Rare stuff you own

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I have a rare hardcover of the Garth Ennis run of Punisher Max.

I don't have anything quite as valuable related to Punisher, but I do have the completed run of the original 1986 series (which had been vacuum-sealed in polybags by a long-time collector) and a signed copy of the infamous "Punisher as Demon Hunter" Marvel Knights arc back in the late 90's.

Insofar as the rest of my comic collection (I have somewhere between 300-400 comics, averaged out to being worth $4,000 - 5,000), I have a copy of Uncanny X-Men #137 - the finale of the Dark Phoenix Saga - signed by Chris Claremont himself. I also have an original copy of the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 from 1965 (albeit, heavily damaged). I have many other signed comics, but those are my two most prized ones.

The rest of my "rare" possessions include a burgeoning coin collection (with some pieces - mostly Bulgarian - dating back to the early 1900's), a pair of my father's boxing gloves from when he competed in local sports in the 70's, a solid oak desk from the 70's given to me by my current boss (which was given to him by the VP of a company he worked at), and a ton of rate limited edition DVD sets:

- Terminator 2: The Ultimate Edition DVD 1st printing w/ metal slipcase (1-disc, nigh-impossible to find)
- Monk Season 5 Emmy Consideration DVD set
- Blade Runner Ultimate 5-disc Collector's Set (in briefcase)
- Inception Dream Machine briefcase set

I am not sure if they count as rare, but I have an antique spyglass from the late 1800's and a piece of eight.

I also own a couple newpapers from World War II, but again, I am not sure that counts as rare.

There's an heirloom in my family, from my grandfather's time in World War 2.

See, he was a doctor here in the country when the Japanese invaded, and he stayed because he and my grandmother had just gotten married at the time, and he really wanted to help people out here. Most other doctors decided to leave, and my grandfather being my grandfather, the choice was pretty much made.

One time, this officer (I never found out the rank, because my granddad didn't know) rounded up a couple hundred people, put them all in a house, and started firing at it. It wasn't one of those old, Spanish-style houses either: it was mostly wood, so there wasn't much cover. Luckily for my grandfather, the floor collapsed under him, and he managed to make it out alive.

A couple of months later, after he'd relocated to another city, a Japanese officer walked into his clinic: by his luck, the same officer who almost killed him. Granddad looked him over, then when the officer wasn't looking, pulled a gun out (he'd gotten a gun since that day) and shot the officer. He took the officer's sword, snuck out the back before the other soldiers heard the shots, and ran away to another city.

That sword's been in the family since then, as a "Remember the time lolo (that's what we call him) killed a Japanese guy?"

Well...crap. I guess my Mesa M9 Carbine Bass Amp with a serial number within the first 900. Otherwise I got nothing.

hmmm....a deck of soviet union cards with 1991 as the date of production... the deck is missing a (calendar) joker(however, the case states that there were 2 calendars), as the deck case states there were 54 cards present. the case it self is somewhat tattered and has been taped on one side. the cards them selves are in fairly good condition, considering i remember playing with them as a kid

also a soviet union birth certificate, which is odd in it self, seeing how i was born late -92

Does a VHS copy of Monty Python and the Holy Grain count? If not I also have somewhere in this house a copy of grim fandango, which I will find someday cause I want to play it again.

I don't know if it's hugely rare, but I do have Crono Trigger on SNES Cartridge. Not in pristine condition given I've played it dozens of times, but still.

Also a copy of The Pirates of Penzance film signed by Rex Smith, who played the lead character.

Earthbound, unfortunately though i no longer have the box :(

I don't know if this counts but I own an actual physical copy of the PS2 version of ICO. Sadly it is does have the american box art much to my shame.

I have a copy of deities on demigods for 1st edition AD&D that has the cthulu mythos in it. The very same book that they got sued for and had to reprint without the mythos

A hand forged Gurkha regiment issue Kukri from Nepal.

The Egyptian God Cards from Yugioh.


Can't think of anything else.

Pokemon gold cards - Snip

I actually have all (6 I think) of those. I was big into Pokemon in the 4th Grade and I had my parents buy all of them.

I have Issue 1 of Nintendo Power


That's about it

I have a fez signed by Patrick Rothfuss. I like to think there aren't too many autographed fezzes in the world

Fatal Frame... I wouldn't say rare but I would say uncommon.

Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Don't know how rare it really is, but no frinds nor anyone I know of have that game.

I have the original limited edition run of Serial Experiments Lain on Blu ray... only like 200 released in Japan... snagged it for around $400 on ebay...<.<

So. . . envious. . . <.<

OT: Well, we probably have all sorts of stuff on the attic, but of the stuff I know there's only one thing, really. It's a System Design Kit by Intel (SDK-85 to be precise, made in 1977) with an Intel 8085A microprocessor (8-bit), 256 bytes of RAM and we can use it to do simple calculations (my dad decided to program it to be a calculator. Eeh, scratch that, a simple calculator) if needed. Complete with manual and box.

May not be very valuable (could still net 100+ USD, from what I've seen, but we won't sell our favourite calculator!) but it's most certainly rare, since it's fully functioning and still has the manual and box.

I don't really know how rare it is but I have a promotional iron on patch with the original title to "Return of the Jedi" which was "Revenge of the Jedi"

I have a few signed books from various authors, actors and public figures. I have an old Amiga 500+ that still works and which uniquley has the 500 chip in it and a toggle switch to boot up either one. I own a few cool, limited edition coins/stamp sets, though I'm not a collector of either (just have a handful of special ones). I have a lot of comics from the 90s, maybe 2,000+ some of which may be quite valuable. I'm fairly sure at least one 6-issue Star Wars series called "Dark Empire" is.

I have a couple of audio tapes which I doubt could be found now (though I've long since digitised them so I can actually listen to them) which have some personal, sentimental value. I've got a moddable PSP2000 for homebrew purposes which is quite rare to find (as most were un-moddable). I've also got a large amount of Star Wars original comics, figures (sadly opened), books and other collectibles which I had from before Episode I, when I was a fan (I blame Timothy Zahn entirely). As it turns out, Star Wars went from being a very niche, cult, nerdy thing to almost as mainstream as you can get so my collection is probably quite valuable.

Oh and I have some rare Magic cards (played for a while a long, long time ago. Current Magic players can understand the time scale when I say Unlimited had just come out (3rd ed??) and I think Arabian Nights and Legends had just finished their runs. I have a few I suspect are probably quite valuable. Oh and I have 2 Eve Online characters I don't play each with 100mill SPs :-P


I bought a copy of the "legend of Zelda: ocerena of time, master quest" for gamecube on amazon a few years back. It is a version of the game with the puzzles rearranged into new, harder puzzles, and was only available with a pre-order of "wind waker". Not sure if it is rare but I am proud that I own it.

I see your Master Quest and raise you the original Legend of Zelda gold cartridge.


Come at me bro.

well played sir, I concede.

I own an original print of Don Rosas first Donald Duck story! And it's in mint condition as well. Notice how it's published by Gladstone, I think that's a neat little detail.


I have many of the early Bionicles, Lego franchise, which are pretty hard to get nowadays. I'm talking about the very first ones as well, the original Toa's.

Shit are they rare now? I had everything in Bionicle, lost it all now D:

I have my yellow and green puma shirt signed by the fastest man who ever lived, Usain Bolt.
Also my Animus Edition Assassin's Creed Revelations and my Freedom Edition Assassin's Creed 3

The rarest thing I own would be my custom Spore Statue. In 2008 I entered a competition in the Herald Sun (Australian Newspaper) in which you given a copy of the Spore Creature Creator for free and asked to make and submit your creations. The winner had their creation turned into a lifesize replica by some profesional prop making people (I am not 100% sure but I think it was made by Mothers Art).

I somehow placed first so I won said grand prize.

This creation clocks in at 6' high, and 20kg heavy.

Then I was contacted by EA games and asked if they could use it to promote Spore at the upcomming Egames Expo in Melbourne. Being a huge fan-boy at the time I said yes and was given 3 free games, a staff pass for the duration of the expo, tickets for friends to come, and a interview/presetation on stage with Yug (Mana Bar), Matt and Yahtzee.

Pretty good times.

If I own anything particularly rare its probably fossils. I do have a bird tooth from the late Jurassic, possibly some relative of Archaeopteryx. And an Iguanadon metatarsal on my desk.

Its fun having a palaeontology degree...

I've got a few things kicking around of reasonable rarity, I suppose.

A 1st edition/1st printing copy of Game of Thrones. My friend who owns a bookstore ambushed me with it one day telling me I "have to read this book!" I shall hate him for this until the day I die.

A Winchester 1887 10-gauge shotgun. Reasonably low serial number, though it's not a particularly valuable gun despite that. The downside of not being able to accept modern ammunition, I suppose.

One of the few remaining artifacts of my childhood, one of the original Transformers Omega Supreme toys. Actually has all the pieces intact, which isn't all that terribly common, since he had a whole bunch of little bits that typically got lost. No box though; toys were made to be played with when I was a kid, damnit.

A bunch of random stuff too, like some old Soviet currency I've had kicking around since I went there as a kid.

Are those rare

I have many of the early Bionicles, Lego franchise, which are pretty hard to get nowadays. I'm talking about the very first ones as well, the original Toa's.

Are those rare? I've got a bunch at home, and most of my friends do to, seeing as we grew up with those.

Valuable stuff? Hm. How about a little geography guide to the world from 1759? It even has some hand-scrawled coastlines of New Holland...

Then there's that fifth book in the trilogy of four that features a Bugblatter Beast, scribbled by the late but great Douglas Adams himself. He also signed some microwave cookery book, but that might actually be lost forever.

Well I own A CRAPLOAD of the very first Bionicle products. I loved everything about that franchise until they screwed it up right around the point where they all went underwater.

I also own a CD copy of Voicians: The FiXT Remixes (14 of 100) as well as A CD copy of Celldweller's "Cellout EP 01" (36 of 150).

Wouldn't have a clue how much each would be though, I think I'll have to wait a few years before it's worth anything.

Suikoden 1+2 PAL on the PS1.

Final Fantasy 7 PC edition.

Frontier: Elite 2 Amiga /w immaculate box, story books and manuals.

3000pt Slaaneshi WHF daemons army with 120 Juan Diaz 3rd edition daemonettes, 12 of the same edition seekers and 2 converted chariots crewed by converted daemonettes, among other stuff.

I can't think of anything else right now. I'm a hoarder, so I'm sure I could turn up some other stuff, had I the willpower and a good pair of gloves to defend against all these false widows I'm infested with.

um...trying to think. Boxed copies of Golden Sun 1 and 2 with the instructions, boxed copy of Return of the King for PC (the game itself came in a jewel case inside the box), a Double Dragon NES cartridge, a box for the PAL version of Super Mario Kart with an NTSC cartridge inside, working first-release VHS copies of the first Dalek serial, 3 out-of-print videos containing the first 2 seasons of Roger and the Rottentrolls (kids TV show from the 90s, I loved it) and a copy of Cristiano Ronaldo's Footballer of the Year 2008 dinner menu signed by Ronaldo, so...some of that stuff could be considered rare?

I have some tiny fragments of asteroid, I know that's not exactly a rare thing, but I guess most people don't have bits of asteroid handy.

I guess a couple of my Atari Lynx games might be considered rare, like the Gauntlet3 with all the characters, the Geek, robot etc etc. Terrible game, but most Lynx games were terrible, that's not the point :).

Edit: Almost forgot my Pumkinhead figurine (demon from the movie), that's fairly rare these days, rare, and awesome at the same time. He's currently holding a Jack Sparrow bobbleheads hand in my toilet... shut up, it's adorable.


I think in video game terms, The Second Runner is quite rare. I have a copy of that. That's about it though.

Man am I jealous. That goes for about $200 on e-bay, otherwise I'd have a copy too.

Edit: wait, holy shit, the HD remake pulled the bottom out of the market! I can finally afford a copy, almost 10 years later! Bummer for you, but I'm so happy for me XD


Wait what?
I picked up that game for 20 bucks in a local electronics store. Not even half a year ago. Maybe Germans are weird

OT: Also I have old money from all over the word, and my favourite, although not valuable at all, is a a German Banknote from the great depression with an incredible amount of zeros on it.

also I have a limited copy of Empire Earth, including strategy guide and a historybook-thing

Also a Nokia Communicator 9210 and a 9210i, although I have no idea if they are actually worth anything (the 9210 is broken though, the other one is in a very good condition)

I live in a museum... I dont exactly 'own' anything though.

Rare things I owned but sold -
Computer Space - The original first ever arcade machine in fiber-glass yellow.

Er... Probably the CD versions of the original Sierra Half Life set.

That or my signed Epica album, I don't own any really rare stuff :(

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