How smart are you?
21.5% (235)
21.5% (235)
Slightly above average
46.8% (511)
46.8% (511)
19.8% (216)
19.8% (216)
Slightly below average
3.6% (39)
3.6% (39)
Well below average
1.8% (20)
1.8% (20)
I can count to potato!
6.2% (68)
6.2% (68)
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Poll: Rate your Intelligence! (UPDATED: NOW WITH I.Q. TEST TO PROVE YOUR BRAVDO!)

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Everyone is above average!

Except me. I am smart because I can count to potato.


One... Two... Orange.



Well below average. I'm stupid and I know it. It doesn't really bother me, it only bothers me when people give me crap because of it.

Based on that one post, I can already tell that you're wrong. You're not stupid.

Thanks friend, but yeah, I kinda am. It's OK though, it means I can watch shows that are appearantly stupid, like The Big Bang Theory, and enjoy them.

Genius, but that was expected. I was labelled as everything from genius to gifted to whatever other labels can be put on being in the elite of intelligence as I was growing up. Frankly, its a load of shit. If you read up on Gardner's multiple intelligences you'll realize that anyone can be a 'genius' if you use the right measuring stick for the individual.

Just live your life, enjoy it, and try not to hurt others and that's all that really matters.


My IQ is higher than average, and I'm good at math and such, but on the other hand my brain can disfunction in some pretty spectacular ways. (Especially when under stress)

Mostly by making me unable to see the forest from the trees. Literally. It's difficult to explain, because even when it happens to me I intellectually know it makes no sense. I for example look at a human, and see there's two eyes, and mouth, and nose etc. but I can't see it as a human. It's just pieces that don't relate to one another.

So I once almost fell down stairs because I couldn't understand how they worked...

So my problem-solving capabilities can be really bad at times.

I'm a fairly smart guy. My grades were always horrible, but my test scores were always better than everybody elses.

It really depends on the subject though. I'm really grat in classes like history, band, gym, and things like that. On the flip side, I was pretty below average in math, and right in the middle for english until debate came along.

Quite dim; albeit not the 'swagster' level just yet...I think.

Loop Stricken:
I took a MENSA test once, and it said if I gave them money, I could be a member.
I chose not to pay them, so I'm clearly clevererer than even MENSA members.


OT: Oh look, everyone thinks they are slightly above average. What a surprise.

I don't recall seeing many stupid people on this site, though. Misguided and of poor moral judgement maybe, but not particularly unintelligent.

There was an admission test to join this site. It checked for intelligence, but not for proper use of said intelligence. Oh well.

Above average, I know that from various IQ tests and other tests I have taken and also the fact that I skipped a grade but can still pass practically every test with considerable ease.
If I have to study more then 30 minutes to pass any test I consider that test exceptionally difficult.
I'm incredibly lazy and procrastinate a LOT, so my grades are average/slightly below average for most classes though.

I've scored between 60 and 130 in various MENSA approved IQ tests. I guess that means that some days I'm a genius, and others too dumb to open a door?

My vote goes to: I can count to potato!

I took an IQ test and it came back negative. hurr hurr

Wait. If everybody's above average, aren't they all just the new average?...

Hero in a half shell:
How smart do you think you are in relation to the rest of your country;

let's suppose that we say the "average intelligence score" in whatever country you reside in, is 100. the average says that most people fall at or around 100. so where do you think most people on this forum sit?

Aris Khandr:
Above average, certainly. I was in gifted programs all throughout school. Did debate club, and in primary school I was on the Academic Team (which is competitive nerdity).

except for this guy. he is above average. certainly.

I don't think intelligence is really something you can accurately quantify, different people excel in different areas and circumstances. Academically, I'm pretty sure my grades were above average in a national scale (2 A's and 2 B's at A-Level), yet I failed spectacularly at uni which is a two year long testament to just how blisteringly insipid I'm capable of being at times. At any rate, I'm smart enough to know that I'm nothing special.

Meh, I used to be pretty intelligent but for some reason as soon as I started college I became a fucking dumbass. I got B in one A-Level but my other 2 were just fails.

It really bothers me because I used to be in top-class for everything at school but I went to college and it feels like me brain has gone through a sieve.

There really needed to be another option above average, because while I'm going through my country's highest type of secondary school, vwo (translating roughly to preparatory scientific education), with ease, I'm by no means a genius.
On the topic of high schools, do you americans have different levels of high school as well, or are you all thrown on one big pile?

Among the wunderkind of the Escapist, I'm definitely below average. As for people on the whole, though... eh. I'm good at some stuff that seems to mean people generally consider I'm above average, but I don't have a lot of common sense. So... average, I guess.

Wait. If everybody's above average, aren't they all just the new average?...

> Points out flaw in poll
> Shows genuine intelligence

OT: I went for above average, because next to some of my colleagues, I am demonstrably smarter.

I used to be in the top 1% of the country for men when I was 18 (apparently getting 100% on almost all of your English A Level coursework and exams puts you into that rank if you're a guy) so I certainly used to be smarter according the statistics, and actually quite a lot smarter as well (top when percent and all, but I ain't weak) Hang on I think I had a point somewhere here...

Oh yeah, intelligence.

I don't know really. I'll brag about being smart but I'm not really sure what it means. Lots of people tell me I'm smart because I can write books but that just puts me in a category with Stephanie Meyer and EL James so it's no sign of intelligence. Possibly being well read is a sign of intelligence in which case I've got a wide and varied knowledge that I can retain and use when needed but I often don't have the experience to back up my knowledge. A lot of the time I'll say things that utterly baffle my friends so they say I must be smarter than them to be able to come out with such a weird line of thought or interesting fact.

I suppose I have a lot of the signs people might use to judge intelligence, but I've never particularly felt intelligent.

Dunning-Kruger effect up in this bitch!

OT: I'm really not sure. I guess i'd have to take an IQ test to find out. I've always been told that I have real potential if only I can apply myself fully; I can't.

Can anyone link a good free IQ test that doesn't ask me for an email or a survey or anything like that?

I'm intelligent enough to know that I'm not particularly intelligent.

Also, fun fact: most people believe they are slightly above average. Which of course cannot possibly be true considering the definition of average.

This is a fun summary of the effect as it's been studied in various situations. The most well-known version is probably the Dunning-Kruger effect, after that particular study got an Ig Nobel Prize. The details vary in different areas, but in general, the less competent you are with whatever's being measured (skills, intelligence, whatever), the less able you are to accurately rate your own ability and that of others and the more likely you are to overestimate your own ability. Science have proven the old saying that you really do have to know a lot to understand how much you don't know. Heh.


Secret world leader (shhh):
Dunning-Kruger effect up in this bitch!

Nice. Here I am writing something out explaining it, and this shows up before I finish. I admit defeat. A winner is you.

I guess my solid 4.0 since I started college and my ACT scores being in the top 10% in America when I'd been out of school for years and never even considered studying for it would be my basis for saying I am above average. I was a terrible student growing up though. Until there was money on the line, I gave not one single fuck.

I honestly do not think that intellect is quantifiable or comparable. I think that many people just use the I.Q. and other similar scores as sex-organ measuring tools. Currently, one of the world's highest I.Q.s is a proponent of eugenics, Chris Langan, or as he calls it, Anti-Dysgenics. You would think a man as smart as him would have read George Orwell, but I guess not.

So, my answer: "I can count to Potato."

This could get controversial, and (edit: most) everyone will say they're above average or better.

Myself? As a child I tested in the genius range (whether that's still true today or not, I don't know, but I am incredibly lazy so I would say "technically yes, but really no because I don't challenge myself") and was put into advanced classes until funding ran out and I went back to normal class.

... Anyway, I went to university and college and am a librarian for a legislative library now. Before that (and it was my first job after graduating) I was hired at a prestigious private school, so I must have done something right.

Still not sure what it was, though, because I'm as lazy as they get.

Honestly, I never learned how to study until college. All through middle school, high school and university my grades were only average because I never sat down to study anything. I did my homework, but never spent any time prepping for tests or essays and such. I'm mad at myself for that because I could have done so much better when I was younger, but because I did well without trying, I never actually learned how to try. Until I went to library school and got serious, then I would sit and study for hours on end and got 4.0's. I was more proud of myself for studying than the grades.

So, yeah. I chose 'genius' because I technically was, but I never learned how to try or had to work hard, so I failed myself in many ways and didn't smarten up until my mid 20's. And I still have to really work hard to motivate myself. ... As I reply to this thread instead of tackling the "to-do" list I made myself here at work so I can check things off my list and feel like I've actually done something.

This is great because i am the exact same . Just that i haven't hit my mid 20's yet and have yet to "smarter up" . But you post gives me hope . I'm also incredibly imature :/ .Learning to try is hard though , how do you do it?Also what is library school?


There's 21 other geniuses besides me!

It's good to know I'm not the only one who does really stupid shit all the time.

Genius. When I took an IQ test in my junior year of high school the scoring was 164

So, because I am :)

I know a lot but most of it did not come from school. Math however... that is a completely different beast.

Well, what a surprise. The vast majority of people consider themselves to be slightly above average.

In fairness, the users on this site do seem more intelligent than on your average forum. Not saying people aren't overestimating themselves here too, but it's probably a bit truer than it might be elsewhere.

In Search of Username:

Well, what a surprise. The vast majority of people consider themselves to be slightly above average.

In fairness, the users on this site do seem more intelligent than on your average forum. Not saying people aren't overestimating themselves here too, but it's probably a bit truer than it might be elsewhere.

I think you may be right, but I think it's a trend you see everywhere, regardless of actual intelligence of a group. And of course there's a chance that we're just as dumb as everyone else and we're just trying to bolster our own egos buy believing that we are part of the "smart" group. And also we should remember that eloquence doesn't necessarily indicate intelligence either.

Well I'm studying microbiology at degree level, something I'm pretty sure the average Joe student wouldn't choose to study...

Got 420 UCAS points too so If i'm not of slightly above average intelligence at least I can qualify as a nerd.

Hi, my name is Loki and I'm smarter than the average Aesir...

Just like Wile E. Coyote's business card says.

(And about as successful, come to think about it)

EVERYONE is above average.. Wait what?

I used to think i was above average in the intelligence field but i have actually felt i have actually got stupider lately. It is an odd feeling so i went with average.


T0ad 0f Truth:
The IQ test I took gave me a range of 125-130 but I don't think that qualifies me as a genius (I'm not sure does it?). I'm also lazy as all fuck though so don't expect any really profound comments from me :)

Nope, genius is above and beyond 130.

OT: Oh look, everyone thinks they are slightly above average. What a surprise.

Genius is 130 now?
Awwwwww Yeaaahhhhhh!

I was gonna say "where is the significantly above average but certainly not genius option?" until I see this...

Yes I am a vain prick sometimes :P

I put "slightly above average" but only because I don't have a very high estimation on what "average" is.

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