Great Scott Captain! its the _____ off the starbord bow.

"Great Scott Captain! its the _____ off the starboard bow."

This line is one of the most often heard line (with some slight variation) in movies that pertain to ships, pirates, and the general time period in which someone is on a ship. Now, lets imagine that the ship that they are seeing is your flagship. It matters not whether you're the captain of some sort of Naval vessel, or the captain of a pirate vessel that strikes fear in the hearts of all who see your sails. So with that said, what would your ship be called?

Mine would be called the Vermillion Kill or alternatively, The Laughing Storm.

Hang on a second, let me just open Dungeons of Dredmor and find a particularly-threatening randomly-generated name...

Right then, a choice;

Sapjofro, the Exaltation of Breadfruits
Dengor, the Mercurial Lever
Powpo, the Sufferer of Remittances
Pljalla, the Captain of Codpieces
Llwekollech, the Mid-afternoon's Codfishes
Argcra, the Cycle of Ostriches
Poskolu, the Somnambulant Wisdom

All good names. Largely because you'll have closed the distance before they've finished announcing your ambush.

Failing that, then obviously The Velourium Camper.

A 20 Foot Dildo

Because you know everybody is going to look if somebody shouts that there's a 20 Foot Dildo off the starboard bow.

The Vicious Kitten.

And it will be pink and purple and adorable. And we shall have no mercy*.

*Mercy will be extended for kittens or otherwise adorable fluffy animals.

EDIT: Also did anyone else automatically think spaceship?


Even better if it's just a dinky little space Bolshevik frigate or something else that can't possibly live up to the grand name. Well, it could be sort of shaped like a perch so it could half-heartedly bumb against the hull of enemy spaceships and nibble their solar panels.

If it's a Dwarven ironclad battlecruiser, it'll of course be called Admiral Urist, the Morselboat.

There will be beards trapped in portholes as this wonder of Dwarven engineering slowly creaks into action, black smoke billowing from the chimneys and sailors scrambling for battle stations (over the thick carpet of the exploded cat-population on the floor) and leaving their stations to get drunk.

I would name it after the chemical name for Titin. Which i too long to post in this forum.

By the time the other ships crew has finished saying the name. My band of pirate will have already boarded them, looted the ship and sailed away.

The Serpent of Rl'yeh. As a fearsome pirate ship, it will spread fear, terror, and despair into all seamen who know it. If any even live to tell the tale...

The Itchy Craw (or crab)

People will be running away in horror i tell you.

"The Forlorn Hope"

I like it because its kind of a depressing and terrifying name and it works for almost any kind of ship. Though I think it works best for a pirate vessel.

The burping Hippo,

This end up,

or The Castle aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhh ship


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