Rare stuff you own

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A few of my great great uncles medals from WW1, a bunch of Nazi currency and a couple of German medals from my grandfather who served on the Eastern Front. Also a SNES Chrono Trigger cartridge and Eternal Dakness for the Gamecube

I have a stack of Thunderbirds trading cards in, effectively, mint condition (1991 era). A few I got again, never did complete the set - my memory tells me I have about 70 cards.

Captain Scarlet pre-recorded VHS tapes, complete set, second edition released around 1991.

Mr Flibble glove puppet, released in 2005 or thereabouts - hard as heck to find to buy nowadays unless you're really lucky. I did find an Australian auction listing a few years ago that wanted $60 (AUS) before shipping, new in the original packaging...a fairly big mark up from the 9.99 or so I paid back in the day.

Diablo II Limited Gift Set, I bought this new for 4.99 from a supermarket around 2002/3 (so long after D2's 2000 release) - no one there knew of it's rarity and I wasn't telling them! XD

GM Standard Atlantean A Bus (model reference: 28601) toy on the Exclusive First Editions label, still in the original packaging - good luck finding one to buy now...although that could be for a few reasons... ;)

Some railway related stuff: Intercity 125 uniform tie, British Rail logo tie, British Rail uniform pin badge, British Rail pullover and a framed A3-sized photo of the steam train 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" from 1991 only given out to a select few members of the 71000 group at the time - I bought it from them for 10 whilst they were raising funds.

Max Payne with the exclusive mousepad. Won it over at 3D Realms during their Max Payne 5th anniversary forum event, I only ever dared open the box once and the mousepad has never been used nor the CDs so much as looked at (and I doubt many outside the US has a copy with the mousepad and both being in excellent condition). Even more rare: the box it came in with the address sticker with the Apogee logo on it that I still have!

And with that, I'd have to get up and go look around my collection of stuff...far too lazy to do that so there we go :)

I managed to snag a DOOM CMYK Pong Mage poster. They were only featured on kotaku recently, but there were only 30 made and I got one and had in mounted within 10 days of ordering it from Hawaii.

I have on my persons... wait for it... Both of the original Golden Sun games!


Yeah, I just became the most important person in the room. Bow down, you clowns.

A MKI Armourcast Ork Gobsmasha, apparently one of 30 ever made.

Dark Heresy Main rulebook, limited edition, one of 500.

Not exactly rare, but gaming related, I do have a copy of that Doom comic with this in it:

I collect anime figures and by and large those are a fairly limited run.

The ones that get recast are usually different to the original run in some respect too.

Um, I have a Halo 3 Zune

Not much. Uh...A signed copy of "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents" by Terry Pratchett is about all I can think off.

I have all scientific books from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, printed in 1863.
It's basically an antiquity item now.

Not sure how rare these actually are but I have a Blue Peter badge from ages ago, and by that I mean did not cheat and get it off ebay.

I recently found out that I own the very first Powerman 5000 album which is appearenlty incredibly rare.

I've got a pair of football boots worn by, scored with, and signed by Archie Thompson, which probably means nothing to anybody outside australia, and probably most people inside Australia, but he's a prominent figure in recent Melbourne football, and he's from Bathurst which is where my family's from.

And he's a world record holder.

I've got a WW1 Iron cross, that's kind of rare I guess.

I have a small Tin toy collection ranging from the 40's to 70's and a few sealed megadrive games

a few bits and pieces around the house.

a 125 year old 2 man cross cut saw. thats been in the familiy at least that long. we got offered a couple of thousand for it. apparently they dont make them like that anymore

few australian coins from the 20's and 30's

my winter coat is a us army parka from the 1950's.. love the thing. 60 years old and still good, had it 15 years

there is a ww2 australian army coat around here somewhere that belonged to my granddad

I have a lot of original Carl Barks Disney comics. Some of the earliest date back to the early 1940's. This was the guy who invented Scrooge McDuck and a few other Disney characters that have since become pretty famous. The Duck Tales series and even Indiana Jones take some inspiration from Barks comics:


The Halo 3 Legendary Edition is the rarest thing I got I believe.
I do have a WWII Wehrmacht helmet, unfortunately someone has repainted it since the war.
And I also have a card signed by AC/DC.

I have a Collector's Edition copy of Serenity signed by Nathan Fillion, and a plush "explodable"(rumble when you pull the cord) lemon signed by the VAs of GladOS and Cave Johnson (who actually look like Caroline and Cave in the paintings!). Yeah, Comic Con was pretty rad this year.

a gun from 1818. it is currently sitting on top of the office shelf i am next to right now. looking old and pretty usable(it isn't thought). the trigger is broken of after my 5 years old cousin was visiting and he realized he wanted to try it when i wasn't looking. also the inside of the barrel could use some (lots of) cleaning. but it still looks awesome.

Let's see, I have 2 pristine, unopened copies of the HeroQuest and Space Crusade board games. I have the same thing with FF7 and FF8 on the PS1, not so much rare as valuable.

I do have a few signed things, the His Dark Materials trilogy and an old version Hobbit (but it's not in good condition). I also have a massive poster of darth vader signed by christen haydenson. Anyone want it?

Umm... I don't have too much rare stuff...

I have an original PC game CD of Sonic 3 & Knuckles collection, still play it every now and then. Came with Baku Baku and some Garfield game on the CD too haha.
I also have the original 2 installer/game cd's for Total Annihilation.
No idea how rare these actually are though.

I also have a pretty big Amethyst, easily bigger than both of my hands across, very thick, and the actual crystals are big and really dark too, from when my family was on vacation in Uruguay. Got them from an Amethyst mine warehouse just 10 minutes from the mine, which is why it was so cheap for such good quality.
Though I guess that's not exactly a rare crystal, one as big and dark as mine is certainly rare here in Aus. To get one my quality here would be hundreds and hundreds of dollars, even a stone the size of your palm with very light purple amethysts is upwards of $50 here haha.

... Yeah, I'm stretching for what I'm considering "rare", but that's just because I don't actually own that much rare stuff at all, have pity on me. :P

The closest I have to this is the original boxed versions of the Age of Empires series. Collector's where possible. Some of these hit about $100 on eBay.

Other than that, I have a Damascus steel longsword. Not unique, but unusual and pretty.

I have many of the early Bionicles, Lego franchise, which are pretty hard to get nowadays. I'm talking about the very first ones as well, the original Toa's.

I have all 6 of those, and many of the next generations as well, seeing as between the ages of 6 and 10, I was absolutely obsessed with Bionicles. In addition, I have some a rock collection, which includes a very large chunk of native copper. Otherwise, I don't have very many rare things...

I don't think I have anything all that rare. Even if it is rare I don't think it's valuable. I have a couple of the limited edition Warhammer 40K books that came with loads of cool stuff like the Sabat Worlds Crusade that came with a t-shirt, mess tin, patch, Cup, and cool box. I occasionally eat beans out of the mess tin, and I use the box to keep my bank statements, etc in.

I dunno... is this rare? (though not first edition)

probably the only thing I could think of, maybe the bionicle first six characters which many here seems to have collected as well, a not yellowed by the sun or something SNES (pretty sure anyway, been a while since I've seen it). I should try to look into stuff I have and see sometime.

Uh, let me think... I've got a violin that's about 100 years old and a few thousands worth.
Apart from that I don't recall anything at the moment.

I own a legit Japanese Katana that my sister got me when i was younger sense she lived there.

I also own a copy of Pokemon Green which didnt come out in the US

I have an actual physical copy of the original Silent Hill game, and somehow, a vintage title plate for that old arcade game, Wizard of Wor.
The rarest thing I own, though, is a really old pocket sized book of speeches by Abraham Lincoln. It's was published in the early 1800's, and it's still barely hanging together.

Now if you mean Rare to other people I do have a Bruce Lee signed Jeet Kune Do gi that my Uncle got when he trained for his 3rd black belt under Bruce Lee. It's pretty awesome.

If it doesn't have to be rare to anyone else, my family has eight pieces of the Berlin Wall that my grandmother and her siblings drew on when the wall went up. Now it has no real value to anyone else, but it's amazingly rare to find the piece of the wall that your own family had doodled on like 40 years later.

may not mean much to others but i sat and watched the wall go down live on tv. ill never forget it. thats an incredible piece of history you have there

A full set of the origional bionicles, and full sets of the 2nd set.
A copy of the Thud! board game that was released with a Thud! book.
I had a copy of spacehulk, but now some parts are missing (see stolen)
Probably some old and rare books, but I dont really know.

I have a copy of A.W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God that has my own signature in it. That makes it valuable, right?

I have a copy of A.W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God that has my own signature in it. That makes it valuable, right?

Step 1: Become really really famous.
Step 2: Sign everything you own.

Now all of your possessions are unique, rare and valuable!

I've got some old Shakespeare editions, including a complete works printed in 1827, and a Titus Andronicus from 1790 that was disbound from a larger book.

Hmm, let me see...

I have dozens of original PC games in their glorious boxes. Many Ultimas (all with the cloth maps and fake moonstones), Fallout 1, many Might & Magic, Doom 2, D&D SSI titles, etc, etc. Most are floppies, some are early CDs. My favorite is probably the Beta CD for Ultima Online.

Lots of vintage consoles and games.

An original "Viva" 4AD X Mal Deutschland disk.

A horror comics collection so big I am ashamed to admit.

The first edition of a Complete Works of Oscar Wilde ever published, from the late 19th Century or very early 20th Century, can't recall exactly here in my office.

Metroid Prime Trilogy holographic cover.

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