Who are you to your friends and fellow Escapees?

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Among my friends, I'm the guy who you want to keep at arms length, but have on hand for resolving arguments or agreeing on something, bringing equality to a certain argument, or if you want someone to sing or play video games with, or even talk about movies.

However, it should be mentioned that I have a particularly low opinion of myself, so I don't think too much about me, really, just that I think.

To the Escapist, I don't think I register with anybody. Every now and then, I'll say something in agreement in quote form, and somebody might respond (often times to point out hypocrisies in something I believe or say, but not that often), otherwise, I talk about Earthbound, Electric Light Orchestra and maybe the same 12 movies or games that I always talk about.

I don't really do much else.

I am vengeance...

I am the night...


Or at least some guy who dresses up like him

Because, you know, why not?

Among friends I have often been seen as the voice of reason.
Some think I'm insane though - depends which friends and which role I feel like playing. ;D

Most of the "oldscapists" seem to view me as the guy who just kept on fighting to prove the validity of JRPGs, even when everyone else had pretty much given up. How people here perceive me is probably based in our interactions on that matter.

Some have noticed as well that, I do try to be civil about it all though.

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