Stupid teachers.

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Ryan All:

A SNOW cave?? Are you joking? That's a joke, right? I mean... really.

Hey, snow is a very good insulator. I've slept in a snow cave before, and steam was coming out of the thing.

Please don't let this derail the thread. I just wanted to show my support for the greatness that is snow caves.

This thread is perfect, I had the worst kind of teacher for my last two years at my technical high school. Where to begin?

I should start by stating his condition... he had something or another where his voice became so high pitched, almost like a whistle, that most people couldn't understand him. A tall, hunched over man, he was often seen as a creep... and I would have never had the thought to treat him so if he hadn't proved to be just that. This guy was straight up creepy...

We were the CADD shop, and thus we worked with computers all the time. A friend of mine would often screw around on the internet all day instead of doing his work. Sometimes, this teacher would walk up behind him, place his skinny hands on my friend's shoulders, and begin to massage them. He'd then bring his head to his ear and ask, "Are you doing your work, there, Tyler?"

This happened often enough that we reported the issue to administration, where it seems they had a talk with him. He apologized to Tyler, lifting his hands in the air for show and saying, "I'm not gonna touch you, okay?" I think he did anyway, if memory serves me correctly. Poor Tyler... I can honestly say he was sort of molested. In the end of our last year, this teacher looked over someone's shoulder at the yearbook, saw him, and I quote, "That is an awful nice picture of Tyler there."

This is not near the extent of how idiotic this guy could get... he couldn't teach, and I was one to know. If you asked him about any topic at all, he would ignore your question and start explaining how to do everything. "This is the line command," sort of thing. We knew the basics, but we needed specific help. I was selected, during my junior year, for a competition, where I lost due to not knowing how to properly model a feature. I presented the problem to him on multiple occasions, and each time, he'd shove his finger under his chin, glare at the screen, and without saying a word, walk away as if nothing had been said.

He fell back on his disability, I believe. Must have claimed that we couldn't understand him or some shit like that, but this man could not teach. He was horrible at his job and molested my friend... I never hated a teacher so much in my life.

In 7th grade I had a geography teacher who didn't understand the concept of "people with disabilities". Not only did she needlessly bully me to the point of humiliation for being diagnosed with aspergers, but she flipped her shit when another girl in the class couldn't read the board when she was asked. Not even when everyone else pointed out to her that the girl in question was blind.

I'm sorry, but what.

Luckily she was reported to the principal by parents (including mine, my mum was pretty pissed at her when I came home from school one day crying) and she cut the bullshit.

In highschool my science teacher was doing a math problem on the board for some reason or another. She did it incorrectly. I pointed this out to her. She refused to believe me. I insisted. She told me to come up to the board and prove it. I did so. A fellow classmate who was also in my math class confirmed it. I was kicked out of the room for being too good at math.

The next year I was in a different science class that was very rowdy. I offered to bring the teacher a whistle from my job. She accepted. The next day I bring the whistle in but she isn't there. I go to put the whistle in her desk when the teacher from the previous year, the one who kicked me out of class for being too good at math, walks by and see me. She says to me "put that back where you got it". I say "ok". Yeah, I decided to be a smartass. I put the whistle back in my pocket. She says "I told you to put that back where you got it". I said "I did". I was hauled down to the principles office and she left. Principle asked me what happened. I told him. He, no joke, chuckled and told me to go back to class.

There was one point at middle school where these two classmates of mine were causing an annoying ruckus, the teacher called them out about it and told them they had to stay late in class to clean the desks.

Seems reasonable enough ,right? EXCEPT she turned to the rest of us in class, who she even openly admitted had nothing to do with the ruckus, and told us we had to help do the same thing.

Does that make sense to anyone?

When I was in Public School (in Canada- equivilent to Elementary, grades 1 to 12, age 5 to age 15), my teachers and support staff were convinced I had a crippling learning disability. I wasn't writing and reading from the chalk board. They scared the hell out of my mother suggesting I might be autistic and might be sent to a special school for special children. They did a battery of tests for a whole month, I met countless experts and specialists. What did they learn?

At age 12 I had the vocabulary of a university student, I totally understood scientific theories way beyond my Grade level (Sci-Fi geek from an early age), and was very mature and eloquent for my age.

Also I needed glasses because I couldn't see the effing chalk board.

So a whole bunch of expensive tests (free health care at its best), and they determined I was near-sighted.

This month of testing nevertheless branded me as "special" in the eyes of my Grade 10 teacher. She refused to sign me up for the Enrichment program (a special program for students who perform excellently) because I was once suspected of having autism (at this point thee tests were done over four years ago)- and totally ignoring my grades (which were excellent). My mother came and talked with my teacher but she wouldn't budge. So I flew through my Grade 10 lessons (Enrichment is not as great as it sounds- you actually have to do harder work). My teacher then began complaining I was completing my work too fast and sat around doing nothing. In a rare display of maturity I ignored her complaints for the rest of the school year- although you could say I was faking autism when she would talk to me and I would stare at a blank wall and not listen to her. Yeah I was a bit of a punk that year.

In year 10 we had some ring in teacher for the year for "Australian Studies". The guy was totally useless. We ended up having to do half a semesters work in the last 2 weeks because he had not met the minimum requirements of what to teach us. Turns out most of the stuff he had taught us did not meet the requirements of the curriculum.

We did really screw with him though. About halfway through the semester we were having a lesson in the library which we did at least once a week because he was obsessed with the library. Someone at our table came up with the genius idea of taking the security strip out of a book and slipping it into the book he kept a record of marks in, that he always carried with him. For the rest of the year every time he went through the library security the alarm would go off. You would think it would get old after a while, it did not.

Never really had any stupid teachers. I had teachers who were utter assholes, but that's another story.

In year 5 I had a teacher who told the class to write a horror story. However, she expected us to write a horror story with NO supernatural elements, NO death or even threat of death, and NO 'scary' situations. I ended writing a story about giant bugs. Maybe she misunderstood and thought that by 'giant bugs' I meant simply 'large' rather than 'Spiders the size of a van'.

In my high school, I had an RE teacher who somehow gave people different marks for the EXACT same notes. She also got pissed off if you didn't subscribe to her exact idea of Christianity. And only gave us a few days for projects that other teachers would give us weeks for.

My Geography teacher was an enigma. She was amicable half the time, and then the other half a crazy bitch with a vendetta against the world. I don't know if I found it admirable or not that she admitted she only did teaching for the money. Threw my file on the floor for no real reason, and then shouted at me for starting a piece of work 2 minutes early...because I had finished the work before and had nothing else to do. Got my revenge when she pointed to Thailand on a map and called it 'Vietnam'. I got some happiness from calling her out on that.

My history teacher was a huge, burly welsh motherfucker. He was a dick, but at least an equal opportunity dick; I don't think that there was anyone in my class that he hadn't ripped the shit out of by the end. I think he thought it was all in good fun though, and I don't really feel scarred by the experience.

The (former) head teacher was an fucking bitch as well. She didn't respect the opinions of any of the student body at all, she was a fucking control-freak megalomaniac, and the school only kept her on because she was good at accounting or something. I remember in year 7 she threatened to exclude me for being in the same area as some 'trouble makers' (who were picking up rocks and rolling them down the hill). Had this insane personal vendetta against litter (trash for the yanks in the audience). Listen, I think it looks dirty, but she took it to a whole new level. Our school field was also a public park, and she threatened to stop us going on the school field COMPLETELY because members of the public weren't putting their litter in bins. She gave people after-school detentions for not picking up pieces of litter that they hadn't dropped and hadn't even noticed.

On the other side of the spectrum, there was this one kick-ass science technician that we had who was in the Royal Marines or the SAS or Paras or something like that. He was about 60, but he broke a kids arm because the kid was waving a replica airsoft gun around in the school.

my year 10 english teacher. why? well, we did reading often, of old books (not my complaint, most of them were really good) but he ALWAYS picked the people who read p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y-s-l-o-w-l-y. whereas everyone else could read normally, it was always the them. when i finally blew up at him, his justification was "they need practice". that did it.


this lead to an argument between students and teachers which lasted 3 hours.

the slow readers were moved to the lowest class. (i was in middle-higher set) i visited the lowest class, or "mixed ability" once. they looked miserable.


In Highschool... I don't know. I've probably repressed a couple of memories. Only the scatterbrained physics teacher comes to mind, who reportedly did things like sending batteries via mail and, in order to whatever secure them or something, had wrapped them in silver foil. Uhm.

The really dangerously stupid and (willfully?) ignorant idiots are from University education.

- There's the head of study talking about the awesome blessings of the "Experience City" only to conclude his lecture by giving an example of what he sees as a "great, wonderful" incarnation of said concept - and it's a fucking mall. A fancy mall, okay, but a mall nonetheless. A privately owned space with private rules some of which cut down most basic civil rights. A place where the only experience to be made is to dutifully contribute to the system by being a good consumer. Which makes another experience quite likely, namely to be interrogated by the private security company for... like... I duono, anything else. Taking photographs. Exercising the right of free speech.

- Or, that one professor of Film & Television Sciences (who did not own a TV) completely failing at anything even loosely related to common sense. We were discussing this commercial and why the chicken wing was replaced with a model car in a later version. His answer/his teaching was somethingsomething sexual connotation. In a commercial that tells us a story about beer being drunk from bellybuttons. It was not the fact that a greasy, leftover chicken wing from the night before, put into a parcel and sent to France would arrive as a stinking, poisonous piece of rot, and disgust might not be a suitable way to sell a drink.

- Something more practical: We needed a computer for an installation. Not an Excel or Word installation, but something running graphics in 2011, you know... What we were given was a nicotine beige huge tower that had a floppy drive. You remember those? The gfx card was already low end when it was introduced about more than 8 years ago. I tested it and the framerate was, if anything, about .3 - now this machine was given to us from someone who, according to this education should be something like someone who knows stuff about stuff and should care at least a tad. Someone who had repeatedly told us, when we voiced concerns about technological matters, that we should not worry about a thing. What really riles me up about this story is that the installations from this project were supposed to run 24/7 for three weeks. So when we in the first week had to use our own computers (that is: our internet accesses, our tools, our toys) and naturally could not quite comply with the 24/7 rule, we received something like almost a threat about how we are going to fail the exam. My email explaining that we did not get ANY of the equipment promised to us was met with, and I try to quote "with all the great equipment provided by the school, there's no excuse for not having it run all the time and I will check tomorrow morning whether it's on again or not." Oh, and it's two teachers here. The first one just didn't give a fuck, while proving his cluelessness long the way, the lady from the email exchange should seek treatment.

Now, Im a special ed student, So we end up getting the nutcases. So i can go on about this all day. But i reall only have 1 teacher from 7th grade.
First, in the entire yea we had 3 social studies lesson, all movies. You see, special ed teachers have too teach all subjects, even if they arent qualified, she didnt like social studies so we didnt do it.
Math Lessons totaled maybe ten the entire year.
And she always talked about how she had 3 husbands and had tea with the blue ranger.
And she threw a fit when i tried to no get a special class only for special ed students, why? Because i knew how to read already, and she didn't like I i wanted to us a period to work at the library
And worse? I wasn't done with her when i hit 8th grade because they decided to combine the 8th and 7th special ed reading classed(which i just ended up pranking her with fake mouses)
When i was reading Jaws(about 100x more complex then what she has us read) she got upset because it was based off a movie(other way around)
Then there was this teacher who gave a gay 200% extra credit despite NOT even doing a single piece of homework, or the weights teacher who tried to upstage a kid who was born prematurely.

Also a Sociology sub, This was my senior year, We where learning about criminals. She said we didnt need to learn that, and then proceeded to ask the entire class was they wanted to do when they grew up, when she got to me i said i plan on going to jail, she tok it seriously and forgot about me for the rest of the day. When we got back we all complained about her, we even gave her a nickname, Ms. Badunkadunk, because she has a huge behind. Remember this is the advance class.

Just remembered another one. In second grade I had the most AMAZING teacher, she was awesome, understanding, and let us play with the LEGOs. However, she did the pregnancy leave thing, and was replaced with a B I T CH! She was horrible, literally put a dunce cap on my head she made with cardboard and magic marker (No, I'm not kidding, this is the 21st century), and threatened to make us WASH HER FUCKING CAR instead of recess if we didn't do her work.

Wow, some...... Interesting stories.

I've got none, probably due to the fact I was homeschooled*.....:/

*and before anyone says anything, yes, I got along just fine with my mom :P

My mom thinks Native Americans come from France so I think homeschooling is out of the question.

Had one teacher, a subsitute for math, that refused to believe 6x6 is 36 despite the whole class telling him it was and got out a calculator to prove it.

Sisters first grade substitute teacher was convinced dolphins were fish, and the one I had 10 years ago was convinced that Gerald Ford was dead.

The kicker is that in both of these situations fellow classmates came to the aid of the substitutes claiming their statements as true.

Once, one of my teachers was trying to make vcr work. After 5 minutes of waiting i decided to out that it was not plugged in.

Used to have a teacher in High school that didn't allow me in class due to being diffirent in appearance (Wearing bandshirts, trousers with chains and that kind of stuff). I even did my work for that class in the cantine (or how it is spelled) but she even didn't take her time to give me grades for it -w-

I've had mostly great teachers that I'd be able to talk to on a few subjects (Our book club supervisor from Secondary School was HILARIOUS- thank you Mr. Brady), so this is more to say, "There are entire schools with good teachers."

My class, on the other hand...

Is there an, "I hate my class," forum I an post on?

Gone Rampant:
I've had mostly great teachers that I'd be able to talk to on a few subjects (Our book club supervisor from Secondary School was HILARIOUS- thank you Mr. Brady), so this is more to say, "There are entire schools with good teachers."

My class, on the other hand...

Is there an, "I hate my class," forum I an post on?

Since I also have an "I hate my class story" I made a Stupid class mates thread.

OT: My honors English teacher was a bitch. I don't remember any specifics but she annoyed me to hell.

Mavinchious Maximus:

Wow, some...... Interesting stories.

I've got none, probably due to the fact I was homeschooled*.....:/

*and before anyone says anything, yes, I got along just fine with my mom :P

My mom thinks Native Americans come from France so I think homeschooling is out of the question.

But they are called Native American's. I mean it is literally in the name they are native to America I mean how can you mess that up?

I once had a math teacher in high school who didn't understand the Pythagorean Theorem.

And a research methodology teacher who barely knew how computers work. We had so much fun with her. One day during break we made a printscreen of her desktop, set it as her wallpaper and deleted the icons on the desktop. When she came back, she wondered for a good ten minutes why the browser wouldn't start when she clicked on the icon. She ended up sending us home early. Another time someone plugged a wireless mouse in her computer and started moving it around. She thought it was a virus.

I'd had more then one like this.

Sadly it's mostly because of their 'politics' and 'I've got a PhD so that makes me The One'.

I think the worst I had was my Humanities teacher my 12th grade year. She had tenure(which I'm not sure if it's just an American thing or a teacher in general thing but it's basically after so many years of teaching that unless said teacher is caught in a sex scandal with a student or commits murder or some other "really bad crime" they basically can't be fired and have to leave voluntarily)and my mum was told that because of it the school couldn't do anything. But basically she told all the parents that she wasn't there to teach her students because they were old enough to not have to be taught(seriously? then what the hell was your job?). Kicked me out of class for half the class and made me sit in the hallway for "not doing my homework" because I had questions pertaining to the reading material(we were reading catch 22. Not a book for high school students if you're not willing to help your students understand it. Hell I own the book and have read it 5 times since and still don't understand the fucking book)and unlike usual where she would go over the chapter THEN give us a test to see if we understood our reading material she gave us the test first and since I had a full 2 pages of regular college-ruled notebook paper both sheets front and back with questions on one chapter from the book AND had gone to my neighbour who graduated with a 4.0 gpa and neither him nor his family could help me understand it, I wrote "I did not understand the chapter and since you didn't answer questions prior to this test i cannot answer this question" I apparently didn't read the chapter. I was like bitch, I spent 5 hours on this one chapter analysing it and trying to understand it, don't tell me that I didn't do my homework. And the coupé de grace was when I got my test back she wrote on it "I go over all the chapters at the beginning of the class to help you understand it". My mum raised hell over that. Not to mention she put me in between two boys who liked to talk constantly and I'd be constantly taking notes on what she was telling us for assignments and I wouldn't be talking but I would get in trouble for them talking.And she would only help students with an "A" or a "B" in her class. But a "C" or lower didn't deserve help. And I had a "C" for most of the class. Though I barely passed the last half of her class with a "D". And therefore barely graduated because my guidance counsellor couldn't use her brains and switch one of my friends and I's classes. Even though we were both willing to switch and had English at the SAME time so it would just be changing students. She wanted Humanities and I wanted British Literature. I would have done so much better. Her and I wound up practically doing each other's homework because I understood her coursework better than mine and vice versa. Stupid school.


Also, my 5th grade math teacher was racist. Against white people. It was okay though, until he said something that upset my black friend. Then it really was racism. Remember guys, it's okay to be racist against white people, but if you upset a person of any other skin color, it's racism. Then they looked into his records, found that every single white kid in the class was consistently lower than any other skin color, looked into it more and found that the low grades were not deserved.

I had a teacher that was kind of like that, although she didn't give lower grades to white kids (well I wouldn't really know, I was kind of a poor student and was one of the 3 other white kids in the school). It was 6th grade and she would single out me and the one asian girl because we weren't black. She would criticize me because I wasn't a minority and how my ancestors enslaved all the other kids' ancestors. Mrs. Burden was a burden.

And this one teacher, I'd ask him for a fish and he wouldn't give it to me. Instead, he'd give me this stick with a string on it. And I'm like, "Jackass, neither of these is a fish." And then he'd make me do these stupid activities like tying the string to the stick, or flicking it to and fro in some hilarious waste of time. He even gave us written instructions so we could "practice." Every damn day. He was probably just marking time 'til retirement. The whole time, we're all like, "Dammit, where's our fish?" But he would just ignore our complaints and give us the whole "You'll get it when you're older" routine.

I finally had to just teach myself how to fish with the stupid instructions. Stupid teacher was a waste of my time, and probably didn't know anything if he could even just give me a fish.

this is brilliant. Reminds me of a teacher I had last year whom many hated because he never did anything for us. Best teacher I've ever had and all he did was tell us "go do this project" he forced us to figure out how to do it. It made me teach myself how to code in HTML and CSS, I taught myself practically the entire Adobe suite! Although he was kind of a dick, he liked me and was less dickish to me.


Mavinchious Maximus:

Wow, some...... Interesting stories.

I've got none, probably due to the fact I was homeschooled*.....:/

*and before anyone says anything, yes, I got along just fine with my mom :P

My mom thinks Native Americans come from France so I think homeschooling is out of the question.

But they are called Native American's. I mean it is literally in the name they are native to America I mean how can you mess that up?

Thats what I told my mom!:(

The only case that springs to mind is when we had a substitute for Music for the hour we usually practice in (No big band stuff or anything, we just practice songs in groups and perform them for a grade), and she handed us a worksheet that seemed to have been made for kindergarteners. 10 minutes later, everyone's finished and being bored, so I ask the logical question: "Ma'am, since we usually do that during this hour and we've all finished tee worksheet, could we go practice?"
"No! Go make your homework!"

This was literally the last hour before a 3 week vacation. We had no homework. She refused to believe us.

And that's how we all spent an hour staring at a wall while in a sound-proofed room filled with musical equipment.

my german teacher was a bitter old woman who was allergic to pretty much everything (she couldn't eat 99% or normal food and had to prepare everything herself) and who was bitter and vented her anger on the students. and she also insisted there is EXACTLY ONE pose people sit in when pondering.

I had a biology teacher who thought bacteria are part of the plant kingdom. How the hell does that happen?

Also a fun one, something that can happen to anyone, but during a dropping (our class went to Survival Camp!) we had a large group, led by two teachers. Their GPS did not work for some reason, and they started leading us to what some believed to be the wrong direction. A small group splintered off the main group, me among them, and we got back to the camp a full two hours before the main group (with both teachers) did.
Not retarded, but pretty funny.

I had a teacher who failed me on a speech.

Not because of what I said, she marked me on the paper I read off of, except I hadn't written anything on a palm card that she gave to us, I said it off the top of my head.

Now before you all go saying I just did a shitty speech, I didn't. At the time of my speech she said it sounded wonderful then asked for the palm card. Next class I had with her she gave me a 0 based on what I had written down. For a speech.

Most of my teachers are pretty good, but there were a few that were awful.

My tenth grade chemistry class was a consisted of a teacher that couldn't teach teaching out of a book that there was nothing to learn from. A vast majority of the class consisted of learning stuff that we had already learned the year before, or stuff that we had known since sixth grade. It was a quarter of the way through the school year before we learned about moles, aka one of the most basic things of chemistry. And this was the supposedly advanced class. When the advanced class moves more slowly than the regular class, you know there's a problem.

Thankfully, taking that allowed me to take AP Biology, which had one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Another example is my AP US History teacher in 11th grade. We didn't even get past World War II. When it got to the AP test, he was wondering why he wasn't able to get through all the stuff. I wonder, maybe if you hadn't spent three weeks watching movies and videos that had no educational value, we would have gotten through everything.

Also, the big essay on the AP test happened to be on a subject we hadn't gotten to. Thanks a lot, Mr B.

There's also the story of my German teacher grading my assignment, and then forgetting to enter the grade into the computer, almost causing me to get a B instead of an A. Thankfully, I was able to sort it out. Aside from that, she was an awesome teacher, just has some problems entering grades in.

That reminds me of a substitute we had for German who was a massive bitch. The group I was working with had finished all of our work, so we were chatting. She told us to be quiet and work on something, to which we responded that we had nothing to work on. So she told us to write a story (in German), so we decided to write it about her, and how much of a bitch she was. Then, at the end of class, she took it from us to give to the normal teacher (the substitute didn't know any German). The regular teacher found it very amusing.


Gone Rampant:
I've had mostly great teachers that I'd be able to talk to on a few subjects (Our book club supervisor from Secondary School was HILARIOUS- thank you Mr. Brady), so this is more to say, "There are entire schools with good teachers."

My class, on the other hand...

Is there an, "I hate my class," forum I an post on?

Since I also have an "I hate my class story" I made a Stupid class mates thread.

OT: My honors English teacher was a bitch. I don't remember any specifics but she annoyed me to hell.

Can you drop a link please?

Prepare yourselves.
In one of my Biology lessons (AS year 12 level), a student asked if an "Ami-oba" (he meant Amoeba) could be used as an example of a bacteria (when we all knew that amoeba was a protoctista not bacteria), and my Biology teacher just replies
"Yes Yes "Ami-oba" is alright as long as you write it with a capital letter" (the rule is write the names with a capital letter).
Bloody hell...
EDIT: OH and my old Geography teacher. He never gets anything done in lessons (unless he is being observed by other teachers), students just talk all the time. Apparently he has had 3 straight lessons where has left his zipper un-done and every double period we have, he goes to the toilet to take a dump for like 15 minutes.

Shock and Awe:
I had a 9th grade Honors History teacher try to tell the class that Vietnam was the first war with helicopters. She was not happy when I called her crap where everyone heard it and got sent out.

That was a good day.

I had a teacher who told us that the Falklands was the first major war fought by the UK since WW2. He wasn't happy when I asked him about that fracas in Korea that nobody seems to remember.

Not to mention various incursion into Aden, Suez and various other exotic places...

Oh where to begin!

1. A PE teacher: In Britain PE/sport is mandatory up until the age of 16. In my school this was handled by actually teaching the people who were studying sports for a GCSE and getting the rest to just play games of sport which in my opinion was fair enough. On top of this everyone was arranged into ability sets. I was in bottom set (I have a condition that affects hand-eye coordination) but still liked playing sport so I liked this arrangement.
Then there was a certain teacher. This teacher believed that the best way to enthuse the seriously unfit and those who could not give a shit about exercise was "Health Related Fitness". HRF consisted of a couple of basic sports science lessons (how certain foods effect health, energy release etc.) and then lots of running around in big circles... literally. Now I had a friend in this set who didn't like this and was a bit disruptive. Standard practice for a punishment in a PE lesson was run a lap of the field. The teacher gave this punishment to him... in a lesson where running laps of the field was the task, I pointed this out and I too had to run laps of the field! He was too stupid to realize it's not a punishment if that's what we were doing anyway

2. A Spanish Teacher: Going into GCSE we had to choose one language between Spanish and French. I chose Spanish and this teacher who was head of languages called me into his office to try and convince me that with my grades so far I'd be better off doing French as I was on a 'D' in Spanish and an 'A' in French - I still did Spanish. Fast forward to the end of GCSE and I come out with an 'A' in Spanish. He then gave the 'improvement award' to someone who went into GCSE on an E and came out with a D. as E to D is of course a better improvement from D (supposedly) to A. confirmed my suspicion that I was never on D at the beginning he just didn't want me to take Spanish
Also this teacher hated and punished all the people that were good at his subject and praised and was nice to all the ones who were not who also misbehaved the most.

3. A Design and Technology Teacher: could go on for hours about this bloke. He was controlling (he would never let you do your own ideas), Paranoid (He constantly thought people were taking pictures of him and apparently he went to his union about students in his A level course as he was sure they were all using webcams on the laptops they used to secretly film him - I wouldn't put it past him to sit at home with a Tin foil hat) and had favorites - If he didn't like you you got a bad mark regardless.
Not only this he was capable of some extreme bullshit stories. some of my favorites:

He once saw a man go through a jet engine
He once saw a woman scalped by a bottling machine
He helped invent the internet
He was the first person in Britain to have an Xbox
He had designed logos for international corporations
He had been a professional footballer
When working at a university Gypsies had stolen gold wiring out of all of the computers there
He had rung apple up and got them to install a personal tracker into his iPod
He made the world's first robot (which was in pieces on a shelf at my school)
He knew of a secret slave trade in London
He once disarmed a bomb
He was personal friends with the CEO of Cisco systems

and my personal favorite: a tall man and a midget from a circus once cost him a job in factory by ingeniously stealing metal shavings - apparently the tall bloke would lift the midget up and put him through a high window in the room that the shavings were stored in.

Year 7 Resistant Materials teacher - While he was a hilarious teacher, he wasn't very good at a very important aspect of being a teacher - Teaching. All he really did all day was mess about, watching YouTube videos or sending texts on his phone for the entire lesson once he had explained what we needed to do, god forbid that he would have to get up and help you if you were stuck. So if you asked him something, he would just say "do it yourself" or "ask another student". At one point I had lost my motor for a project that I had been working on, and because he didn't want to get up and help me, I just sat at my work station for 2 hours doing nothing until the project had finished.

Year 8 resistant materials "teacher" - The problem that we had in year 8 was that the year 7 teacher that i had, had promptly left before our course began, so we were stuck with a non qualified teacher (who was a food tech teacher), so we couldn't use any of the machinery, so we were stuck in RM, doing worksheets for the entire course, before 1 week towards the end, they temporarily hired a teacher to help us. damn school.

Year 10 chemistry teacher - I hate this teacher, I really, really do, like my year 7 RM teacher, he cant teach, he just cant, no matter how much he tries he cannot control the class or get his point across to anyone. Now this was a problem since we had our first chemistry GCSE exams coming up within the next few weeks. And we had learned NOTHING, zilch, nada. So we were all well and truly screwed. He wouldn't even let me take a science book home to revise from. Once the exams were over, what better thing could he do than go over the whole of the 3 courses AGAIN within 3 weeks, and "teach" us it like we've never done it before. He needs to burn.

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