);
finally, Bonds clothing company for shutting down all of their Australian operations, sacking every worker, giving the executives huge bonuses and shipping all the jobs to slave labour sweatshops in china (probably next door to the nike & apple factories).

EA,Bioware for failing to deliver with SWTOR and their lying ways.
Activsion,Infinity Ward for them screwing up with PC MW2.



Also refusing to talk to Lloyds bank, for the fact they are charging me £5 (to go up to £6) should I dare to go into my overdraft. It takes the piss just a little bit as they had a tax payer bailout a couple of years ago so it kinda feels like I'm paying for this banks survival twice.

So what, you expect them to give you the product you requested and agreed to, for free? Just don't use it if it worries you that much. If you need it, then you need to agree to their terms. that simple.

To be fair, I never asked for it, it was just kinda given to me and up until a couple of years ago it was pretty much free, just a couple of pence for the interest you accrued on the overdraft. If thy had changed their terms when money wasn't so tight, I wouldn't have been happy, but I would have been "fair enough". But to introduce it when everyone is struggling for money I think is taking the piss, its a tax on the poor when the heads of these banks still earn millions in bonuses and as soon as I find a better job which will hopefully be in the next 6 months, I'm going to change my bank.

Yes maybe I am being a little entitled about this, but I maintain my right to be annoyed about now having to pay for something that I had use of for free for about 15 years.


Anything made or affilliated with PepsiCo, like 7up, Mountain Dew, Lay's crisps, Gatorade, Tropicana, Doritos, Lipton, Cheetos and, of course, Pepsi and it's variants. It's a shame because I used to quite like Doritos.

Any reason why?
I work next to their Head Office and you get so many bags of Walkers Crisps free. :D

Crap! They make Walkers, forgive me mother.

In all honesty, I don't neccessarily boycott them, but, if I have an option, I will eat the non-PepsiCo product

I don't use facebook but thats due to not feeling a need to than a active boycott.

Not so much a boycott as 'not interested in anything they make or do and also happen to think they're scummy.'


My mum boycotts Barclays bank though. Apparently they supported Apartheid and all sorts of other horrible things.

To some degree, I boycott EA, Ubisoft, Capcom and Activision. To every degree, Bioware, Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

The only one I really upheld was GAME, clearly that made a huge diffrence.

Frankly if a feel a product is worth my money I will buy it, if it isn't I wont. That's how capitalism works and it's served me well so far.

Origin, though not for any major reason. I already have Steam, and EA hasn't done much lately that I want in on. I would probably have bought BF3 if it was on Steam, but only on sale since I'm not hugely into shooters.

I would boycott that chickaflicka thing, due to the homophobic owner, but I've never fuckin' heard of the damn place before this, and I'm a vegetarian already anyway so that's all pretty moot.

I was anti Apple for the longest time, but now I have an iPod, and it's ok I guess. Not hugely overwhelming compared to any other MP3 player I've ever had. The authenticator app is nice though.

Apple, Asus, Acer and eMachines... pretty much anyone that makes underpowered hardware on purpose.

I don't like to use word "boycott", I might buy something from Apple eventually and buy second game on Origin (currently I have only ME3 on it)
But closest thing to boycott from my side is my dislike towards Activision
Why? Battlezone
and while I understand that name belongs to Atari, Activision owns game content

Hey Activision I have a crazy idea
Why not instead of CoBS10 make NotBattlezone3?
Name it differentially but continue the story, use same setting, same game elements, etc.
Until then I won't buy any Activision game

Nope. If a company does everything right for a product, there's no reason for me not to buy it. Stick AND carrot, you see.

Because as much as I harp on Ubisoft for... well, everything, I still bought Rayman Origins because I had no grievances with it.

I never really understand when someone boycotts something based on the views of one person in that company. Perhaps if that person uses proceeds from the company to fund something I disagree with i.e. if the Chick-a-fil guy started funding homophobic organizations then yes, I would boycott him, but otherwise, there isn't really much point.

I won't buy EA, Activision, or Ubisoft games anymore unless they're used, even when I can afford them new and full-price. They don't deserve the money. I'd rather give it all to the game store, because I see visible evidence of the people there actually doing work. I avoid the DLC as well; if the DLC contains story that I want to hear, I youtube it.

To be honest, sometimes it's hard to tell if their games are even worth the time spent playing them. Looking at you, AC: Revelations. I was excited about AC3 until I bought you a week ago, but now I'm merely expecting another disappointment, and mourning the potential that Ubisoft is wasting, because they own the rights and will never let anyone come back and do it correctly.

After all the problems I've had with this (my current) computer. I refuse to buy anything with AMD components. I voraciously doubt their quality.

No more EA or Activision for me. Ever.
I also never bought anything from Apple and I guess I never will be. Good looking but otherwise crappy and too expensive.


I try to avoid Australian-owned companies, but that's because I'm a racist twit, but I don't buy games related to EA, despite really wanting Battlefield3 and The Sims3 because their business practices can seriously fuck off.

Way to show support. I don't buy Rock Star either. I read a lot of articles about their practices, all of which left me disappointed.



Since consoles don't have DRM, I don't really share the hatred my PC brethren have for it.

DRM is deeply part of a console's OS, try copying a disk or cracking the software and loading it to the hard drive. Trust me, consoles are controlling users in DRM like fashion more than the DRM you find on PC's.

I stand corrected. Still, it doesn't usually cause the same problems as on certain PC games like not being able to play a game while servers are offline.

Indeed, the subtlety is the differentiating factor here. PC DRM is really "in your face", hence the increased negative response you get. Most studios/devs have this archaic notion that all PC gamers are intrinsicly morally devoid hackers. We have a bad group of eggs that give the rest of the honest community a bad name. Unfortunately, that "lowest common denominator", if you can call them that, is what studio's develop towards.

Nope. Boycotting is an ineffective method of protest unless it's on a very, very large scale. No company cares about losing a couple of customers, and besides, most large companies have done something to make them worthy of boycotting, so you'd end up buying virtually nothing from anyone if you got really into the practice of avoiding them.

That said, I tend to try to buy stuff from companies that seem more reputable when possible. Like, I'll buy stuff from Steam instead of Origin, for example, and not only because Steam is better.

Easton Dark:

The Red Goblin:
I refuse to buy any Bioware products until Hepler is gone. Just knowing that a single cent of my money could go to her sickens me.

What? Why's Hepler so bad? Is this about her not liking games?

No, this is about her being in a position that most writers can only dream about with below average writing skills, her being the epitome of the cancer of the gaming industry and hiding behind her vagina.

It was around the time of her entire debacle that game developers started to tone down anything that might maybe offend someone and destroy series by changing fundamentals. The even worse part is, gaming communities welcomed it. Games are gradually becoming more "safe", with less violence, less sex and BRACE FOR IMPACT: Women suddenly being above any kind of injustice.

Jennifer Hepler was the countdown sequence for a rocket of shit.

Only EA due to them just being genral asshats.
Mostly the whole Origin thing.
Avioding that like a 2 dollar hooker.

EA right now, but that's only because of Origin. It's not a form of protest, I just don't like using Origin. Put it on Steam. Then I'll buy it.

EA as long as they use the origin distribution platform.... I missed out of BF3 because of it but there is no way I'm installing and running that filth on my computer, ever.

I'm boycotting Lynx because their adverts display a level of immaturity that just makes me wince. I know it's tongue in cheek but I just can't help but hate it.

Let's see... Chick Fil A for the owner's offensive views... Dominoes for its owners offensive views... EA, THQ, and mostly Ubisoft for their horribifuckus DRM... short version: Any company with overly controlling DRM, any company that gives money for causes I can't get behind that I know of, I avoid buying things at Walmart (though that won't stop me from getting things from them,) among many other things.

There are companies I've used in the past where the products/services haven't met expectations. Said companies no longer have me as a customer, but I'm not sure this counts as a boycott.

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