Who are you to your friends and fellow Escapees?

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I used to be "The gifted one". I was actually introduced to someone by an old friend using the term "*MY REAL NAME* is what we know as a gifted child". People thought I was a genius.

Now? I am the one that is ridiculously into politics. The one that could have gone so much further but had a bit of a bumpy road. Most of my old friends are no longer in contact with me for multiple reasons, partially due to rumours started to destroy the good name I had built for myself (I wont even list the things I have been called, if this account was ever traced back to me a post containing such words could destroy me.) but mainly due to shame on my part.

A few years ago I had the world at my feet, I was one of the Oxbridge students, I was in a "Stable" (In the eyes of outsiders) relationship. I destroyed it and lived on a sofa for a long time as my life crumbled around my head.

Among my friends these days?

Heh, They like to joke that I am the most likely out of all of us to get on the news. Which is an upgrade from being voted "Kid most likely to kill themselves" age 14.

Amongst my friends, I'd guess I'm the clumsy quiet one who's the port of call for certain subjects like science or politics.

On the Escapist, probably only really recognised for my Big Daddy avatar and short name, possibly for role-playing too amongst certain parts of the population.

In real life, I'm often the funniest of my friends--I have like 5 friends though, so that's not saying much. I'm quick witted with puns, retorts, observations and taking hypothetical/metaphorical/figurative things literally to comic effect. I'm not much for deep conversation (except with a particular friend, my parents and my brother), but I've been told I'm a good listener by several friends (which is a lot when you don't have many friends, heyo!). I wish I was better at more in-depth conversation about science, current events and life in general, but I tend to stick to the humorous response to everything strategy too much. But attempting to be funny all the time (wish I could just chill out sometimes) does relieve stress, helps my anxiety in social situations and reduces the "risk" of being cornered by more serious interrogation. Mostly I use humor to avoid the serious and to stay relatively calm when in public settings. Look at me, all learning about myself.

After high school, I've ran into about 8 former classmates who said they always thought I was smart, or that I was always smarter than them. Well, the joke's on them. Pro Tip: To appear smart, be a quiet, shy person, I guess?

On the Escapist, I'm unknown. Maybe, maybe, maybe one person on here recognizes my stupid avatar, or my even more stupid title (I can't think of anything better). Need new avatar ... Also, I'm not funny on here unless you're genuinely amused by low self esteem.

To my friends I'm that sarcastic asshole.

On here? I'm nobody.

I am vengeance
I am the night
I. Am. Batman

Also I'm the lame guy who sits in the corner making sarcastic comments.

IRL: Being smart, I also don't talk alot.

Escapist: I don't know, you tell me.

With my friends I'm the annoying one with bad social skills who makes jokes of everything and always tries to see the good in things and wears hats. Because hats are cool.
At least I like to think I'm like that.

On the Escapist? No one, really, since, well, just look at my post count. Yeah.
Okay, I can think of something.

I'm the one who always tries to say good things about whatever is being discussed.
That's pretty close, right?


Not good friends with anyone on the Escapist *shrug*.

RL, I'm that dude who loves to play video games, plan shit out and drive everyone around. woo

I was very quiet up until a year ago around strangers, but Ive come out of my shell a faur bit recently and I get on with most people now. I have my friends since I was six,and friends Ive known for five years that I see every day. I love these guys and would do snything for them and they likewise. I have some new "friends" as well. I really like some but a few peoplr in the group annoy me. One actually put a picture on Facebook yesterday saying "omg im so fat" just fishing for compliments man. Also a few proud members of the YOLOCAUST in the group urghhhh
On this fine site?
I doubt you will recognise me, Its a big forum for a new man. I have yet to make friends here (GIVE ME YOUR PITY AND AFFECTION) but hopefully I shall get to know everyone

i dont know, i dont think ive really made myself stand out enough to really be noticed. probably they just see my avatar and they're only opinion of me is that im a brony. maybe some people know that im a feminist because i have talked about feminist issues quite a few times. i honestly dont know what, if anything, people think of me


I don't usually think about myself in this manner, because I want my friends to see what kind of person I am rather then me tell them 'im this way!' but based on those responses, I'm the person who will always listen, never judge and always be there for you with a smile. :)

P.S. I'm also the one who watched SK3 and thought it was awe-sum!

I think that's a good general approach to take. I can't imagine spending all my time concerned about what my friends think I should be. I just think that's how they probably see me. It sounds like your friends hold you in pretty high regard. :)

I guess I have to watch SK3 now.

Yeah! I recently started posting here again after a long hiatus (almost 2 years) and lots of people still rem,ember me and have welcomed me back. It's a really nice, although unfamiliar yet welcome & warm feeling to know you've made an impact somewhere enough for that to happen. :)

Do it. It's really good. Marter wouldn't lie to you!

To my friends IRL I'm that guy, who can do stuff, and can give you good workable advice for any situation.
Also, I figure due to how much trust my friends put in me, that I'm the reliable one, if you need something, anything, I can find it for you(unless you ask the impossible), I'd take down any asshole who decided to fuck with my friends, because those who I let in close in my friend group are closer to me than family, and have stood by me and I them in so many hard times it's crazy.
Also I'm a bit unpredictable and crazy, and they seem to quote me a lot, so I must have stuff to say that they like.

Here, who fuckin' knows, I don't. I dunno if I even am known by more than a couple people, and even then I post things at random and my posts don't always seem to follow a theme, so I can't tell you what anyone here thinks of me.

You guys are welcome to tell me how you see me if you want, I'm listening, might be interesting.

IRL and among my friends, i am the friendly and reliable listener who sucks at video games and frequently spouts humorous nonsense. (at least that's what i think.)

Here? i have no idea, i am more of a lurker so i doubt anyone has an opinion of me or even recognizes me.

I think my friends see me as the awkward guy who hangs out with them. As I usually just spend my time sitting there awkwardly or talking about video games or NERF, or making a pretty offensive/stupid joke.

On the escapist I am pretty sure nobody thinks I am notable. I don't post any interesting stuff and really only post a few times a day.

I'm a guy with opinions, goofy motives, roleplaying tendencies, prolific forum game posting habits and I try to be pleasant to be around. I have fun and I hope others do. That's who I hope to be. Who I am to others? Only they can really say.

Do it. It's really good. Marter wouldn't lie to you!



Another one won by Marter's sweet words. I must resist.

Laziness is one of my traits. Marter can attest to that. So people probably see me as lazy as well. :P



I'd hope most of the people I interact with come away with a positive image of me.
Unfortunately, I don't post that much anymore, so anything more than that vague idea is a stretch for anybody who doesn't remember me from when I was an overly active poster.
Back when I did post frequently, I was a derailer. And forum game addict.
Holy shit, that was two-three years ago.
*drifts off into memories*

You should fix that old man. Or not, whatever.
Why'd I even post here.

But that takes time! Time I don't really have anymore!
About the only time I have to myself these days is when the two year old is napping and my wife is at work!
And most of that has to be spent on schoolwork!
Because you felt the magnetic attraction between us. You know it to be true.

You and your totally legitimate excuses. Well you're still old.
Of course, I just couldn't resist.

Well, I don't have many friends but one of them likes to call me "The Logical One", which I admit is pretty much true. I tend to look at things logically and with reason most of the time. I like to think I'm quite funny and kind, but I think that gets lost on my friends thanks to me being sarcastic and arrogant around my friends, which I never mean of course I just do it to be funny or clever.

I have no friends on the Escapist and I doubt people know me at all due to my extremely low post count and overall general shyness around people I don't know. I do think its a shame as I don't really have any friends that are into gaming so I can't really talk about games to anyone.

I have no idea. Other than some people like my videos and I tend to start weird conversations.

Otherwise...I dunno. I'm curious to know what people think of me. Not that...I want you like me or anything...

To my friends, I'm a big artsy-fartsy pretentious brother who can't find a job.

I've been called the most outgoing person someone has ever met, and slap me with my group of friends and that's oh so apparent, especially since 2/3 of my chums are bronies, really, it shows that I don't give a bloody fuck what people I don't know think of me, and apparently the best way to become a living legend at your high school is to not give a damn about your self image, the people who'll think your annoying and despise you will not be seen over the sea of people asking you to dance like a little monkey.

As far as Escapism goes, I don't think I really do stand out, I sure as hell act way more proper on the internet than I do in real life, which is odd because it's usually the other way around.

I guess you could say I'm the guy who's never too chessed off about anything, either disappointed, neutral, or happy about something, so yeah, let's go with that.

I'm also pals with Renegade Shepard as well, so that counts I guess.

I just have one friend in real life and I'm not sure how she sees me, I guess she just thinks I'm funny because I'm strange, I don't know she laughs a lot, it's weird because I'm not a funny person, as for everybody else in real life, I really don't care, they can think what they want.

How people would see me here?
I don't know, I'm mostly just myself around here, I don't know how I come off, since I'm just words floating around in a white box, it's hard to tell what someone would think of me.

In my circle of friends, I'm sure I get lumped together with my hivemind-other, as the smart/weird one(s) that are sometimes jerks without even realizing it.

On the Escapist? Well... I really can't hazard a guess. I'm not even sure many people here recognize me. I don't have any friends here, so...

Though, I think I might be one of the biggest Digimon freaks here besides Jack. Not that I involve it in too many of my posts.

To my friends, and Escapists in general, I am no one.
I used to be an evil mod, but I'm on vacation. No one remembers me.
A few think I am generous, possibly nice. Some think I am a grammar Nazi.
Grammar Nazi doesn't even make sense. Nazi comes from Nazionale, or "National" in German, from the full name of the NSDAP. I'm a "Grammar National"? Grammar is a country now?
And there I go, off on a tangent. I guess if I'm actually known as anything to the few people who may notice me, it is for being the one who goes off on tangents.
But mostly, I'm no one.

When it comes to people on the forums...I don't think people really know me very well on here actually.

As for my circle of friends...I think I may possibly be the quiet one. Failing that I am, without a doubt, the straight arrow which hasn't been removed from the quiver (ie: don't drink or smoke and am asexual). They accept me for that which isn't surprising considering my main circle consists of a friend from high school, her...husband I think and a male friend. These are people who (except for the husband) I've known and been friends with for what's closing in on a decade now.

As for my outlying friend who is close but not in the circle: he definitely sees me as the shoulder to cry on. He lives a bit out of the way so he and I have only adventured once which is a shame but there is still time.

My girlfriend loves me and has for the past 4 years and, she sees me as her anchor. Ironically I think she may see me as being more mature than her even though she's basically finished with her higher education and is on a career path and I am not and, not. I haven't proposed to her yet because she isn't 20 (don't want a teenage bride or fiance) and even when we're engaged, we're not getting married until I can afford to hire Steam Powered Giraffe to perform at our reception (don't tell her that part though)

Incidentally, my girlfriend is my favorite person out of any other person whom I've ever met or known. I love her with all of my heart and my other vital organs...and the not as vital ones too I suppose.

I have friends who are escapees, so the same?

A walking hate factory, I once hated so hard the person combusted!

I strive to repeat the experiment!.

To my friends, I'm an eccentric person, cracking jokes and being borderline insane (most of the time).

To the Escapist, I'm just a name at this point. I'll make a name for myself some day, you'll see! You'll all see! Especially YOU, the one looking at the computer screen.

Captcha: Moon cheese. Well, I guess that's somewhere I can aim for, though I heard their cheese can be a little...gritty.

When in doubt I assume they don't remember me.

When solely talking about the ones who definitely remember me: I have no idea. Chances are that "weird as fuck" would be apt, as I am chronically unable to refrain from being abnormal in every way imaginable. (which sucks)

To my fellow Escapees I am nobody.

To my friends I am the weird one who can't get a girlfriend.

To my friends I'm probably the sarcastic, loud, obnoxious one that only communicates in pop culture references that they don't get.

On here: Probably no one.

I don't know I am the epitome of antisocial. And it's not that play a lot of video games so I am antisocial. I play a lot of video games because I am antisocial. Oh and some people know me for knowing a lot of random facts.

Honestly, I don't think anybody knows me. Maybe a couple of people recognise my name or avatar sometimes. Or maybe a few know me as the guy who interviewed Gav (MoS) and Jim Sterling. Other than that, I'm a mysterious stranger!

In real life. The funny anime, gamer nerd that likes younger girls. Who is also the goody-goody shoes guy who has a dark background and a super serious super goody other side too.

On here...

I am StormShaun, the friendly escapist Archangel good guy. Who has a love for angels, archangels, swords, RPs, anime, visual novels and games.

Also I a Christian...which people tend to bang me over the head due to that. Don't know why...mostly trolls.

Friends: the guy who would rather play video games than hang out with them at movie theater/insert other stereotypical teenage hang-out place here.

To Escapees: nothing, really.

I'm not really known on the Escapist, as I've only been here for a little under a year.
As for people IRL, I'd say that I'm seen as the loner, the guy who sticks to the shadows, literally and figuratively, the guy who can be funny or insightful when asked about particular topics, and the resident geek.

Katherine Kerensky:
To my friends, and Escapists in general, I am no one.
I used to be an evil mod, but I'm on vacation. No one remembers me.
A few think I am generous, possibly nice. Some think I am a grammar Nazi.
Grammar Nazi doesn't even make sense. Nazi comes from Nazionale, or "National" in German, from the full name of the NSDAP. I'm a "Grammar National"? Grammar is a country now?
And there I go, off on a tangent. I guess if I'm actually known as anything to the few people who may notice me, it is for being the one who goes off on tangents.
But mostly, I'm no one.

I remember you, you were Greyfox and some number I can't remember, you had an avatar that I think was a blonde girl laughing like a maniac, and you were always saying things like MWAHAHAHAHAHHA.
At least I think that's you...

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