Your opinion on rule 34/63 on anime/video games characters

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we all know what rule 34 is??? Right if not? its simple "if it exist their is porn of it"

we've all seen porn on a lot different animes and videogames. But the question should such a thing have a right to exist?

while rule 63 is "their is a female version of a male character and vice versa" I mean we've all seen female link and male Samus. What about female sly cooper and male lara croft?Should such a thing also have a right to exist?

and we could also talk about dirty fanfics and all the yaoi fanart clogging up every part of the internet(I found out today there is pointman/fettle yaoi fanart and king from tekken has tons of gay porn of him as well)

and you have dirty underground sections of anime fans with hentai and furry porn in furry fandom and dirty MLP thread all talking about fucking rainbow dash's vagina or drink pony semen

I don't really understand the discussion value or what your question is.

Are you saying you have a problem with drawn porn?

Who cares what people draw or what drawings people look at when they touch themselves, as long as no one is hurt or victimised I don't see a problem.

Uh, okaaay then. My input here is - don't like it? Don't look for it.
I don't get your hatred towards porn.

Hey I don't care what people jerk it to so long as it isn't pictures of real little kids being exploited.

Should it be, like, prohibited? Why would it be?

Does someone who finds themselves drawing My Little Pony porn re-examine their life? Probably.

I demand more Rei/Shinji Rule 34, and the total elimination of all other Rule 34.

I demand more Rei/Shinji Rule 34, and the total elimination of all other Rule 34.

but....asuka/shinji and misato/shinji....

But the question should such a thing have a right to exist?

may want to rephrase that...

It's not for me tbh though i'm not going to get high and mighty about it, i'm hardly an exemplary human being myself, but unlike some forms of pr0n as far as i can see drawn/fan fic based stuff is completely victimless, provided noone sees it that shouldn't.

as for rule 63 just try and see the funny side, granted it's a migty thin sliver to be sure but...

I'm disgusted by it therefore I don't seek it out. Nuff said.

This thread is going to be hilarious, I can tell.
OT: It sounds to me like you're against it, I can't be sure since you didn't specify your personal opinion.
SHOULD IT HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST? Are you really asking that? If that's what people like, then they can do it. They don't infringe on the rights of anyone else, they don't even effect anyone else unless you stupidly stumble onto a sketchy website, which is YOUR fault, not theirs.
It's fine, people are always going to do it, deal with it.

Are you trying to censor my beautiful internets, boy?

Who died and made you the thought police?
If you don't like it don't look at it.
I can see why you wouldn't like R34 but what the hell's wrong with genderbending characters?

I adore rule 63, and so long as I can manage to avoid things of which I have fond childhood memories with potential for ruining, rule 34 is just stellar as well.

I'm not mad towards rule 34/63 its just I've seen and a lot people love it or hate it. While I sometimes question does that take the fandom to far?

Does it have the right to exist? Seriously?


That's like asking [Insert Female Porn-star Here] if she has the right to exist because of her chosen line of work.

What is this I don't even...

Rule 63 can be non-pornographic y'know.
Check out this bitchin female malzahar

But we already have a male version of Lara Croft, it's Nathan Drake.

I'm personally not a fan of Rule 34, and I avoid Rule 63, so I don't get what's all the fuss about.

It is a thing. As it is a pornographic thing, I am obviously quite familiar with it. As it is a pornographic thing that can cover any number of behaviors or types of content, it is impossible for me to give any criticism. I believe I am done here.

Not sure what you're trying to get at here man. Rule 34 is something that I benefit from sometimes and get traumatized by at other times, so it's 50/50

I love rule 63. I can do without rule 34 being applied to the 63, but still. My avatar on another forum was a series of 63'd comic characters. It's fun.

rulw 63 can be hamrless (when done right)

but other than that people can keep their wierd shit to themselfs....

If you don't like it, then don't look it up. If the worst of your problems is that you saw an explicitly graphic illustration of a fictional character you like, then I'd say you're doing alright.

Rule 34 is purely harmless (bar ruined childhoods) and after seeing some of it for myself, it isn't as bad as I thought.

Rule 63, genderbending is an old practice, o problem with it, if someone wants to draw a Nathan Drake with tits, that's their right, It's just fan art anyway.

Sure, there are people who, as you say, want to fuck animated ponies, but what are they gonna do? and who are they hurting? Keep it to yourself and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I will jerk it to anything with tits that looks good. If *Nate North* had tits and it looked good, I would jerk it so hard i'd blast peppermint swirl across my monitor.

This just crossed my mind... under rule 34 there should be... galaxy porn. Galaxies fucking other galaxies! Can anyone provide links?

I don't really care, to be honest. If it floats someone else's boat, so be it. I'll go back to my vanilla porn and you know, "judge not lest ye blah blah blah".

If you don't like it, don't look at it. If you do, then do. Simple really.

People are free to jerk off to whatever they want. Just don't look for it

In the words of Littlekuriboh, "I think it's nice to indulge in fantasies."

rulw 63 can be hamrless (when done right)

that can be true

To quote Shanicus from another thread:


Yeah, that about sums it up.

EDIT: Addendum: Rule 63 is not so bad, but Rule 34 destroys everything.

I absolutely LOVE rule 34. Granted, it can ruin childhoods, (why Woody, why???) but at the same time it has produced some of the greatest porn in the history of the web. And it can also be INCREDIBLY funny. My personal favorite is an image of Stan Lee yelling "Excelsior!" while leaning out of a giant vagina.

Rule 63 on the other hand, I don't really care too much about. Some of it can be fun, like Assassins Creed, but a lot of it seems sort of pointless.

Who died and made you the thought police?

Isn't it obvious? Andy Griffith.

As an artist I can extend my right to draw who and whatever the fuck I want. Do I draw porn of other peoples characters? No. I find drawing my own characters is more satisfying to that effect... but I have to come up with a back story and then it never goes anywhere, so I just say fuck it and draw boobs.

Although I cannot for the life of me fathom the sexual appeal behind a pony. If someone does, I'm will look at them with one eye brow raised for the rest of their days.

The only major case where I think that Rule 34 genuinely destroyed something, it was the Simpsons. I tried to look up examples of the art style, but all that turned up was BADLY drawn porn.

On the one hand, I guess I can agree that Rule 34 sometimes takes things to unpleasant territories with characters not meant to be portrayed sexually. On the other hand, there are people out there who honestly like being peed on for sexual arousal, and I never see topics debating whether or not that should be allowed to exist.

Ultimately, everyone has their own fetishes and turn-ons. Mine would probably disgust you, yours would probably disgust me; and frankly even if we were into the same things, I'd still rather just assume we weren't and not discuss it. ;P

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