Poll: Rate your Intelligence! (UPDATED: NOW WITH I.Q. TEST TO PROVE YOUR BRAVDO!)

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well my IQ is genius level (161) but that doesn't much... I can still be pretty dumb from time to time, and you know... more often. But as far as critical thinking and problem solving goes, I'm really smart... other stuff not as much...

It's pretty incredible how 45% of the escapist community has above average intelligence.

People I know and who care about me would have me believe I'm intelligent... I think I'm one of the dumbest and most pathetic losers to ever walk the face of the planet.

I put slightly above average. Though around here average is pretty low. I got above 80 (A) in all my classes last year but they were easy classes (To me, a few people failed in most of them.)

This is great because i am the exact same . Just that i haven't hit my mid 20's yet and have yet to "smarter up" . But you post gives me hope . I'm also incredibly imature :/ .Learning to try is hard though , how do you do it?Also what is library school?

How did I learn to try? I realised that I was 25 and dead-to-rights fucked for the rest of my life if I didn't smarten up while in school. This was my last shot - my parents were amazing in letting me stay at home and go back to school at that age, giving me the chance to become a Library Technician (2 year diploma, basically a librarian without management credentials and the fancy degree).

I knew if I didn't shape up and graduate this course (which I chose after a long, long time of thought) I would probably be stuck working retail jobs for the rest of my life. So I bucked up and threw everything I had into it knowing that a better life would be waiting when I finished. I took my work seriously, made sure I understood the concepts and reasoning behind everything and worked hard. Very hard. I also had a job to pay for my tuition so those were two of the hardest years of my life - mentally, physically, and financially. I graduated with $400 left to my name, got a part-time job and started looking for a job in my field, and got it.

You just need the right motivation. "Do this or your best career option will be McDonald's Management for the rest of your life" is a great motivator. Find what you enjoy and then find a career that suits it. Libraries are not about reading books - we have to love working with people, love problem solving, teaching, and finding really creative ways to support the community with the teensy little budgets given to us.

I've been IQ tested twice, 125 and 135, so I think it's safe to declare myself above average. I'm obviously somewhat knowledge deficient though because I didn't even know you could count to potato.

Edit: Now I know.

I'm pretty science smart but I have the common sense of a underwear-dwelling ferret. I put myself as above average since I normally associate the word intelligence with 'book-smartness' and common sense with the word 'wisdom'.

This could get controversial, and (edit: most) everyone will say they're above average or better.

Most people tend to evaluate their abilities as above average, oblivious to their own flaws.

Which is weird to say, since I voted "genius" and therefore sound like I'm invoking it myself. But I have a string of IQ tests that put me at genius level, so even if I take IQ tests with a grain of salt, I do believe it is SOME indicator.

I chose slightly above average. I'm not sure how smart I am, but compared to most of the people I know, I would say I'm slightly smarter than them. and by slightly I mean VERY slightly.

I'm intelligent enough to know that I'm not particularly intelligent.

Also, fun fact: most people believe they are slightly above average. Which of course cannot possibly be true considering the definition of average.

When it comes to intelligence this might be influenced by that people of below-average intelligence tend not to bother talking about it.

Personally speaking quite sure that either I'm well above average, or all those IQ tests putting me at 115-120 were lying.

It's only later you realise that being smart often is as useful as solving rubik's cubes behind your back - it looks fancy, but that's about it.

It's pretty incredible how 45% of the escapist community has above average intelligence.

I know for a fact this is complete bullshit. I come here for my daily dose of different... "perspectives". Just kidding! I come here for elevated blood pressure brought on by stupidity.

EDIT: Also Illusory superiority


I guessed there'd be about 200 votes for the genius answer and none for any other answer. I'm pleasantly surprised.

I'd put myself a bit above average for my age. I'm still a drooling vegetable when compared to people older than me, though.

I like to think that I'm slightly above average

I know a thing or two about computers
I understand a second language
I graduated with my grades instead of making a test
I'm fairly good at solving puzzles
I repair and mod consoles
The only time i took and IQ test I scored 129 but i took it in english wich is a foreign language to me, though i haven't take again because I'm afraid i will score lower :p

I tested in the genius range, so I'll take that, despite the fact that sometimes I have a long fuse.
But, I do manage to get through university just fine without doing having too much stress.
I am good at critical thinking and problem solving.
I adapt new languages very fast.
I am very good at puzzles and the likes.
I once beat an IQ test by figuring out an alternate formula to solve a math-problem which was correct, yet the creators did not accounft for it.
Writing this really makes me feel as if I am bragging. But then again, I have high-levels of self-confidence, so I enjoy bragging somewhat.
But I am very bad at assessing the intelligence of others and mostly I just assume that everyone around me is as smart as I am, if not smarter, leaving me dumbfounded when I have to explain myself or others slow me down during teamwork.


T0ad 0f Truth:
The IQ test I took gave me a range of 125-130 but I don't think that qualifies me as a genius (I'm not sure does it?). I'm also lazy as all fuck though so don't expect any really profound comments from me :)

Nope, genius is above and beyond 130.

OT: Oh look, everyone thinks they are slightly above average. What a surprise.

well, fuck :(

Oh well I guess that means I'm more than slightly above average at least. It's my damn math skills. I'm terribly slow when comes to that part of my brain grrr... (not bad mind you just slow)

I can count to potato! That is the only option that isn't possible to dispute. It is fact so I must choose it!

POTATO POWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck, I don't know how smart I am compared to everyone else. Let's just say I'm average.

I voted below average. I like to think I'm pretty self aware--I've only been that way for about 4 years or so though. But all that's gotten me is realizing what an underachiever I am (when considering the sheer amount of opportunities that have been laid at my feet), and how little I know about almost everything.

By more traditional measures... I got a 3.8 in high school without trying very much--I did have to try in my AP classes and one semester when I decided I really wanted to get a 4.0 at least once before I graduated. Didn't study much at all, other than the night before or morning of tests. I'm just pretty good at memorization and, fortunately, my mind sharpens when being tested and my recall ability skyrockets. Got a 3.4 cumulative in college (higher in my major); I was so depressed most of my college career and barely remember 90% of what happened, that I wonder how I pulled even that off. I've always been good at BSing essays (one of the many tools that taught me how little I know), and once again my memorization and testing acumen helped out. Having no time left, a deadline just around the corner, motivates me like nothing else can, if it weren't for that personality trait, I likely would have done far worse in college. Still had a few semesters of all "withdraws" or full of "F"s. On the other hand, I'm a Mass Communication major, so... easy, easy major--relatively.

I feel like I haven't developed intellectually since the middle of High School, other than the self awareness thing. So, I voted slightly below average. I'm essentially an unmotivated lump, who still manages to get by on white privilege, normal privilege and luck.

Oh well, there's plenty of other people out there who are actually of value to the world. At least I can contribute in my own tiny way to the economy and then die.

^ Narcissism ^

Double post. I'm sorry :(

To make this post less worthless...

I've always seemed to have really smart friends, and that's probably a reason I feel below average. I mean, they slept through high school calculus and still aced it. I got Bs, and a few As, in advanced alegebra and trig, or whatever was two steps below that calculus class. I certainly did have to try in math class. My friends also seem to always know what their next goal is and why they're doing it, while conversely I'm a retard floating down the river of life in a barrel picking my nose.

According to a test I took years ago, I'm almost genius level, yet not quite.
According to some test doctors took at the time of my birth, I'm genius level.

I don't feel incredibly intelligent, that's for sure. I'm just intelligent enough to realise that there are so many things I don't know and there are so many people who know more things than I do and that will probably not change much in the coming decades. So I don't consider myself anything special.

I'm not surprised the escapist is slightly above average, since most of the average people have trouble using a computer.

Depends how you define intelligent. It's pretty ambiguous. I am intelligent in some ways, unintelligent in others.

It's no surprise there are a bunch of people talking about their IQ scores and experiences with schooling, though.

I honestly do not know, but I can count to potato.

Really though, intelligence is a hard thing to measure. Everyone has skills and knowledge related to different things, and despite what the news and the internet may have us believe, I'd say there are relatively few truly unintelligent people out there; evolution would have killed most of them off a while ago.

As for myself, well I know I'm smart in some areas, I'm well versed in English for example, and I pick up on new skills and problem solving methods fairly quickly.
But then again, I will fully admit that I'm a complete dumbass in other areas, I suck at geography and science and, without proper study higher mathematics will kick my ass.

But those subjects are measured in the form of grades, those are all school subjects after all. There are areas of intelligence that are much harder to measure like social intelligence, abstract thought, creativity...
People are naturally more adept in certain areas.

So, back on topic: ... I don't think I really had a topic. I guess I consider myself average, I know that I'm smart in some areas and stupid in others and I'm pretty sure it equals out to an even split, so average.

Well the psychiatric reception for young people tested me and said that i was pretty clever

I'm not the brightest guy around, to be sure. No practical skills, no real life training (4 years military service is pretty much all I've ever done with my life, which is pretty much just putting your existence on autopilot for awhile) and not too keen on functioning with society.

Also, I'm terrible at math and science, and all the kinds thereof. I also have no mechanical skills. Or clerical skills. Or people skills...

Yeah, I'm not very well equipped for this reality.

Average my grades from school didn't exactly show smart past the 5th grade.
In terms of other things I prefer my opinions on social issues and such to any others but they are MY OPINIONS so I think you would probably feel the same about yours.


Please note I believe intelligence is an all encompassing thing a full package. To me literacy does not equal intellectual capacity or even high levels of intelligence. Retaining knowledge is a low level cognitive skill that does not deserve the attribution of intellectual exceptionalism. Retention of data does not equal intellect.

In short GPA/school performance/educational achievement is not indicative of high intellect or intellectual capacity. It is indicative of literacy.

Kinisthetic intelligence: Ability to make the body perform functions such as dance, locomotion, expression of emotion, cns manipulation and other things. I believe people who can't dance well or perform well physically are a bit dumb.

Social intelligence: Ability to interact in groups without coming off as strange involuntarily. The ability to be charming and engaging. I believe awkward people are a bit dumb.

Emotional intelligence: Empathy and the ability to accurately identify other peoples motives, intentions, and whether they are genuine or disingenuous. I believe people who get duped or used as tools are a bit dumb.

Reasoning ability: The ability to formulate and present ideals logically and draw correct conclusions. I believe people who fail in logic are a bit dumb.

Resilience: The ability to maintain a positive self image and emotional state during adversity or negative appraisal. I believe extremely insecure people are a bit dumb.

Discriminating mind: The ability to discriminate between false or detrimental information in favor of facts. I believe people who blindly adhere to things are a bit dumb.

If someone is not in possession of all of the above characteristics I believe them to be of average or below average intelligence.

I put myself slightly above average, but before you go throwing out your beginner psych at me (ya I took it too), its because I tend to pick up things very quickly and am quite adapt at problem solving even if I don't understand the topic fully. In addition I had the highest average in highschool for my grade level out of maybe somewhere in the range of 300-500 kids, in both 1st and 2nd year (pretty much when everyone was forced to take the same courses), and still one of the highest averages in the subsequent 2 years (not the highest mind you because apparently gym and woodworking are of equal difficulty and as such should count towards your average the same as advanced biology and physics). I also should have finished top of my grade in the sciences but I lost the award to some cheating fuck that begged every teacher for 3% so he could get into this competitive medicine program, which brought him about 1-.5% higher average than me.

Mind you I didn't list myself as genius, because I've went to school with some of these people for a long time and I know they're bright, but they just didn't apply themselves. Granted I didn't either but I had a knack for math and logic where stuff just made sense quickly so I didn't really need to apply myself in those classes.

Loop Stricken:


OT: Oh look, everyone thinks they are slightly above average. What a surprise.

I don't recall seeing many stupid people on this site, though. Misguided and of poor moral judgement maybe, but not particularly unintelligent.

Well to be fair you are on a videogame site that caters more to those that play games of higher complexity. I've been around long enough to see how games like CoD which are very simple by design (which I'm not saying is bad) are treated and how games like Dark Souls or Total War are treated. In short the community as a whole (or at least the segment that I've observed) seems to prefer games that I would classify as more mentally engaging. I think if anything I would classify some of the people that bring up very weak arguments with a lot of fervor to be ignorant, but not stupid.

I'm smarter than you, and I know it.

I'm slightly below average/average I guess. I certainly don't believe I'm smarter than the majority of the population like most of you here seem to be doing. I don't see how you can think of yourself that way unless you have really done something amazing.

If you have done something amazing, then fair enough.

I would like to think that I am intelligent but my own stupidity never ceases to amaze me

Just the other day, I tried heating a mars bar in the microwave...as awesome as eating the caramel gooey goodness of the walls of the microwave was, in hindsight, it was pretty stupid.

I'm going to say genius because that's the only option above "Slightly above average" and I think there should have been a middle ground there.

I clicked "genius" because I'm in the top 2% as far as intelligence goes. I'm smart and I know it.

Tanner The Monotone:
Though if people would look at how easily I can remember things and my puzzle solving skills, they would see how smart I really am.

People with good memories are often poor thinkers. Relying on your memory for everything means you exercise your reasoning less often.

I would place myself slightly above average compared to most of the population. I have a great understanding for politics, language, rhetoric, sociology, science, marketing and some lesser understanding in economy and math. I have a Mensa certificate stating I have an IQ of 148 (though there's probably a fair bit of luck involved) so I think I can rank myself as a bit above average. I'm nowhere near being a genius though.

Comparing to those I am around most of the time and to members of this site I would say I am average. I have seen a lot of smart people around here and there's a lot of smart people in my life.

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