Short hair on women?

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While I was at university, I grew my hair out most of the way down my back. (Think like a really scruffy mermaid.) But earlier this year, I finally got fed up with it. One Saturday morning I marched to the nearest hairdressers and got it cut to just below my ears. That haircut changed my life.

Seriously, it takes me about a quarter of the time it used to for me to shower in the morning. My hair doesn't need brushing several times a day any more. I don't get strangled when I put on a jumper! :D

It has since grown out a little bit more again, which has got me wondering how short I could go this time without it looking weird.

Can any woman pull off a short "pixie cut" or is it just a privileged few?

And what do you guys think about very short hairstyles on women in general?

Depends on the woman
On some it looks awesome on some it looks less than flattering.

Some girls carry it really well. I prefer my hair to be about the lenght you describe having, slightly longer I think. It's almost to my shoulders now, not quite there. I don't think short hair is for everyone though, and I would expect medium lenght to be the easiest one to look good with for most people. In the end it comes down to what the cut is like, there is a ton of styles... Some look horrible, others set you up to compete with the fortunate and famous.

Generally I prefer PEOPLE to have a bit of hair. I love hair, regardless of gender ^^.

I personally always dug short hair on women. While going all the way to Pixie Cut does not work for all ladies, anywhere past the ears is usually very good looking in my book. Its worth point out however that when pixie cuts work, they really work. I'd ask your friends about it as without a picture I can't make a very safe call on it.

It really depends on the woman and the style, but yeah, I do tend to like short hair on a lady :D


I prefer long hair on women. I hate when women cut their hair. You seem to be doing ok with a shorter hairdo but most of the women I've dealt with regret it about a month later and then complain that their hair is taking too long to grow back.

Obviously it depends on who it's on and how it's done, but as a general rule in can look rather good. Well at a higher ratio than long hair on men, which I assume this thread was in part inspired by. Either that or it was rather coincidental that I saw it right underneath that thread anyway.

Playful Pony:
Generally I prefer PEOPLE to have a bit of hair. I love hair, regardless of gender ^^.

If that's the case, you'll love my chest.

OT: I like short(-ish) hair on women. It may not always be suitable (example: I have a friend of mine with really awesome curly hair) but if it is, there is absolutely no harm in going for it.

So, to cut it short (heh-heh):

And what do you guys think about very short hairstyles on women in general?

Yes, please.

*in an exagerated granny voice, bent over with a knobbly cane.* Once upon a time when I was a little girl I would cut my hair to only about an inch long. I rather liked it, didn't have to do a damn thing with it, it was cool in the Texas weather, and I thought I looked damn good.

Problem is that a little girl with a "boy's" haircut catches a shit ton of flack. Yeah just about every day other kids would say something mean, my sister would tease me saying that I wanted to be a boy, and grown women would often disapprove that I wanted to cut it all off and weren't shy about saying so. Still I wore it, proudly, and the only reason why I stopped is cause my hair grows really fast and to keep it up I'd have to get a new cut every 2 weeks.

But anyways, I think any woman can pull of a short style if she can find the right one, though not necessarily just a pixie cut.

Daystar Clarion:
It really depends on the woman and the style, but yeah, I do tend to like short hair on a lady :D


I love short hair on women(funny because I'm a guy with long hair, eh) and Quorra is a great example.
I also really like Maya's hair in Borderlands 2.

Of course in the end it depends on the woman who's wearing it.

Personally, I find either extreme unattractive. If it's kind of short, it's okay. If it's anywhere from way above the ears to(God forbid) completely shaven I'd be like "WTF lady?"

Oh god! Are hair threads the new drowning?! Please no, not again.

OT: Yeah short hair kinda only works well on certain women I guess, it's not for me. Shoulder length or over is good. She'd be wearing glasses preferably. I love me some glasses :3

I like short hair on women, especially if they go with a style that suits their features. I've worn my hair very short several times in the past decade or so, and while I usually get more compliments on my hair when it's short, I also got way more shit from people. I've never had my hair more than a few inches past my shoulders, which is what I'm trying to do right now and it's taken about two years to get this far. But it's nice when I don't have to worry about the maintenance of doing my hair in the morning.

Hair I don't really have a preference but I will say I prefer fair skinned women over the tan look.

I have never once in my life found a female attractive with short hair. Even when otherwise considered bombshells go get short hair cuts they immediately become sexless to me.

However, I'd hypothesize that if your hair is red, the attraction of red hair would still outweigh the repulsion of short hair.

I guess it really depends. I've seen some girls who wear it well, and others who look like dudes

Like long hair on dudes, it all depends on body and facial structure. Ladies with a more angled, "pointy" face can carry it off well, but the curvier you get the longer the minimum height gets. Just from what I've observed, anyway.

Ummm, "pics or GTFO". I can't really give an opinion on what you should do for your next hair cut if we don't know what you look like. It's like me asking "does my top suit me?" when you can't see it.

From a practical stand point, I say keep it short. If it's easier to maintain then why have it long? It's just dead stuff coming out of your head, which I think people sometimes forget, especially when they say "I love my hair".

I like girls with short hair, the vast majority have long hair and I don't like the normal look ... it's like "congrats you don't stand out in anyway", why would I be hypothetically attracted to you when there are thousands of girls who look like you?


more girls like this please ... okay, maybe not the one at the back, that's a little extreme.

I have always found girls with short hair very unattractive. I love waist length hair. So pretty...

Emma Watson, sure, but most women, nahhh. Long hair is prettier on young women. Not trying to be insensitive, but really short hair always makes me think they are or were just sick.

I usually prefer short hair on a woman.

Depends on the woman
On some it looks awesome on some it looks less than flattering.

I have to agree with this. There are definitely some women who can pull of both a short hairstyle and a long hairstyle without it looking all that weird. Others, not so much.

I prefer long hair.
Need to have a firm grip if I'm to hold their head underwater (joke!).

I prefer shorter hair on women. Anywhere from a few inches long to just below the ears is much more attractive to me than shoulder-length or longer. I guess it's because I like more androgynous women, whereas longer hair has traditionally been seen as feminine, but I find waist-length hair repulsive.

Daystar Clarion:
It really depends on the woman and the style, but yeah, I do tend to like short hair on a lady :D


I got a haircut like this when I was in junior high. It made me look about 5 years old. I'd like to try short hair. Everyone I know who has tried it has liked how easy it was to take care of.

I seen quite a few really attractive women with short hair so yeah I think it can work. As for whether or not all women look good with short hair, well I think it's like beards, not all men can pull off beards (I know I can't). Whether or not you can pull of short haur, I can't really say without seeing a picture.

Depends on the woman. For some reason, I think a bald chick would be really hot. I'm perverted.

Sounds to me like its a matter of taste. Personally I think it looks good. Especially on Carey Mulligan :D

My girlfriend currently has short hair. Normally, I dont care for it, but it looks great on her.

Personally, I love the short pixie cuts on women. I actually prefer shorter hair to long for some odd reason.

That said, having the properly shaped face really helps...

Personally I find it to be dependent on a combination of personality and body type. Basically if your going to do something like the pixie cut, you need the body and personality to back it up to pull it off. Most who have it, DONT pull it off. But in their defense many who try it do so because they have the wrong person with their own agenda whispering in their ear talking them into it.

i kinda like short hair on a woman.

for example i always though Angelina Jolie was at her sexiest in hackers.


what i'm really drawn to is practicality tbh.

i have an inbuilt thing for somewhat natural big hair due to, imo, growing up in the 70s but what gets my attention are women who are practical and who will throw it up back or up or into pigtails when they might be doing something where loads of hair might get in the way...

*tug at the wheel*

short hair i like because its eminently practical.

also being able to caress someones head without masses of hair getting in the way can be pretty erotic.


1. "very short" is a very relative term. for one, I consider hair "just below ears" still "kind of long"

2. I noticed one thing that I tend to present as an universal axiom, and at least in my opinion it is: Any and all women look better with long hair, and any and all women look the best with their long hair loose (no fancy hairstyles, ponytails, anytails, anything).

3. I "made" this "axiom" about 8 years ago. Since then, I've met only ONE girl which might possibly look worse (/less good) with long hair, and she's kind of male type (in a strange female way) face-wise.

4. When my (girl)friends (as in actual girlfriends, and also female friends) shorten their hair, I usually scream painfuly inside, then, having no other option, I get used to it and patiently wait for it to grow again.

5. there's a point where variations in hair length don't matter anymore, for me it's "longer than 4 cm below shoulders". Any changes beyond this limit are recognizable, but do not affect the overall look of "womanly long hair" that's so important and beneficial imo.

I have a pixie cut, and I can say that there's more than one way to cut a pixie, same way as there's more than one way to skin a cat. You need to work out what style best suits your face shape. I have a hairdresser who is very helpful, but I have also found buying those crappy hair mags helpful. Ignore all the words - what you're looking for is the pictures. Find the hairstyles that you like the best and then narrow them down by finding the models whose face shapes are the closest to your own.

I struggle with posting pictures in posts (help plz?), otherwise I'd show you my own multicoloured pixie cut.

I think, in general, short hair on girls is like beards on men - some can do it, some can't, but there are usually more styles of short hair/beards out there than one might think, and usually you can find a style that suits you. And if you do go for the big chop and regret it, never fear! Hair grows back!

I'm not attracted to women, but I think they look good with short hair, generally. If their face isn't shaped for it, though, it tends to look strange. I find the same is true for all hairstyles, for both men and women. The face has a lot to do with whether a hairstyle looks good.


I struggle with posting pictures in posts (help plz?), otherwise I'd show you my own multicoloured pixie cut.

Right click the picture you want to link, "copy image url", paste it in a post and put it in ["img"][/"img"] (without the quotes) tags. If your problem is with hosting, I suggest uploading it to photobucket or putting it in a public dropbox folder.

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