What do you do first?
Check out a local bar.
10.7% (19)
10.7% (19)
See how good the local ____ team is!
1.1% (2)
1.1% (2)
Library, maybe some local history will be interesting.
2.2% (4)
2.2% (4)
Go to the first community event you can find, like a pie eating contest.
2.2% (4)
2.2% (4)
Comic book store, here I come!
14% (25)
14% (25)
Make a friend at work before going around town aimlessly.
30.3% (54)
30.3% (54)
Check out the best restaurants.
10.7% (19)
10.7% (19)
I don't explore where I live. I explore the internet.
28.1% (50)
28.1% (50)
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Poll: You've just moved

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You're in a new town, with a new job and a new home. You know nobody else in this town nor are you familiar with the streets.

What do you do first?

When I was in Vancouver I made some good friends at a comic book store and on the bus. Then I was taken around town by University friends.

Your turn.

Take that first day driving around. Find places of interest then mark them on some kind of digital map (Google Maps). When the next day rolls around, I would explore the places that interested me and communicate with people I meet there. :)

I get on the Internet and start wasting time as usual. I'll make friends when the opportunity arises.

I would probably find out where the best places to eat are and then wonder around from there.

Friends will just come as they please, no need to rush into that right away.

When I first moved to Texas, I spent a few days driving around the area, being totally amazed by the endless amount of restaurants and strip malls of the DFW area.

Hmm, ask me this around August next year when I begin my University, and I'll tell you.

Technically I do reseach into a new town/ city I could be standing for a while like I did for this job interview. Well I suppose one of the thing I dids when I was in the city centre was trying to find this comicbook store my mate had praise about (he had been to that city a few times).

Knowing me I'd most likely check out the restaurants that are near by. :3

Find the bar . And spend all my free time and money there . Also find the hotspots and places to avoid .

If there's no comic shop and/or no independent game shop then I reconsider my move and see if there's anywhere else that would better suit my needs...or just go back to living mostly online.

I'm moving to Georgia soon but this won't be the first time I lived in the area that I'm going to. The first time I moved there I was living with my girlfriend and her family who showed me around town. I've made friends with the guys who run Wizard, an independent game shop and am friendly with a comic shop owner guy. I also made a couple of work friends but nobody I ever really hung out with. I can't wait to get back!

I'd try and find a group who play pathfinder at the local game store and see if anyone plays Magic the Gathering as well.
Failing that I'd just make friends at work and get them to show me the ropes.

I'd say it's getting a friend. Going to a local bar alone seems rather pathetic (i don't know i have that stereotype of the lonely drunk guy at the bar...), better make a friend and go there with him! Same goes with restaurants, his knowledge would most likely help me avoid wasting money on bad food.

If I get into uni then I will move, I will check out the town finishing at the pub. Since I will move into student residency I will make friends with my room

If it's in the city I'll take a long walk down the more commercial areas. Maybe drive around a bit. try to find: a used book store or other not-barnes & noble bookstore, an anime store, and maybe a good place to get some food.

I do this quite often, if it's an interesting place I'll go check out the historic landmarks or whatever interesting place there is, if it's not really an interesting city, I'll just walk around the city and see if I find something interesting, normally I go back to being a hermit afterwards, I don't think I bothered doing anything last time I moved, but then again I had lived here before.
I don't like meeting people, not like there's much point to it if you're going to be there for a maximum of a year or a year and a half.

I would start with my neighbors before anyone else. I have to live with them so i may as well get to know them. after that i would make friends at work and then start hitting FMN and other nerdy gathering spots.

Bars and clubs are ok with a group but there is no way in heck i would go solo. Unless you can walk in the room and own it, your wasting your time.

Try to make a friend at work, even if I don't like the people there. Seems like the easiest way to expand the social circle.

Find out where the nearest gym is: Time for a fresh start!

Restaurant for me. Gotta know where everything is, and what is good to eat.

I would never leave Brooklyn ever.
I've moved once, it was to across the street from my old place.
Captcha: empire state of mind
You're damn right Captcha.

Sit in my room and cry on the floor... yeah that sounds about right...<.<

First day I'd just roam around and take note. What looks interesting, where should I avoid, where are the local attractions, ect. Explore.

Just like in an open-world RPG, I would walk around and explore aimlessly. Minus the killing and looting of course :P. I can't make any promises for the dialogue though >_>.

Google maps. Why would I put on pants when I can get a 360 view that a specialized van takes down every road ever?

I mean...

I find the nearest field and build a mud hut. Then I have to wait inside to hide from the creepers because that took all day.

I mean...

I don't panic, make sure I still have my towel, pocket my electronic thumb, and research the place bit in the Guide.

Aimless wandering FTW!

If the city has a commuter train, I'd probably spend a day or two exploring the area around all the stations I can cover.

Probably drive around, visit some stores. Making friends at work seems to be the safe route though. Wandering around in a new city/town is lonely as hell on your own.

Moved to Texas not to long ago, been going out to restaurants with the family but since I don't have a car its hard to get around town I mostly just work during the weekdays and play games during the weekend.


"grass up"

You're right Captcha! I need to Grass up!

To The PUB!

I went bar first, but finding a few friends through work is probably tied with it in my eyes

Well, I'm gonna go murder Richard Nixon but unfortunately he's dead.

I haven't moved for a loooong time.

If I do...

The first thing I would do is.

- Learn my workplace location.
- Learn my home location.
- Learn where the hell is the nearest gameshop.
- Find out where the nearest shopping market is.
- Find out where I can get manga, anime and figures.

Pretty much good enough. Oh I would also see if any Escapists live in the area. ^_^

I enjoy exploring my surroundings and making a note of certain places to revisit in the future. When I make friends with the locals, I often ask about these places and they would recommend me to places I might enjoy.

unpack and sleep? Then figure out the public transit system, and where the closest grocery store, arcade, and bars are at.

After I have unpacked. Got shopping etc. I would do nothing until my first day at work. I would make friends there and ask them what's fun to do.

The RAF moves me quite often... usually to somewhere where I don't know anyone... so I am used to this!

I will usually go to the bar in the Mess and talk to random people... this is how I will meet people... Then, on my first weekend hanging around, I will check out the local town on my own, and normally go for a walk in the area to get my bearings...

Finally I use the people I have met at work and in the mess to reccomend me things to do, or to come with me!

I travel the UK quite often too, to see people in different areas, so quite often see new places and spend time with them as visitors!

I tend to do the exploring before the moving, and get all excited about it.
But when i do move in, I am back on the internet as usual or busy decorating my home.

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