Your fictional crushes

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I suck at pictures (and I'm at work), but Edward Elric. Don't give a flying fuck that he's half my age when the series starts - have had a crush on him for years now.

Also, does absolutely any character Chris Hemsworth plays count? Because I think it counts. ... I like Chris.

And Jaime Lannister. Later in the series, I even forgive him for that thing he did that everyone knows about since it was in the first episode - not even sure if it is a spoiler now.

Snape kills Dumbledore, Bruce Willis is dead in the Sixth Sense, Darth Vader is Luke's father (and Leia is his sister), Jaime Lannister's a dick?

Man, those funky pigtails! So hot!

Poison Pictures, Images and Photos

I know that Poison isn't exactly the greatest transgender role model ever, but it's nice that a transsexual character is depicted as anything but a joke in video games.

She might be a walking stereotype, but I sort of had a "crush" on her before I came out as trans, and I still have a teeny bit of a crush on her now, with a hint of jealousy (I wish I had legs like that).

Jessica Rabbit
Morrigan (Dragon Age)
Tali (Mass Effect)
Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive)
Lulu (Final Fantasy X)
Taki and Ivy (Soul Calibur)
X-23 (comics, etc.)
Misty Kilgore (Seven Soldiers of Fortune meta-series by Grant Morrison)
Chiana (Farscape)

... Hm, I'm beginning to sense a pattern. Either busty or goth-y/quirky.

Marceline the Vampire Queen. Who doesn't love a girl who's just plain cool?

zelda for me

I'll probably get a lot of crap for this, but Alyx Vance. Quite attractive, but with intellect and a sense of humor. What's not to like?

Da Orky Man:

I think you can tell where she's from.

Well, to be honest I am a fan of Dax too, but I think I'd have to go with Jadzia

or of course the obligatory:

Ha, all of yours pale in comparison to mine, everything, EVERYTHING that you guys have posted are nothing compared to...

Romantically, Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist. Sexually, Catwoman from Arkham City. Hot damn.

My first was Vincent Valentine from FFVII.
I then wanted Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher.
And now i drag along Lyndon the Scoundrel everywhere i go in Diablo 3. He is not much to look at, I admit. But I do love listening to him.

It would appear that I have a thing for detectives and psychopaths. (Of course Nathan Fillion, David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch and a shit load more actors as well)

Im not sure how to post pictures but I would if I could cause I have 2 digital loves and that would be Tali from Mass Effect and Ayane from Dead or Alive. Maybe I have a thing for strong women in purple but can you blame me?

Holo Spice and wolf

Remember when I had a crush on this Stargate SG1 chick.

And years after she is smooching up an Asian chick in the TV series Sactuary.

That did nothing to forget the crush let me tell you:P

too many to think of but of the top of my head.

Scully from the x-files is probably my longest crush, seriously gillian anderson is still boinkable to this day.

sharon valleri from BSG i adore her looks and personality, but pretty much all the female cylons for their looks. i am a proud toaster lover

rommy from andromeda its a whole lotta woman to love... or ship depending, well AI anyway

hmmm now that i think about it, i might have a thing for robot women.... and scully which kind of make sense

oh and death from the sandman comics

and perhaps ivy from soul clalibur for obvious reasons

I've always liked Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors for some reason. Hmmm, I dunno, maybe it's the cheery, kindred warrior spirit or something.

Don't know if it's been done in the thread before (only skimmed the first page), but I'mma start with my personal mancrush from my favourite series of novels: The Wheel of Time.

For those who don't know the series: Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn


EDIT: Actually, there's another from that series, for exactly 1 reason.
Matrim Cauthon, because I think snarky bastards are sexy.
Also, that hat. DAT HAT


And going by manga/anime, I've only really got 1 crush, too: Revy from Black Lagoon


Daystar Clarion:


there is nothing about this i dont like

Remember when I had a crush on this Stargate SG1 chick.

And years after she is smooching up an Asian chick in the TV series Sactuary.

That did nothing to forget the crush let me tell you:P


OMG, I think I just fainted. How could I forget about Sam Carter?

Also: Holy crap, Sanctuary. That's awesome!

For some reason, when I was young (like, preteen) I had a thing for Princess Ruto off of Ocarina of Time.

No, I don't understand why either. I guess I had a thing for four-eyed fish-women.

jennifer love hewwit in anything

carrie from mythbusters

and my cousin

the chance of love is fictional

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I can think of a few...

I'd say I have a crush on Levy, from Black Lagoon, but she's a bit too much woman for me to handle.

Lina Inverse from Slayers

I sold my soul to Ms. Inverse a long time ago.

If I had to pick anyone else...Zevran and Alistair from DA:O, and Noa from Legend of Legaia.

Yep, she's a cross dresser. I don't know why, but she's pretty much my biggest fictional crush... Wish she was real </3

If we're talking about games, I'm gonna have to go with Alistair from Dragon Age. I'll never be able to look at a lamppost the same way.

While this may seem slightly childish, I have to say both Holly Short as well as Artemis Fowl, from, well, the Artemis Fowl series. I've been reading Artemis Fowl since I was a child, and while the plots are short and simple - with appropriate and interesting twists - the characters, and their interactions between each other, are simply so enjoyable to read that the Artemis Fowl series places itself near the top of my favorite book series of all time. Just finished reading the last book, The Last Guardian, which came out recently, and I really just can't help but love both her and Artemis. I don't hardly ever feel love for characters like I do for these two, so even though it's not really a crush, it's pretty much the only way I can really relate to this topic, haha.

I'm actually feeling extremely depressed now after finishing the series. Another one of my favorite book series ended; more people I love added to the list of characters I will never have the pleasure of meeting again. And another world that could've been that isn't...They're but figments of my imagination, now.

'T was Buffy for me, mates. Pretty, strong and crazy? It's like she was made of creepy guys like me.


Claudia Mann, the adorably klutzy Engineer from Valkyria Chronicles. She's my go-to Engineer, even though I have a better one in reserves.

I'd post pictures, but I'm not sure how...

To post images it's [ img ] *link to image here* [ /img ], just without the spaces. I took the liberty of finding a pic, so hit the quote button to see how the linking looks if my explanation wasn't good enough :P


As for mine though...

[spoiler=From Clannad, Kyou]

I would do terrible, awful things to this robot.

Lets see who I've crushed for over my gaming career.

Final Fantasy

Valkrya Chronicles

*Reserved for others I find when not at work*

I actually quite like my own Saints Row character, grew quite fond of her.


Seeing a lot of people here saying they like Revy from Black Lagoon. Both my laptop's wallpaper and my PS3 wallpaper are different pics of Revy, so i might be a bit Revy-obsessed. I like her in some ways but the way she acts in the anime is so masculine it becomes a bit of a turn off almost.


When I was much younger I totally fancied Artemis Fowl. Ten years later and he's still not legal so now it's just weird.

Actually, as of the latest book, he's 19. Go at it.

HORAY! I was toying with the idea of buying the newest book, now I definitely will!

Probably Chung Li or Cammy from Street Fighter, I grew up with the series what can I say :D

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