How would a younger "you" view your current self?

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I'm curious.
Would you say you've lived up to what you had planned for yourself in the past?



you have a PS3?????

you have a latop with GAMES!!!???


whats mass effect?.....YOU HAVE MASS EFFECT FIGURES!!!

Younger me would probably like Future me, but probably would be secretly disappointed that I haven't been able to sort out all the issues he was facing.

With the the exception of having not friends, and being very dry, he would be absolutely confused, he wouldn't understand why I'm a nice person now, and he would be extremely disappointed by the fact that I'm not a cat burglar, he would also be sad about being tall now, I know because when I first got tall I was rather annoyed by it, it would be bizarre, in fact I doubt he'd be able to believe we're the same person.

Man..., my older self is such a wimp, just some really overly nice guy, who doesn't confront people at all. I hope I never grow up to be like that, oh wait.

We wouldn't understand each other anymore, I was once an acorn, but I am now a full grown tree.

He'd gut punch me for being such a faggot. I've really mellowed out these past few years.

I would be my own idol, I was a quiet and shy kid and I think he would love to see that he grows up to be an outgoing, talkative, happy and cool guy!

He might be impresssed by how much taller I've grown but other than that he'd probably be depressed that I'm still practically a skeleton and my psychological state has considerably worsened. I don't think I'd blame him, it would suck to find out that rather than fixing your problems you became a paranoid wreck and practically went into hiding rather after you began to get heart pains and indigestion at the mere thought of speaking with someone.

good question I think. I don't feel as though I've actually "matured" at all. When I was little I couldn't wait to grow up and now that I'm grown up its fuckin awesome. My interests have changed with the freedoms being older brings but in the heart of my mind I feel no different than I was when I was like 5 or 8 or whatever. I also long since realized that vaginas are awesome, bill's suck, and its cool to hurt people if they try to hurt you so I figure the younger me would think I'm awesome and go hunting or play games with me anytime.

Younger me would look up at older me with a mixture of awe and admiration and a dawning realisation that younger me would turn gay to fuck older me.

Things worked out better than I ever could have hoped.

I didn't do well at school so went into the army at 16 with my teachers telling me my life would amount to nothing.

Left the army at 28 and started working at a friends gym helping folks come up with fitness plans and how best to train.

2 years later I started working for myself as a personal trainer.

Now i'm knocking on 32 and I own my house, married to an amazing woman, have 5 fantastic kids, have enough money saved that we could retire now and live comfortably and life is great.

You're really uncool.
You're boring, you watch old TV, you listen to old music, you're actually interested in politics? What happened to our dream of joining Scooby-Doo.
Although kudos - you finally found a way to get computer games without Simon beating the crap out of you for taking his.

My younger self would scorn the current me, i used to be so against drugs and partying while i could still play sports, but as soon as i was unable to, i found a liking to beer and weed.

He'd probably say something along the lines of "shit we've grown tall". Other than that we'd just play video games and I'd get my ass kicked :c oh the shame.

I reckon younger me would be fairly disgusted with me now. I think he would be horrified that I no longer listen to nothing but really angry heavy metal and now have quite a diverse taste in music. I reckon he would be really annoyed at how fat I've become and that I now own a PS3 because Nintendo now release consoles with very few decent games on them. And I think he would be fairly amused and horrified at the extent of my drug taking when just a few years before hand he was very anti drugs.

I think he'd be happy that I still have more or less the same friends as I did when I was young, but also pretty depressed that he has what I have become to look forward to.

Mind you, younger me was a bit of a pretentious dick, so I don't really care what he thinks of me now.

Not sure how my obnoxious, unmannerly, asshole, dumbass self would view myself today... I'm still an asshole though.

He'd probably find it awesome that I'm still a Nintendo fanboy but disappointed that I've somewhat switched over to the 360 and have been into First Person Shooters, something I never got into until a few years ago.

Depend which "younger" me is the one that see me.
Kid me was too immature and was a wild child but he would be in awe seeing me (I mean seeing the future you is awesome right?) while the teenage me would see me as a major dissapointment seeing the teenage me was trying to be good in D&T to supass his brother. Don't get me started on my younger "University" self. I think I will treat that old self more like an warning.

Teenage Bassik might need some explanation, but fuck that guy anyway, he was a little shit.

He'd probably ask me why I don't have a girlfriend (You can't have a girlfriend all the time, man), why I stopped playing hardcore games (Because they became too hardcore for me, man), why I sold my Chaos Space Marine army to boost my Imperial Guard (Tanks!), and why I stopped working with the handicapped and play with rocks all day now. (Because rocks are awesome, that is why, little Bassik. Now go away. You are an asshole)

Younger me would be appalled, probably would not recognize me either. Here I am now stumping around with a crutch and a limp, several stone larger than my trim and athletic 11 stone or so and with a rapidly receding hairline.

The house full of high end entertainment systems would cause some awe and respect though. High(ish) end gaming PC, Xbox, home cinema with a large 3D smart TV and all of that stuff I could never afford. Most of money back then went on chemicals and partying, now I rarely leave the house so I made it comfortable.

Older me plays guitar!? In a band!?!? That makes money!?!? And you finally got a girlfriend?! You are so cooooooool.

Yeah I think he'd be impressed with me :D

"I thought you wanted to be a teacher, or a singer? Wtf is wrong with you? Get off your arse, suck it up, and go back to fucking school. AND FOR GODS SAKE MAKE SOME NEW FRIENDS, YOU PUSSY."

My younger self was mean... Well I still am, but she'd be damn ashamed of me. ;_;

He would say : " Damn, you got hot ". BECAUSE I HAVE !!!!

Some people call me arrogant, but I just like being me.

I think i'd burst in through a worm hole telling younger self 'I AM YOUR FUTURE SELF, i'm sorry.......we didn't become an astronaut, we sit though tedious unemployment followed by soul crushing office jobs, spend weekends getting overly drunk and don't have clue what to do about any of it....'

Tho I imagine his main response would be a look of bewildering confusement before asking 'why are you a girl if i'm a boy?!?!?!?!??!'

"You like ponies? The fuck is wrong with you?"
"You'll understand when you're older."

Probably intrigued. This time last year I wanted to know stuff. So since early February I have read 40 history/philosophy/theology books and counting. My past self would be very pleased with myself.

You have a Girlfriend? Sweet!
You have good friends? Sweet!
Good Job? Sweet!
You don't take shit from no one? Awesome!
Playstation 3 and computer games? Yeah!
That stupid twat who made your life hell for years is now a drugged up rat of a person? Fuck Yeah!
You're facing final year exams for Year 12? Less Sweet, kinda sucky

so yeah,
I'd be pretty impressed with myself :D

Younger me would think I was the coolest person on earth, and glad that I can actually handle myself in social situations.


For some reason I think he would like me, as we think pretty much the same way on many things. This is especially clear when I go nostalgic and look for some of the stuff I had when I was younger, and I can see that he sorted and kept the stuff just like I would do now.

My younger self would probably be all "you have money? Come on, we're going to town, and buying a PS3, and as many games as we can afford!"

Assuming I went back to age 15 or so... I think Past Me would think, "Hmm, you mean I have to wait THAT much longer until I'll be a lawyer?" Past Me would also want to know how the hell to talk to women, when he learns to cook, and why Present Me doesn't have a "frustration-at-self"-based berserk button.

In short, Past Me would look at Present Me and hit him up for ideas while wondering why it took so long to get where Past Me thought he was going. If he was paying attention, he might realise that he'd learn a lot more if he just shut up every now and then, and that although he'd have a monkey on his back about always being second-best for a LONG time to come yet, it would end eventually.

"A girl friend is actually worth it? Lol, your such a faggot for having a job.Living with parents is much better."

...given the chance, I'd fucking beat my earlier self into a goddamn coma.

It would go something like this:

Well, after the initial shock of my younger self that I'm still alive...

I think my younger self would be pretty pleased, although slightly disappointed I haven't kept up with the martial arts and a little surprised how mean I've become.

i think my younger self would be upset to see how much more cynical I have become, but still pleased to see that i have maintaned my innate quirkiness ..................also TACOS.

He'd probably think I was fat,w hich I've always thought anyway, be disappointed that I'm in a committed relationship, that I have various figures and stuff, etc.

Disappointed in general.

Stupid little toss pot that he is.

yeah my old self would probably hate me.

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