Your fictional crushes

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Rikku Rikku Rikku Rikku


Not sure if it completely counts as fictional, but whatever.

Easton Dark:


Easton Dark:

Everypony in the chat knows my love extends past the heavens!

There's no way you can best the #1 assistant!

It is now canon.
Easton Dark is best pony stalker.

Never been called a stalker before.

I'd prefer a consensual and loving relationship.

The solution is simple. We'll just let Pinkie clone her!

Hmm, not sure I have one now.

But back in the day.

It was probably because of the shorty shorts. And the red hair.


The solution is simple. We'll just let Pinkie clone her!

I swear I've had this same conversation in a different waifu thread awhile ago.

No, my intense and burning jealousy problem wouldn't allow me to go along with that plan.

When I was a teen, I remember having the biggest crush on Rikku from Final Fantasy X.

FFX Rikku Pictures, Images and Photos

And seeing people cosplay as her didn't scratch the love bug away.

Rikku FFX cosplay Pictures, Images and Photos

When FFX-2 dropped, all I can think about is how much better and 'mature' Rikku had become.

FFX-2 CG Model Rikku Pictures, Images and Photos

And I was hooked on her for life.

Rikku Pictures, Images and Photos

I had a massive crush on her too.

But my first fictional crush was the pink ranger from the first power rangers show.


What is with Nathan Fillion (Even went back to check I spelt his name correctly... Don't want to be shot) and a lot of people having a crush on him? D:

I don't understand why or who he is? Is he the next Charlie Sheen or something? What's happening!?

Though... Apart from having a fan-boy crush when I was 6, on the PS1's Tomb Raider, I'd probably have to say... I can't think of a crush... I've kind of grown out of fiction. :(

I know he's like 60, but I still have a mad crush on The Sorrow. Pale men with long white hair and glasses? Yes, please! I just want to snuggle him and his big black sweater. (Imagining what he might look like younger, *rawr.*)

Simon from Firefly is one serious hottie.

Also...Garrus. Yeah, I have no idea how you do it with a turian, and I hear from Mordin that there can be unfortunate side effects, but I'd totally try it anyway.

waifu wise, Id say



No idea where shes from, and the only reason I saw her at all is a friend used her as a close likeness to what a D&D character she wanted to be would look like. No idea how she knows who Ren is either.

Real wise...

well, real wise I dont have an ideal girlfriend, cause if I did, it'd be very creepy and not healthy since the girl in quesiton was a former GF who passed away and i dont need to go spinning back into that after i got myself out of it in my senior year of highschool.

However male wise, if I was willing to swing that way (not entirely committed yet):

whos also the person I once picked when asked who I would pick to portray me in a movie about my life.

I have two fictional crushes at the moment. One is from my favorite anime (Clannad, just look and my avatar) and the other is from a Visual Novel and whom I currently favorite.

The first girl is Nagisa from the Clannad series.

The other one and the factional girl I like the most (And the one I wish would exist in real life) is Kudryavka Noumi or "Kud", in Little Busters/ Kud Wafter.

I love both but I find Kud more cute. :3

Oh mines definitely!

Greta Gerwig, in everything and anything.

Don't judge me.


Awesome. Just awesome. I will be the first to admit that I'm attracted to strong woman. Up to a certain point. For those of you who think I'm lookin' up; I'm lookin' right in the middle. Lady abs, just lady abs.

I don't know why everyone here is going for Mal, clearly the Firefly sex-muffin is Jayne.

Also, Bodie from The Wire.

David Tenant as the Doctor. Just look at his hair!

This thread has made me realize something. Lot's of people are turned on by things that look suspiciously like the broken link that appears when you hot-link an image from a website instead of dropping it into a host site like photo bucket first. I can't believe that the people who frequent this site could possibly be so lazy, so I must assume that y'all are disturbing sexual deviants.

Although this is an odd question if I had to answer it would be Kasumi form Mass Effect, Veronica form Fallout NV, and Kate form The Drew Carey show. And I am not giving pictures because that's not way I like them. That and I am lazy.

My girlfriend didn't even begin to compare to the magnificence that was Rainbow Dash...
Also, she was quite immature, so I let her go.

i may or may not be alone here....I kinda want to bang Flo from the Progressive commercials :)

When I was younger, more specifically, just coming out of elementary school, a new show on Cartoon Network had just began to start. Some of you may have heard of this show: Teen Titans. Now, I've posted in one of these threads before (trust me, this isn't the first), and my answer has remained unchanged.


I had a serious fictional crush on Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon.


Face in the A-Team. He was a sleaze but he was such a charming sleaze! He could talk his way out of anything and he could get anything he wanted. Plus, he was best mates with Mr. T which is awesome.


Nightwing is just awesome.


Tin-Tin. What do you want me to say about this? It's goddamn Tin-Tin!!

I know she isn't animated, but the present one is Jessica from the later seasons of True Blood. After she stopped being so innocent.

My God...

Even though I'm an older more responsible cyber punk type of guy, I'm still totally in love with the Acid Burn character from Hackers.

Mine is from a book series called the Night Angel trilogy. Her name is Vi. She is a voluptuous redhead who is also the second best assassin in the world. Also she's a sarcastic bitch and pretty much an asshole who turns into just a mother fuc*ing sweet battle mage with a heart of gold. In short...perfect. Alas, no pictures exist of her except the ones in my head...

I am right there with you, my friend. I'd still hit Momma K as well though

I don't know if it's a crush, but Cultist-chan.

Every time I change my avatar or something, I just have to change it back to her within a week...

Okay yeah I guess it's a crush.

Also, can't believe nobody brought up

I'm gonna have to go with this cute little elf here:

Pff, the only one that comes to mind is Lady Lyndis from Fire Emblem. Because, well, she's pretty and she kicks ass.


I prefer to call myself unique.

When I was much younger I totally fancied Artemis Fowl. Ten years later and he's still not legal so now it's just weird.

Actually, as of the latest book, he's 19. Go at it.

Anyways, for me, this is hard. I have way too many fictional crushes. But I'll go with my top five by gender. Most will not be in order, except for my number one female. She is there for a reason.

1. Look to the left.

3. Holly Short. Yes, from Artemis Fowl. DON'T JUDGE ME! ;_;




Chie Satonaka, my muse.

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