Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

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i beat him using googles from system shock 2.
what i consider most impressive is when you don't think the questions are in any relation to your character and then BAM he gets it right

HAHA! I beat him on my first try. I gave an accurate description of Trent Reznor and he said Jack White. Suck it web genie! (I've never beat him on the first try so I'm a little over-excited about this)

I tried him with Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts, Number XI of Organization XIII

He was asking random questions and i was like pssh i got this...

"Is your character from Kingdom Hearts?"

OMG @_@

"Does your character fight with a scythe?"


Here's the most impressive guess I've seen so far:

Wander (SotC)- I win, he guessed Steve from minecraft.

Kino (Kinos Journey)- I win, he guessed Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Max Goof (A goofy movie)- He wins

Pretty fun I guess

I was thinking of Nicol Bolas. His first guess was wrong. Second one was right, which was kinda creepy. He never asked if my character was a dragon.

Pretty much any of the Sohma's from Fruits Basket, aside from the main three, seem to trip him up. Though he did finally get Momiji, Hatsuharu and Kagura after about three tries, and Kisa after two.

I think sometimes it depends on luck and what questions it happens to ask.

I use "obscure" video game characters. Never fails to beat him. As I recall (this was a while back), I beat him with Ulfric Stormcloak from Skyrim, with Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island, King Graham from King's Quest... Those are just a few.

Oh wow, this is funny, I beat it thinking of Discord. I think I threw it off by thinking of a male MLP character. it seemed to be way off until the last question (it kept asking things like, "is it on Nickeloden?" "Is it related to Loony Toons?" but the last question was "is he brown" which made me think he got it at first, but then he guessed Dr.Whooves. Which is still funny since he never guessed if it was MLP related. It did naturally get it though after 26 questions.

Then I managed it again thinking of Abed from Community. The best bit is that it ended up guessing Troy the first time, but again it guessed Abed after 25 questions.

Tripping him up after only 20 questions still counts as a win, right? It's waaaaaaaay harder to actually have him be completely clueless about what you think. I think I've only managed that once.

Also, I'm somewhat impressed it got SCP-682. It looked like I was gonna trip it up, but it somehow managed it out of nowhere.

It guessed correctly on DayZ Survivor. Damn.

Tried it a second time as a grudge match. Defeated him with Yin from Darker than black.

Hah, got him on Zarniwoop from The restaurant at the end of the universe!

He got Slartibartfast right though, damn it.

This thing scares me so much. I thought of everything I could and he got it right every time.

I thought of Gus from Breaking Bad and he got it in less than 10 questions. I thought of Blasto from Mass Effect and he got it even though I answered poorly on the questions since I don't know much about Blasto.

This...thing, must be destroyed.

Had to play more one time, but then he guessed Geralt right.
2nd try: He guessed Jim Raynor right on first attempt.

Monoeye claims a victory.
Death from castlevaina also claimed a victory
The twin Faries from Mothera win!
Gabera from Godzilla also won!

Aha! I got him to be completely stumped by thinking of the Fieldrunner! (the basic enemy from a Popular Tower defense game on the iPhone) Too bad that now he knows what that is, so I guess it won't work again...

Beaten with stabby stabby, beaten as my internet self

I liked one of the questions it gave me as the spy: Is your associated with the colour red?

I just answered i don't know, since he is half of the time. The last 3 questions was "is your character from a valve game" "Is your character from tf2" and "can your character turn invisible"

Way to rub it in...

Lost with Emrakul from MTG, Diana from LoL, Saber from Fate/Zero, Monkeybone, Tamiyo, the Moonsage from MTG, Tali from Mass Effect, Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Patrick Stump, Captain Robert from Abney Park (WTF?)

Won with Francis Ottoman from PvP (webcomic), Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded from MTG, Dan Cederman of Abney Park (There we go)

Ugh. I thought I had it. I was thinking of Frank Fontaine, and after 20 questions, it got some random kid from Persona 4. Then question 21 was "Is your character linked with the sea?" followed by "Has your character changed their name?" and I knew I was foiled again.

And don't talk about spoilers, it came out YEARS ago.

I think the only time i beat him was Sun-Tzu Liao from the battletech/mechwarrior book series.

going to try steve from borderlands (HEYO!)

EDIT: well either i screwed up the questions or i stumped him.

I beat him with Edgar Kalou from LA Noire

Patton Oswalt beat him.

I also beat him with Shigi from Tenchu Z

i have beat him in the past, but it has to be a VERY obscure character that nobody knows about.

I beat him with the Nazi monkey from Raiders of the lost ark.

When folks say that you beat him, do you mean he just didn't get the right answer the first time? Or do you mean you went all the way through until he gave up and asked you who you were thinking about? Because it took me about 3 tries until he had to ask.

And in case you were wondering:

Stile (From Piers Anthony's Blue Adept series -- 3 wrong guesses.)
Huey Freeman (From "The Boondocks" Comic -- Right first try.)
The Cryptkeeper (From the TV series -- Right first try.)
Peer Gynt (From the novel of the same name -- He gave up and I had to enter him after 4 wrong guesses)

Bah I had him up to 26 questions before he got Sun Li from Jade Empire...

Then 30 to get Mallow from Super Mario RPG. And another 30 to get Veran from Oracle of Ages.

25 to get Mom from Binding of Isaac.

A mere 16 for Mr. House from New Vegas.

It guessed most of the regular cast of MST3K, but lost to Czernobog from American Gods and Joe Don Baker, the actor.

He didn't know Lumin ( but he got very close, guessing Pewdiepie, then Ethos and finally Yogscast member Sips.

Of course, he knows Lumin now >.>

Lets play this a bit:
Dopefish: First try
Captainsparklez: First try
Magikarp: First try, too easy knew it was one of the first 151 pokemon by the 5th question.
Lumin: ChaoticMonki, CaptainSparklez, "Your internet friend" You completely just dropped the ball here Akinator...
Sora: First try
Sona: First try

Three guesses later, he still couldn't get Padok Wiks

beat him with:
Cat shannon (the dogs of war)
Queen of the elves (discworld)
Offlar the Crocidle headed god (discworld)

Yes! I beat that bugger!
I thought Duncan Idaho from Dune (by Frank Herbert) and he guessed some Perry Rhodan (who's that, anyway)!

Victory is mine, ALL MINE! :D

Edit: Oh, well, fuck it... I gave him a chance to continue and after 35 questions he got it right.
But it did take him 55 questions to get Xandir from Drawn Together. I guess that's a win, right?

Sparhawk from the Elenium series/David Eddings beat him. Took 41 or so questions for it to guess.

Roland from Borderlands: 2nd guess,first was Zaeed Massani from ME2

Seraphim from Sacred: 2nd guess, 1st was some char I didn't know and already forgot. One questions after the first guess was: "Is your character so hot that you would drink her bath water?" oO )

Temple Guardian from Sacred 2: I beat the crap outta him! :D

Gali from Bionicle: 2nd guess, 1st was Mata Nui from Bionicle[1]

Nameless Hero from Gothic: 3rd guess, 1st was Steve from Minecraft, 2nd was "Your RPG Character"

Revan from KotOR: 3rd guess, 1st guess was General Rahm Kota from Force Unleashed, 2nd was the Exile from KotOR2[2]

[1] actually I thought of Gali Nuwa, but I let it pass
[2] guessed as Darth Revan, but it's the same person

I beat him with Orin Scrivello, DDS.

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